GOP National Convention Schedule


Though the GOP had to revise their schedule to accommodate Tropical Storm Isaac, they’ve still managed to pack a whole lot into a few days. Click here to see the schedule.


  1. That’s a lot of fact-free, angry derp right there.

  2. Keith Thomson says:

    If you read the following article from the Raleigh News & Observer, you will learn a lot about how Mitt Romney made his money, often by stripping companies of value and leaving them in debt and in danger of bankruptcy.

    My personal experience with INTERPATH Communications was as a young business owner, and father, in Asheville in the mid-nineties. NC born and bred, Interpath brought information technology out from the Research Triangle into the counties of the west and east.

    INTERPATH was the kind of business that really was a “job creator.” A pioneer that helped to commercialize the INTERNET– which was born in US government funded laboratories, and previously only available to Universities, big corporations, and the military– INTERPATH and its kind of private businesses opened on-ramps to the information super highway connected to our neck of the woods.

    I always wondered how INTERPATH disappeared, now we know the fingerprints on the smoking gun were Mitt Romney’s. This makes it very personal to me.

  3. Keith Thomson says:

    From the article:

    “Among Bain’s North Carolina investments: Interpath Communications, a Morrisville technology company that laid off hundreds of workers and essentially dissolved two years after Bain’s investment….

    For some former Interpath employees in the Raleigh area, Bain’s emergence in the campaign dialogue revives strong feelings and bad memories.

    Charley Bratton co-founded the Internet services company in 1993. But with Bain primed to purchase the company, he left. “The (original) focus was to lift businesses across North Carolina … but I don’t think that had any driving force for Bain,” he said.

    The Romney campaign said the candidate left Bain in February 1999, before the Interpath deal was finalized in June 2000. But Romney remained listed as a managing partner in Bain documents until 2002. Even if Romney played no role, Bratton said he believes the Interpath deal speaks to the candidate’s business record.

    “He’s a vulture – or has been as a business person,” said Bratton, a registered Republican. “His goal as a business person was to grow his wealth, grow wealth for his stockholders … and he did that in a manner that was absolutely ruthless.””

    Read more here:

  4. TJ says:

    We can ALL get behind a guy like THIS, eh?

    Actually, I don’t see a realistic way to see all the “facts,” it’s spun so well, a spider would get lost.

  5. Keith Thomson says:


    You seem to wish to place me in a category of “you guys,” and then ascribe priorities you imagine to my voting preferences. That is a fairly “fact free” analysis. Do not presume to speak for me. If you prefer Mitt Romney to become President, by all means, vote your conscience. I will certainly do likewise. This is America and this is an election year, so have at it.

    My experience is that some business people create value and, as a result, jobs in their communities. Some very noteworthy people of this genre were Republicans, including Textile magnate Roger Milliken –who fought to keep jobs in the Carolinas and Georgia–and strengthened the communities and families who worked for him. My own stepfather started on the loading dock and worked his way to retirement as a plant superintendent for Milliken.

    This type of business leader who invested in communities as well as their own businesses is in stark contrast to ROmney’s ilk, who made financial deals that focused solely on making him and his investor’s money, even if the companies they invested in were loaded down with debt and went bankrupt after Bain was done with them.

    You are welcome to your opinion, as are Charley Bratton and I. You can even work Republican talking points about Rev. Wright into your opinions and I will not try to stop you. Feel free to try to talk us all into voting for Mitt Romney, I am sure you have your reasons for doing so. Anonymity is a wonderful balm for transparency.

  6. D.Dial says:

    You know we may not be perfect here, but we do care and are active in our community. Something Ms. Two seems to see the need for. It just appears we don’t think and act like she’d like. Personally ( since she appears to be loaded up with unfulfilled expectations of us regulars) from her, I’d like to occasionally see some positive suggestions or ideas, instead of a constant stream of bitter bile. She might begin to feel better.

  7. Keith Thomson says:

    Can anyone tell me when George Bush and Sarah Palin are scheduled to speak at the Convention?

  8. Robert Danos says:

    Don’t miss out on Mark Meadows today between 2:30 and 3:00.

    I wonder if Rogers would have agreed to go to the DNC convention if they had invited him to speak? Still, with convention only 2 hours away, Keever at least has the decency to go and represent her party which is a whole lot more than Rogers can say.

  9. RHS says:

    “Can anyone tell me when George Bush and Sarah Palin are scheduled to speak at the Convention?”

    And Todd Akin. When will he be speaking? Surely they want to have their nominee for the US Senate that is crucial to their chances of winning control get a prime time spotlight.

  10. Keith Thomson says:

    Mr. Danos,

    You can speak for the GOP, when will we get to see the tribute to President George W. Bush at the convention, and hear his speech offering his support to Mitt Romney? Will it be in prime time, or can you send us the link to his visit to the convention, as you so helpfully did for 11th District Republican US House candidate Mark Meadows’ speech?


  11. Robert Danos says:

    @ Keith

    There won’t be any W at the convention because he is not a popular ex-president that would help us win.

    Same reason the other side kept Carter in the closet for close to 20 years after he left office.

    Not much bold insight needed there.

    I answered your question with a simple straight answer – how about you?

    How do AVL progressives feel about the NC-11 nominee not have the nerve to show up at the DNC all of 2 hours away?

  12. Keith Thomson says:


    OK. I actually live in the 11th District, and I feel fine.

    I will feel better when Hayden Rogers wins in November. He is a moderate to conservative Democrat, but we have a big tent, and I celebrate diversity. I can honestly say that I am comfortable that Hayden will fight for our public schools and our natural heritage in these mountains that we all love so dearly. Hayden is not hunting commies and black helicopters from the UN, which is more than I can say for Meadows and many of his supporters. That stuff is pure T crazy, IMHO.

