Unequal Pay Makes Me So Angry!


Do Capuchin monkeys have a more finely honed sense of fairness than ours?


From The Atlantic:

Many humans have highly developed senses of fairness and morality, and it seems monkeys aren’t far behind. Alex Tabarrok highlights research by Emory University psychologist Dr. Frans B.M. de Waal, who studied how monkeys and other mammals share many of our social mores. The reaction to unequal pay is (ahem) priceless.


  1. TJ says:


    Thanks, Tom.

    Answer: yes

    Seems we need to devolve slightly 😉

  2. Joe Minicozzi says:

    That monkey obviously suffers from not understanding objectivism.

  3. Joe Minicozzi says:

    .. also, its worth watching the entire TED talk this is rooted in. Thanks Tom!

  4. TJ says:

    Which TED talk is that?

    I’ve shown this to no less that 15 people since Tom put this here. Great object lesson, not only in equity, but, how we are content until we see something “better.” The drive of our whole economic culture.