Today’s the Day


I’ll be outside a voting precinct today advocating for the candidates I support. Over 40% of Buncombe County’s eligible voters already cast a ballot during early voting. The weather today is cool to cold and a threat of rain all day. Americans for Prosperity (a.k.a. Koch Bros.) are paying people to work the polls, even here in Buncombe. Democrats, meanwhile, have volunteers out helping.

If you have any time today, help out at your polling place. An hour or two can make an enormous difference. Here’s a handy list of Democratic candidates if you need it. It tends to be the case that a lot of Election Day voters come in not necessarily knowing about downticket races like Register of Deeds, County Commission, or the referendum. That’s where your presence makes a big, big difference.

Whether or not you work a poll, here are some other things you can do today to help:

1) Email all of your contacts urging them to vote.
2) Text all of your contacts urging them to vote.
3) Call the slackers in your life and urge them to vote.
4) Offer rides to the polls to people who need them.
5) If you’re using social media like Facebook and Twitter, be sure to link people to the above list of candidates.

It’s gonna be a nail biter, folks. No matter what happens, we’ll get through it together.


  1. shadmarsh says:

    Obama wins easily, or at least it’s not going to be as close as the media is hyping it (gee, I wonder why they would do that?).
    On the local and state level, I’ve no idea. If there’s one thing that working a polling place has taught me, it’s that a lot of people have no effing clue.

  2. Daniel Hopkins says:

    I’m curious. What is your answer to your question? [close as the media is hyping it (gee, I wonder why they would do that?).]

  3. TJ says:

    Found a poling place telling voters they cannot bring In their list of candidates.
    After checking on that, I spoke with them. They were none too happy.

    I triedtelling

  4. shadmarsh says:

    Selling it as a close race (or closer than it actually is) keeps people watching, and that means more advertising dollars.

  5. TJ says:

    At tImes, I hate my mobile devices.

    I was trying to say I told them I actually came to volunteer before that came up.

    Needless to say, the State St. polling place in West Asheville did not need my help.

    Not that I’m naming sites or anything.

  6. TJ says:

    It sure would, Sue.

    Hmmmm… I COULD use the money, though.

    (j/k… my bias is not for sale).

  7. TJ says:

    BTW, anyone know the number to call to speak to whoever watches the poll watchers?

  8. Mim Toffitt says:

    “Mommy, why does that poll worker have a baseball bat?”

  9. dasdrew says:

    Obama wins early. 51-48%, 332-206. On the state and local level, I don’t have a clue.

  10. Daniel Hopkins says:

    Re: the cock-up /w students voting at WWC.

    “The first Republican majority in the history of the N.C. General Assembly drew the new district lines across the state and county in ways intended to benefit its party politically, many observers have claimed.”

    So there’s that then. Right in our backyard too.

  11. Mim Toffitt says:

    I’d like to remind everybody that the Democrat party took 100 years to get things that screwed up. We did it in one TERM. Boo-yah. That’s why we win!

    Republicans: Blonde in spirit, since 1854.

  12. TJ says:

    Hey Mr. Toffit,

    If you lose, will be applying for the high-paying job at Scrutiny Hooligans?

    I don’t know where their off-shore accounts are, but I bet they have a good summary of your resume.

    If you don’t, I’ll offer double the pay they would pay.


  13. Tom Sullivan says:

    Talk to me when I get my voice back.

  14. Ascend of Asheville says:

    What’s happened? Anything? The suspense is killing me!

  15. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Oh, and I can totally vouch for the high paying jobs at Scru-Hoo…

  16. Andrew Dahm says:

    Couple beers at Asheville Pizza downtown, then back home with the wife for this riveting SEC Form 10-Q that has an awful lot of Q’s.

    Obama in five, TKO.

  17. TJ says:

    So far, Romney has 33 and Obama has 3 electoral votes.

    Should I pack, yet?

    Jeff, got your private jet ready? I’ll pay you triple your ScruHoo pay, if you let us go with you.

  18. TJ says:

    Now, Obama has 57, and Romney 40.

    Gordon was right about nail-biters. Where are those clippers?

