The Moffitt/Muller Connection


The image below is an email that Michael Muller sent from the gmail account of Rep. Tim Moffitt.  The contents of the message have been obscured.

 Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words…

As you may remember, on September 19th Rep. Tim Moffitt Twitter account sent out the following message : “They should lock up all the gays on their own island. Except for the lesbians. Y’all can have them!” The tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, followed by the standard apology and claim of a “hacking.”  (If you need a refresher, here’s Jake Frankel’s Mountain Xpress summary of the events). Two days later Rep. Moffitt filed this police report claiming “Un known person has hacked into the compl Twitter account.” Meanwhile Mr. Muller has used his own Twitter account to viciously attack Rep. Moffitt’s opponent Jane Whilden (here’s just one such instance) and not just Jane Whilden, Muller has spewed his misogynistic and homophobic bile at Susan Fisher as well (link).

The obvious question here, now that it has been established that Mr. Muller is working directly for Tim Moffitt, is how much of this is at Moffitt’s direction? Why go as far to file a phony police report? (I’m no internet lawyer, but that probably ain’t exactly legal). Lots of questions here: What do the campaigns of Nathan Ramsey and Mike Fryar (for whom Muller is also ostensibly working) think about this sort of behavior? I’m sure I’m leaving a few out, but feel free to add your own. I look forward to getting some straight answers for once, and I hope you do too.


  1. tatuaje says:

    I find it interesting that the Sheriff’s Dept. has kicked the ‘hacking’ case down to the APD. Not up to the FBI as they would have done if a federal offense had occurred. And that’s what illegally accessing someone’s communications is: a federal offense. Which means it has already been determined that no hacking ever actually occurred. Which means that the report filed by Moffitt is actually false.

    I think it would also be further embarrassing to the local GOP if it was found out that not only did they file a false police report, but that the employee that they’re attempting to cover up for is actually an undocumented worker. Seems to me that most of these GOPers are often heard yelling how undocumented workers are parasites that should be deported.

    I’ve been assured by local media that they are actively digging into the Twitter ‘hack’. And that they have been apprised of further information that pertains to the case. I wish they’d stop dragging their heels and make sure the constituents are well-informed before election day.

  2. Noc Noc says:

    so i wonder if Michael Muller would speak so lowly to calling a politician an Ugly dyke when i see gay bashing here and ironic Muller place in this is disgusting He used to be a funny good guy now has turned mean and i don’t recognize him as an Asheville native anymore. Mr. Moffitt though is being like Gov. sununu and their racial bantering. Mr. Muller is gay as well, but take it to a higher level like this is plain wrong. Makes you wonder what politicians are these days bullies or people who really care about where we live.

  3. Doug Gibson says:


    Exactly what is this a picture of? I see Muller’s name next to a “Tim Moffitt” e-mail address, but what does that mean?

  4. Aaron Sarver says:

    “Mitchell added that Muller had never officially been on the local party’s payroll. Muller is currently assisting another Republican House candidate, Tim Moffitt …”


  5. Doug Gibson says:

    Has Nathan Ramsey responded to the slur on Susan Wilson? I’m sure he found it offensive as well, so I assume he’s offered some sort of public comment.

  6. RHS says:

    “I look forward to getting some straight answers for once”

    How long can you hold your breath?

  7. jim shura says:

    Doug, I read that as somebody went into the gmail preferences for that email address and set them so that Mullers name and picture would appear on someone else’s gmail. It’s a gmail to gmail thing, or a google plus thing. Shad’s not showing the text of the e-mail.

  8. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I want to know who is selling cat parts on the internet. That’s just gross.

  9. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Oh. That kind of cat. Nevermind.
    Now what’s all this I keep hearing about Climate chains?