Bill, on Violence


Speaking of rape…

Bill, on Violence


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  1. Big Ivy says:

    That made me smile. Again, he’s stating the obvious. Breeding males always have a high potential for being dangerous; I think it is their job (think stallions, bulls, boars and man, of course). It is my personal opinion, that human males and dogs are more dangerous in packs (2 or more but especially 3 to 1000’s). Still… it made me smile.

  2. TJ says:

    Kind of reminds me of the topless issue.

    If a guy goes shortless downtown, I bet he would be in jail. But, a topless woman? Serves the purpose, I guess, so let’s just let her be.

    So, I can’t take my kids to the fountain this Sunday after church? Or, will I get arrested for endangering my children, while the women run around topless, exposing them in ways I don’t let them watch on TV?