    Davyne, are you watching this?

    I don’t drink, usually, but, I need a drink.

  19. Davyne Dial says:

    TJ, I’ve been watching Nate Silver for months. He’s had O winning the electoral collage all along. I’m watching the returns on twitter, cuz I canceled my Directtv months ago.

  20. TJ says:

    I think I need to turn it off and get real perspective again.

    I think I’ll watch Harold and Maude.

    BTW, McCrory for governor.

  21. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Local races are not going well. Looks like Western North Carolina is in for a lot more comedy and a lot less common sense in the coming years.

  22. TJ says:

    What is the best channel/site for a 10 year old to view an accurate US map for state by state results?

    Live updates, if possible.

    I’ll admit this is a time twitter could be useful.

  23. TJ says:

    All the TV news outlets are saying Romney’s chances of winning is narrowing.

  24. Davyne Dial says:

    Looks like Fla. went for Obama. That’s really a dire sign for Romney.

  25. nick s says:

    So, looks like Moffy the Mook bought himself a county commission, and will be changing his name to Gerry Mander.

  26. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I’m looking forward to the next meeting of the Buncombe County Democrats.

  27. Ascend of Asheville says:

    11:16 PM. Nets call it for Obama. Congratulations America, you’re not totally fucked yet.

  28. Andrew Dahm says:

    88 people in District 2 couldn’t be bothered.

  29. TJ says:

    CSPAN says Romney won NC ( what is wrong with y’all?), but Obama in 4 more years….and, Romney says he will not run for Presidency again.

    Can I crash that party, Jeff? When and where is it?

  30. TJ says:

    A lady called, saying CSPAN will have to apologize b/c Obama has not won yet, and, they are “getting ahead” of themselves.

    Want to have a pool on who files the first lawsuit? Of course, if Dems filed one, they would be accused of being poor losers.

    I want to hear Romney’s concession speech….will he be a gentleman?

  31. Tom Sullivan says:

    Romney won more square miles. Obama is illegitimate. [snark, for the satire-impaired]

  32. TJ says:

    Tammy Baldwin-Wisconsin’s D-senator elect. Not only the first woman, but, openly gay?

    One of “them?”

    Well, our country is ruined now, what is next??


  33. Davyne Dial says:

    Romoney won in the hinterlands, O won the coastal & Grt Lakes regions (well 75%)…must be that clarifying ocean air. Inland people sure see things different.

  34. TJ says:

    So, Romney conceded. I fell asleep before the speeches(yes, like the excited kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa).

    Apparently, he was gracious.

    Any Southerner who goes to church can attest to all the variations of “we need to pray for him.” It can be genuine, or, along the lines of “bless your heart.”

    For now, I’ll give him the positive intention.

  35. Jason Bugg says:

    “Every computer voting company is owned by friends of the GOP. They can steal elections in states that are closer than about 5% and B.S. everybody that it was an “upset.” This is what they did in 2004 in Ohio. Remember, Bush got fewer votes than Gore in 2000 and was actually LOSING support by 2004, over the Iraq war and the tax cuts blowing up the deficit. Dem voters came out in droves looking for revenge. They waited hours in the Ohio rain.

    So how did he get re-elected? It was mathematically impossible! He stole Ohio. And it was taboo to say so. Still is.

    Kerry may have earned 360 Electoral College votes and similar activities may have cost the Dems 10 to 20 Congressional seats in the 2006 midterms.

    Not that these are the only two times it’s happened.

    So I want to say this: I don’t want to believe Mitt Romney will steal this election.

    But I do believe it. 2008 was just too much of a blowout to steal. Nobody would have fallen for it. This time, for some insane reason, it’s actually close. Kerry was polling a tiny bit better at this point in 2004 than Obama is now, if I’m not mistaken.

    The Republicans effectively own all the computerized voting machines, which the Obama administration spent three years and nine months DOING NOTHING ABOUT.

    They WILL steal the election.

    God, I hope I’m wrong.

    But they WILL.

    And here is my question to you who read this.

    WHEN it happens, what will YOU do?”

    Oh god, it’s even funnier now.