Step Up For Jane Whilden


Jane Whilden is a candidate who’s running to represent all of the district’s voters. She believes in funding public education, standing up for womens’ rights, protecting our clean air and water, and working together with people. This is in stark contrast to the divisive incumbent, who has demonstrated an active disdain for collaboration and a willingness to underfund education, second guess womens’ choices, and hack away at environmental protections.

With under 50 days to go until the final day of voting, Jane needs your help if she’s going to unseat the incumbent. Hers is a grassroots campaign. Tim Moffitt’s outsider interests are bankrolling tv ads among other things. Mull that over.

Jane’s asking for your help, and it’s time we all stepped up to do our part. From an email:

Dear Friends,

We knew the day would come where Moffitt’s massive funding from outside interests would pay off… Spending sprees on TV ads and misleading mailers from my opponent are just the beginning, but with your help we are ready to fight back!

I need your help to stop this bully – and I need your help today. Opportunities this week:

Phone-banking this Thursday;
Canvassing on Saturday;
Invite your friends to visit my website and subscribe to my Facebook page
Host a meet-and-greet;
Contact the campaign if you can put up a Jane Whilden sign on your property.


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    Mtn Xpress is covering the money in area races. They report that Moffitt has loaned his own campaign $190,000. “Political action committees chipped in another $50,835.”

    Jane, on the other hand, has raised a total of $57,080.

    Moffitt anticipates being able to buy this race. He’d like to drive his money like a Hummer across the grassroots. It’s up to you whether that happens.

  2. TJ says:

    Volunteer app: done.

    Cost of volunteers: well, $0.

    Cost of letting Moffitt go unchallenged: devastating.

    Cost of defeating Moffitt: PRICELESS!

  3. Mim Toffitt says:

    Oh, now this is sad.

    The big ol’ Scrutiny Hooligans throws its weight behind a candidate and nobody but the author of the piece and one lonely Occupy nut show up.

    I’m laughing. Me and my money and my corporate investors and my cronies and minions and all my ill-informed supporters out there in Buncombe County are laughing. Liberals are hilarious.

    All that talk about sticking together and collective action and power to the freaking people. Bullshit. You guys are just as much about self-interest and scamming a buck as the rest of us, you’re just more sanctimonious about it, or guilty, I can’t figure which.

    I expected at least a hundred comments here, all making big promises of how much they just love Ms. Captain Kangaroo in drag and all the things they would be doing to help her unseat me.

    To tell you the truth, I was a little worried earlier this year that little sites like this one could make an actual difference in the campaign. I’ve been banking up, and taking on more investors than I really should have just in case.

    Now, I’m going to owe a lot of favors to a lot of very rich and powerful people, and that’s going to hurt the people of my district. I’m going to have to do more damage than I should have, and its your fault for making me worry.

    If I’d known in advance that it wouldn’t matter, that nobody really gave a shit whether I was beaten or not, I could have saved some money. I could have taken it easy. I wouldn’t have had to hire minions, sit and listen to them prattle on about drugs and objectivism while drinking my good scotch. That alone would have been worth a lot. Do you even know how much scotch those fuckers can put away?

    So now, I’m over-funded, over staffed, and pissed. I’ll be looking around for something else I can take from Asheville next year just because of that.

  4. TJ says:

    I find this curious.

    And, and let your minions know that if they run into me, I AM insane. But, they probably already know that…after all, it’s all the insane things they throw into the mix of life, that leaves folks like me doing anything and everything to ensure my children do not inherit the same insanity.

    So, if I must be the one to tell everyone the emperor has no clothes on, so be it.

  5. TJ says:

    Oh, and just where IS your league of gentlemen scoundrels, drumming up YOUR support? This thread looks pretty lonely with them, you know.

  6. Neighbor says:

    Well the minions definitely didn’t show up to the forum yesterday.
    When asked about where he pulled the 15% tax increase that he’s accusing Jane of after the forum, he walked away with no response.
    Again such a classy move.