Susie Deconstructs the Presidential Debate




  1. Don Fickles says:

    “That Internet. There’s a lot of truth there.”

    I think I’m in love.

  2. Daniel Hopkins says:

    Why I am not voting for Obama.

    In a democracy a vote is given in exchange for promises to do things. Obama didn’t do what he said he would. Here’s my list of disappointments and I am adding to it all the time.

    1. He didn’t hold the bankers accountable.

    2. He didn’t hold the torturers accountable.

    3. He didn’t close Guantanamo.

    4. He has continued the war in Afghanistan now in its twelfth year and the U.S. is losing by most objective indicators.

    4. He didn’t put a single payer option on the table in the health care debate.

    5. He has engaged in Presidential ordered assassinations of American citizens.

    6. He has engaged in illegal drone strikes killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent people.

    7. He has done nothing to restore basic civil liberties like habeas corpus.

    8. He has done next to nothing to deal with climate change.

    9. He has done next to nothing to deal with the huge wealth inequality in the U.S.

    8. He has done very little to address the rising percentage of poor people in the United States.

    9. He has done very little to advocate for, protect, and enhance the safety net which could make our country strong again.

    10. He has done very little to help home owners at risk of, or actually losing their homes in the mortgage crisis.

    11. He has done very little or nothing to help college students and graduates drowning in college loan debt.

    10. Most egregious – He campaigned on hope and has extended most of George W. Bush’s policies and personnel.

    Kevin Baker writes in his Harper’s October, 2012 article, “Why vote? When you vote counts for nothing.” :

    “Try to imagine, if you can, candidate Barack Obama in 2008 running on a platform of balancing the budget and appeasing Wall Street by reducing Social Security benefits, restricting Medicare and Medicaid entitlements, increasing the retirement age, and never challenging the established hierarchy of the Democratic Party but rather returning members of the old Clinton regime to positions of power in his administration, especially those advocates of unregulated capitalism who did so much to bring on the economic crisis in the first place. This candidate Obama would not have been elected, which is of course why you did not see him. Yet President Obama has pursued these policies throughout his administration—and they appear to be exactly what he had in mind all along.”

    But, I’m also a pragmatist. If it’s too close to call on election day, I’ll vote against Romney by voting for Obama. Clearly I’d be better off with Obama in office. But it it looks like Obama will take the state’s electoral college votes, I will vote for Jill Stein the Green Party Candidate. With enthusiasm and pride.

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    In a democracy a vote is given in exchange for promises to do things.

    Faulty premise.

  4. jim shura says:

    “But it it looks like Obama will take the state’s electoral college votes”

    People without landlines are not being polled. I only know two people with landlines.

    In a different state, I wasted a vote on that Corvair-hating guy one year because I was thinking that the people I liked were ahead.

    The two party system is a failed one. Don’t fight that battle on election day.