Bill Is Back


Hey White Guys: Cheaters



  1. TJ says:

    I LIKE that guy! 😉 Is he married?? I might even “like” him on FB…

    Oh well, too bad the “big” guys aren’t listening to THAT guy, any more than they do anyone else.

    Of course not. He makes too much sense.

  2. Tom Sullivan says:

    Bill Dwight’s resume looks like a series of random job options: truck driver, radio host, City Councilor, clown, video clerk, bouncer, bartender, construction worker, farm worker, father, writer, waiter…now web manager. He recently received his GED.”

  3. Big Ivy says:

    I like it! He makes sense. He’s even stating the obvious. How come our general population can’t see it?

  4. TJ says:


    So this “average Joe(Bill) is smarter than your average bear(remember Yogi?).

    At any rate, common sense seems to trump educated money.

    @Big Ivy:

    Our general population has been brainwashed to be oblivious to the obvious.