2012 Democratic Candidates


You probably know just who to vote for in the Presidential race and the Congressional race. Maybe you even have your legislators and County Commissioners figured out. How many of you have the County School Board or statewide judicial races sussed? To help you sort out who’s who, the Buncombe County Democratic Party has put together a handy list of Democratic candidates. Use it if you want it, leave it if you don’t!

Buncombe County Commission
County Commission Chair
David Gantt

County Commission, District 1 (State House 114)
Holly Jones
Brownie Newman

County Commission, District 2 (State House 115)
Ellen Frost
Carol Peterson

County Commission, District 3 (State House 116)
Terry Van Duyn
Michelle Pace Wood

Register of Deeds
Drew Reisinger

North Carolina General Assembly
State House District 114
Susan Fisher

State House District 115
Susan E. Wilson

State House District 116
Jane Whilden

State Senate District 49
Martin Nesbitt

U.S. Congress
U.S. House District 10
Patsy Keever

U.S. House District 11
Hayden Rogers

Buncombe School Board
Dusty Pless, At-large Representative
Chip Craig, Owen District Representative
Steve Sizemore, Roberson Dristrict Representative
Ann Franklin, North Buncombe District Representative

Judicial Races
North Carolina Supreme Court
Judge Sam J. Ervin IV

Court of Appeals (Thigpen seat)
Judge Cressie Thigpen

Court of Appeals (McGee seat)
Judge Linda M. McGee

Court of Appeals (Bryant seat)
Judge Wanda Bryant

Barack Obama

Walter Dalton

Lt. Governor
Linda Coleman

N.C. Attorney General
Roy Cooper

Secretary Of State
Elaine Marshall

State Treasurer
Janet Cowell

N.C. Insurance Commissioner
Wayne Goodwin

N.C. State Superintendent
June Atkinson

N.C. State Auditor
Beth Wood

Labor Commissioner
John C. Brooks

Agriculture Commissioner
Walter Smith


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    I just want to thank everyone who’s running in a very tough cycle. All of these folks are putting themselves into the arena, and they deserve our respect for that.