Romney’s Message For The 47 Percent: Kneel


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At Campaign for America’s Future, Richard Eskow explains how the Romneys of Wall Street, the Adelsons of casinos, and the Kochs of oil can dismiss half the country as losers who pay no taxes, even as half a million people with incomes over $100,000 paid no taxes in 2011, including 7,000 millionaires:

They’re probably just a small subset of high-earning Americans. But these resentment-fueled party people are a new force in politics, made even more powerful by growing wealth inequity and Citizens United. They are the Radical Rich.

They are addicted to wealth. No matter how much they have, it isn’t enough. (Studies support Eskow on this.):

The country they seek is radically different from the one we all grew up in, or even the troubled one we live in today. It’s a nation without a social safety net, with hungry and ill people in the streets, without free and fair elections, without basic legal protections for consumers or the environment – a United States unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.


They want more – more tax breaks, more protection from the law.

And they want adoration. From the looks of it, nothing short of an Roman Imperial cult – complete with their apotheosis as state deities upon their death – would satisfy them. Obama’s corporate-friendly policies, which have protected their wealth and protected them from judgement, aren’t enough. They want him to pledge his fealty on the White House steps – or they’ll destroy him.

Not in modern history, writes Eskow, have the top 1 percent, or even the top 0.01 percent owned more of this country or paid less in taxes. They enjoy immunity from prosecution, immunity from the rules they demand everyone “lesser” live by. The freedom they seek is the freedom of the addict to seek greater stimulation, even as it takes larger and larger doses to satisfy them. Even as their insecurity grows because it does not. They only want what’s theirs, as Charles Koch reportedly said, “and that’s all of it.”

The Radical Rich, writes Eskow, don’t “just want an unfair and ill-gotten share of the nation’s wealth. They want it paid as tribute.”


  1. Andrew Dahm says:

    It’s a bit stilted as translations go, but it’s Rome, it’s us, and our wealthy, the biggest beneficiaries of freedom and innovation, include a whole bunch of degenerates:

    “But as soon as a new generation has arisen, and the democracy has descended to their children’s children, long association weakens their value for equality and freedom, and some seek to become more powerful than the ordinary citizens; and the most liable to this temptation are the rich.

    “So when they begin to be fond of office, and find themselves unable to obtain it by their own unassisted efforts and their own merits, they ruin their estates, while enticing and corrupting the common people in every possible way. By which means when, in their senseless mania for reputation, they have made the populace ready and greedy to receive bribes, the virtue of democracy is destroyed, and it is transformed into a government of violence and the strong hand.”,0543,001:6:9

    I couldn’t find any real good links to the frescoes of Paestum, but your average Republican would find them a tad unsettling:

  2. TJ says:

    I guess I am not cut out for politics. I just can’t imagine saying these kinds of things, going to bed for a “good” night’s sleep, as the children I sponsor in “save the heathen children” through my church are starving, and I feel I have given away perfectly good money that I could have sent with the rest to the Cayman’s.

    What kind of insanity do we live in, anyway??!! Imagine that! They “deserve” food, meds and clothing?? Don’t they know that if it doesn’t have a Polo player, TH logo, or an Armani suit, that it shouldn’t have been sewn to begin with?!

    And, who do these liberals think they are, anyway?? They can’t report any news, because that video was faked, and, the aliens had replaced our leader in that segmant. That wasn’t REALLY Romney. It’s those agenda 21 people, again.

    We know english…I mean, political speech is your second language. Let us interpret for you idiots, so you know what he really MEANT. Oh, by the way. He is such a brave person for speaking the truth.

    :::::dizzying circles:::::


    It wasn’t the real thing he meant. The wrong people got the video out first. They didn’t understand.///He spoke truth. We agree with him.

    Jeeeesssshhhh! Make up your friggin’ minds, people!

    And, I’M a “nutjob” b/c I participate with Occupy. Well, if I am, then, it’s their fault for blabbering like idiots until I could not find anything sane in their insanity.

    Maybe I SHOULD start drinking. How about it, Davyne?

    “The question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”
    -Albert Einstein

    Thank you, Albert, for planting my feet back firmly on Terra Firma,

    Now, I can go to sleep and dream of an alternate reality a quantum leap away…I sure as hell have never lived in Kansas before.

  3. TJ says:

    Before the aliens left the fake Romney here to take the fall, as they bravely tried to scourge the earth of idiots, they left this message:

  4. Tom Sullivan says:

    Via Digby, Ezra Klein:

    The thing about not having much money is you have to take much more responsibility for your life. You can’t pay people to watch your kids or clean your house or fix your meals. You can’t necessarily afford a car or a washing machine or a home in a good school district. That’s what money buys you: goods and services that make your life easier.

    That’s what money has bought Romney, too. He’s a guy who sold his dad’s stock to pay for college, who built an elevator to ensure easier access to his multiple cars and who was able to support his wife’s decision to be a stay-at-home mom. That’s great! That’s the dream.

    The problem is that he doesn’t seem to realize how difficult it is to focus on college when you’re also working full time, how much planning it takes to reliably commute to work without a car, or the agonizing choices faced by families in which both parents work and a child falls ill. The working poor haven’t abdicated responsibility for their lives. They’re drowning in it.

    Digby continues, having seen the disconnected rich firsthand in Hollywood,

    They truly believe that they work harder than anyone else, that their lives are more complicated, that they are the ones who are doing everything, while the poor have it easy. I used to hear it from the wives of Hollywood executives who literally spent their days getting pampered from head to toe by immigrants who worked 80 hours a week and made less than minimum wage. I could never tell if they really believed it or if they just had to say it out loud in order to live with themselves. I suspected the former. There was not the tiniest bit of self-awareness in their complaints.

    This is the dark side of America’s Puritan work ethic. In order to justify their wealth the upper classes must pretend that those who are poorer have done it to themselves through their laziness and sloth. Otherwise, they wouldn’t “deserve” what they have and their whole value system would collapse.

    The defensive attitude among many of the rich being described is not unlike how vigorously fundamentalists defend biblical inerrancy. It is a faulty doctrine, a house of cards. Yet, being authoritarians uncomfortable with dealing with shades of grey, they have invested themselves deeply in their own rightness. They are right. All others are wrong or, as the fundamentalist bumper sticker reads: “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.”

    Ironically, the meaning of that little syllogism is unchanged if you remove the first premise. A good fundamentalist will never question the soundness of his doctrine, and will go to extraordinary lengths and mental contortions to prop up the house of cards including investing in “scholarship” in young earth theory, “flood geology,” etc., to make science conform to their theology.

    So it is with conservative certitude about the “idle poor,” immigrants on welfare, deadbeats, and Lucky Duckies.