Mark Meadows Calls For Voucher Medicare


Republican candidate for Congress, Mark Meadows, called for the end of Medicare as we know it in a debate against conservative Democrat Hayden Rogers. AC-T:

“I will never privatize any portion or all of Social Security and I do not believe in the voucher system for Medicare,” [Hayden Rogers] said.

Meadows said he supports the Ryan plan, which would mean vouchers for those younger than 55.

Why the fuss? Most everyone agrees that the voucher plan will cost seniors more. CBS:

Starting in 2023, the plan would give seniors vouchers to purchase either private insurance or traditional, government-run insurance on an exchange. (This means that no one over 55 would see any changes to Medicare they now receive or expect.) Private insurers would compete with the traditional Medicare program to offer the best plan possible for the level of “premium support” that a senior gets. Once a senior had a plan, he would have to pay out of pocket for any health care costs the voucher couldn’t cover.

Federal spending increases on Medicare would be capped at half a percentage point higher than the growth rate of the economy. Theoretically, that means that if health care costs rise faster than that, seniors would increasingly have to pay more out of pocket.
While conservatives think Ryan’s plan will lead to more efficiency, critics of the plan say that seniors will just have to pay more for the same health care.
Instead of spurring insurers to control their costs, Reinhardt said the Ryan plan would leave seniors out to drift. “You’re essentially shoving these guys out on a boat, saying, ‘We’ll give you a push, but if the waves are rough, you’re on your own,” he said. “It would really worry me if I were a middle-class American.”

Anyone know where other Congressonal candidates are on whether to shunt elderly people into a voucher system? How about our gubernatorial candidates?


  1. Doug Gibson says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. If you’re a conservative, the answer to health care spending is to just stop providing health care.

    As far as the candidates for governor: if we end up with the status quo in D.C. – Democratic control of the White House and the Senate, Republicans in control of the House – then I think a much more important issue is going to be what our next governor wants to do about a prospective Medicaid expansion under the ACA.

    Last I heard, both McCrory and Dalton are in the “looking at the numbers” stage, which is sickening.

  2. Gordon Smith says:

    Thunder Pig has posted video of the debate. The Medicare part begins about 17 minutes in.

  3. Michael Muller says:

    Really, Gordon? Using the mentally retarded as a political prop?

    You know, you’re not an anonymous bomb-throwing blogger anymore, Gordon. You’re a City Councilman. Act like one.


  4. Gordon Smith says:

    Ha! That’s a strange interpretation, and it’s incorrect, Michael. It’s an awkward looking kid, and it must be hitting home if your employers are having you come here to make hay. We’ve seen your routine before – change the subject by attacking me.

    Fortunately the Google machine backs me up on this one:

    “…his name is Kyle and the photo was taken as his seventh grade school photo, but the principal made him take it over again because he was under the impression Kyle was making the face on purpose.”

    How do you feel about Mark Meadows wanting to make Medicare a Paul Ryan style voucher program? That’s the topic of the post.

    Who is it you’re working for anyway?

  5. Gordon, maybe he’s right. Maybe you should start acting like a City Councilman – or better yet, like a member of the NCGA – you should hire someone to anonymously post propaganda to a private web server whose ownership and means of support are completely opaque to the public which it purports to support.

    Or something.

  6. Michael Muller says:

    My mistake, I guess.

  7. Keith Thomson says:


    That picture looks like me in Middle School, and I am still under 55. SO, tell your employers that they can take the Ryan plan and shove it.

  8. Andrew Dahm says:

    I thought it was a picture of Paul Ryan.

  9. Keith Thomson says:

    Eddie Munster.

  10. TJ says:

    Well, it’s all good, you know.