Uhhh, what day is it?


Oh, right, third day of early voting in North Carolina. Notes from the field:

If you live outside the city limits, you will not get to vote on the water referendum.

Pretzel logic: Word is that the GOP is now telling their people to vote no on it, too. They released this grammatical masterwork:

“In the wake of Asheville City Council’s move to privatize the Asheville Municipal Golf Course, we do not see it as wise for them to also attempt to privatize an asset they do not own and which roughly half of its customers reside outside city limits. We urge all city voters to vote “no” on this referendum.”

Think the GOP sees a solid defeat ahead and doesn’t want to be seen as supporting a state takeover?

More pretzel logic: Rumor has it that Rep. Tim Moffitt would also vote no against the referendum prompted by opposition to his own actions and that he can’t vote for anyway. Moffitt lives outside the city limits. Didn’t Moffitt run for office as an opponent of forced annexation?

A few snafus the first day or two of early voting. Buncombe BOE is working on them. In early voting in Buncombe, it’s Ds over Rs by over 2:1. Twenty percent more women than men.

All they really needed to know they never learned in kindergarten: Obama lawn signs are disappearing overnight all over the county and beyond, according to reports. (In 2006, they used orange and black spray paint on Heath Shuler signs.) Had to check in with the lawyers; several (isolated?) reports of Republican officials(?) outside One-Stop locations harassing my volunteers. Nothing major yet.

Number one voter question: Do you have any Obama bumper stickers? Answer: NO. Why do voters think our electioneers are supposed to have stickers and pins to give out? (Obama raised over a hundred million in the last quarter. Ask him what he did with it.)

No Debbie: Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in town and didn’t even make a phone call to us. Yet voters call Democratic HQ to complain about policy or the Obama campaign as if we have a direct line to the White House or the DNC. It’s like calling privates and corporals at the motor pool to complain about battle strategy.

Confusion over the Obama HQ vs. Buncombe Democratic Party HQ. People keep showing up at our headquarters thinking it’s where they are scheduled to be for their Obama phone bank. Others look online for the location and phone of Obama HQ and end up at the Merrimon Ave. office space next to Bojangles that the campaign used in 2008. Those 2008 web sites never came down. If you’re looking for Obama HQ on Merrimon Ave., that ain’t it.

The BOE has changed it’s 50-foot electioneering markers to orange cones with small flags in them. I liked the old ones better.


  1. TJ says:

    I am still fascinated with the GOP’s push to vote no on the water. Sort of reminds me of the vote on Amendment One. So many of my conservative friends asked why they should vote shading the right to free speech.

    Thanks for the tidbits, Tom. Makes waiting this out more interesting.

    By the way, there is another meeting about the water on Monday at Jubilee. I hope more people show up.

  2. Tom, I didn’t have a problem at the site where the GOPer had reportedly been ugly to a Dem volunteer. In fact, I had a very pleasant time with Bonnie King, who was handing out material for her husband. She was super nice.

    I was at West Asheville Library today. Continuous stream of voters. No one handing out slate cards from the other team while I was there.

    If anyone reading this has some free time, please call Tom and sign up to hand out slate cards. People are friendly and appreciative to get the roster for non-partisan picks. To volunteer: (828) 274-4482.

    Also, there is a forum on the water referendum on Monday:

    “Defending Our Water: What You Need to Know Before You Vote”
    Monday, October 22
    6:30-8:00 p.m.
    Jubilee Community Church, 46 Wall St.
    Free & open to the public

    People who live in the city limits of Asheville will be asked on the Nov. ballot: “shall the City of Asheville undertake the sale or lease of its water treatment and water distribution system?” A growing list of organizations and businesses is endorsing a VOTE of NO on this nonbinding referendum! Defeating the referendum will give our city officials proof that the residents of Asheville don’t want to lose control of their water system.

    The Asheville City Council advanced the referendum after a proposal was made by the NC State legislature which would remove control of the water system from the city of Asheville and turn it over to the Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD), which is administered by an unelected regional board.

    Guest speakers include:

    – City Councilwoman Esther Manheimer, who will explain the wording and purpose of the referendum and the status of ongoing studies by local governments;
    – Renée Maas & Mary Grant of the consumer organization Food & Water Watch, on the pitfalls of reduced local control of water systems in other areas across the country;
    – Local activist Barry Summers, who will present a brief historical overview on the issue and update us on where we go from here.

    Of all the utility services, water is the one we simply can’t live without – that’s why it’s urgent that decisions about water be transparent, local, and with plenty of opportunities for the public to participate. Let’s send a message loud and clear that our community’s drinking water is too important for decisions to be made behind closed doors in Raleigh while local residents’ voices are ignored!

    A Q&A session will follow the presentation. The forum is free and open to the public and is co-sponsored by Mountain Voices Alliance, Clean Water for NC, Food & Water Watch, WNC Alliance and WENOCA Sierra Club.

    If you’d like to volunteer to help with community outreach, the upcoming forum, or other efforts, contact info@mvalliance.net or call 828-255-8537 or katie@cwfnc.org, 251-1291.
    Please forward this to others you think might be interested!

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    Yard sign just seen on Lake Shore Drive:

    Vote Like Your Lady Parts Matter

    Multiple Thumbs Down above on comments about Voting No on the water referendum? Are those Vote Yeses?

  4. Tom Sullivan says:

    GOP greeter at W. Asheville Library: Doesn’t believe in global warming. Does believe fluoride in water is making people stupider.