    I suppose we agree that Bush’s dismal popularity is a result of the deep and disastrous failure of his policies. The same policies that Romney and the Ryan budget double and triple down on, so I can see why you would avoid him like the plague. Their plans to reduce federal spending by 20%, as explained yesterday by Chairman Preibus, while increasing military spending and keeping the Bush tax cuts for wealthy people and cutting their taxes even more, will not balance the budget, unless you cut out just about ALL domestic discretionary spending, including Law Enforcement, National Parks, Education, student loans and grants, etc.

    In eight years of Bush’s administration, US employment actually declined by nearly 200,000 jobs from the level when Clinton left office . Since President Obama’s inauguration, we have had a net increase of over 400,000 jobs. If you start counting about six months after he took office, enough time to give him a chance to get some policies in place, the increase is over 3.5 million net jobs created. If not for the decline in public sector jobs of over 2.5 million, we woul be over 6 million jobs created since Obama’s policies began to kick in.


  13. RHS says:

    “Same reason the other side kept Carter in the closet for close to 20 years after he left office.”

    Carter attended the 1984 Democratic convention and spoke at the 1988 one.

    “How do AVL progressives feel about the NC-11 nominee not have the nerve to show up at the DNC all of 2 hours away?”

    Personally speaking I could not possibly care less if he attends or doesn’t.

  14. Robert Danos says:

    Not surprisingly, we do not agree on the above reasons for Bush’ #’s or Obama’s economic stewardship.

    Rogers will be crushed despite his best attempts to run as a shadow which worked for Shuler under the old boundaries.

    At least he could be helping out your team while he’s at it. If you believe that he has a real shot at winning, then I greatly admire your optimism.

    A very good Democratic party official& friend here in Henderson said it to me best about the Rogers/Shuler “stand for nothing if possible” school of thought. He pointed out that rarely do yard signs tell you anything but that this year they really did.

    He said, “Meadow’s sign says Conservative in bold letters, Bothwell’s says Democrat in bold letters, and Rogers’ says – nothing. His name and pretty mountains. Let’s you stand for and against everything at the same time”.

  15. Keith Thomson says:


    Thanks for contributing to the civil tone of the conversation.

    You may have your own theory of why Bush “is not a popular ex-president that would help [y’all] win.” I would love to hear your thoughts.

    The facts regarding job creation in the Bush vs. the Obama presidencies that I cited are facts, feel free to prove them to be mistaken from a source that you can attest to their veracity.

    I appreciate your confidence in your candidate. This is why we have campaigns, and I am confident that my fellow mountain people do not want an ideologue representing us in Congress, Right or Left. Hayden is the only candidate on the ballot who is not an ideologue.

    Medicare and Social Security, National Security, National Parks and Forests, student aid, and many other things that WE THE PEOPLE support are much more important priorities than bigger tax cuts for wealthy people.

    Even the advisers running ads for RMoney’s campaign want to take advantage that people still think highly of Bill Clinton’s administration. They won’t admit that returning marginal tax rates on incomes above $250,000 to the rates of the 1990s, when 22 million jobs were created in 8 years under Clinton, will not affect 97% of small business owners, except that we too will enjoy critical investments in roads, bridges, advanced research, and caring for the least of these among us, without borrowing money to pay for them. Cuts only budgets won’t be balanced.

    FWIW, I think your folks owe George W Bush an apology for treating him with such disrespect.

    Yours respectfully,

  16. Gordon Smith says:

    GOP changes rules to silence Ron Paul supporters at the convention. Hilarity ensues.

    Ron Paul Revolt Blows Up GOP Convention.

  17. Thunder Pig says:

    The Ron Paul supporters have shown up at this convention with subterfuge on their minds.

    Reason TV has a video of a tantrum they throw at

    Ron Paul Supporters are often like little children getting mad and pitching a temper tantrum. The video I linked to above shows them in action. (They walked out of the 2010 NC-11 GOP Convention also when one of their resolutions failed)

    And they wonder why they can never get respect in the party? They show up once every two or four years and expect us to cater to their every desire and whim.

    I’ll have respect for them when they show up at local party and candidate fund raisers, when they show up to help set up for events, to place signs for party candidates.

    I’ll have respect for them when they show up at local party precinct meetings or when they show up to help build precinct walking maps, man the phones for local candidates, go knock on doors or take people to go vote when ballots are being cast.

    Read more about the stealth delegate effort on the Ron Paul 2012 website

    Read more about the stealth delegate effort on the Daily Paul website

    Think this is a new phenomenon?

    It is not. It is just a continuation of an effort by Paulbearers to gain power in the party, and if successful, the nation using nonviolent strong-arm tactics that subvert the results of the party primaries. If they want delegates, let them get them through legitimate means during the primary…by getting people to agree with them and show up and cast ballots. They don’t do this because they know they can NEVER achieve power without having to resort to subversive tactics that reveals more about them than they realize. The Founding Fathers would recoil in horror at their tactics.

    [Edit: This is a version of an article on the subject of the “stealth” Ron Paul delegates I posted on my blog earlier today]

  18. The party of small, decentralized government sure does suck at being small and decentralized.

    It’s not what you’re buying, it’s what they’re selling.

  19. Keith Thomson says:

    The one time RMoney appeared with real working people they lost pay and were told it was mandatory to attend:


  20. Keith Thomson says:

    This video is the speech he didn’t make before the Coal miners, but it is not a flip flop [sarcasm]:

    “Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attacks the Salem coal plant for killing people, saying it would be cleaned up by 2004. That has not happened.”

    Romney: “I will not create jobs that kill people.”

  21. RHS says:

    “Paulbearers ”

    LOL!!!!! That’s perfect.