It’s The End Of Medicare As We Know It (They Feel Fine…)


Formal announcement in minutes:

NORFOLK, Va. — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made his vice presidential pick official Saturday morning, announcing via smartphone app that he had chosen Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

In less than two hours, the two men will make a joint appearance at the battleship Wisconsin, a retired military vessel.


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  1. Gordon Smith says:

    I don’t see how this pick helps him win the swing states. Especially Florida:

    “Together, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are mainstays of Florida’s economy, pumping about $96 billion yearly into the hands of the elderly, the infirm and the hospitals, doctors and other providers who give them direct care.

    “Paul Ryan wants to privatize Social Security. Looking forward to welcoming Mitt and his pick to Florida,” U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, a Boca Raton Democrat, tweeted. “There’s nothing brave about cutting the programs that America’s seniors rely on for their health and financial security.”

  2. Davyne Dial says:

    Well that’s a hail mary move on Mittens part.

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    Android/Randoid 2012!

    Contribute to Ron Zerban, running for Ryan’s WI seat, here:

  4. Ascend of Asheville says:

    They must have some calculus that says they can pick up enough in the mid west, northeast and south, but I’m not seeing it so far. I need to look at a map.

  5. Robert Danos says:

    Its a great choice in part because most seniors no longer believe the lie that any of these reforms are targeted at their age group (instead of future retirees) and because more and more of the working age middle class accepts the reality that the current system is a train wreck that they will get run over by.

    Beyond that, young, Catholic, middle class, upper Mid-Western hunter hits lots of the right demographics.

  6. Tom Sullivan says:

    That might be true, Robert, if seniors cared only about themselves — but they don’t. They helped build our Social Security system and don’t want to see it dismantled. And they don’t care if the cuts are not targeted at their age group. They want it to be there for their children and grandchildren.

    One of the most cynical approaches used by those who’ve been advocating Social Security benefit cuts for decades has been to argue that as long as we don’t touch current retirees’ benefits (ie, protect the politically active senior voter) slashing Social Security would be an easier sell politically. Problem is…that view may sound good tossed around in a think-tank boardroom but it just doesn’t wash out in the real world.

    American seniors want Social Security protected for their children and grandchildren too. President Bush learned that the hard way during his privatization push. — National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

    That is, they’re not buying the “Leninist Strategy.”

    Even Republicans in Florida worry whether Social Security will be around for their kids:

    “It’s going to affect other generations,” said Dolly Boudreaux, 70, of Lady Lake. “I’m not against paying a little more in taxes. I don’t want to pay a lot more in taxes, but if that will help my children and grandchildren, I could go for that.”

    In fact, seniors care deeply. So deeply, in fact, that one woman’s letter to Occupy the Boardroom reported that after the 2008 crash her mother and aunt became so despondent that if they lived on they would have nothing left to leave their children that “they chose to end their lives while they still had something to leave to us.” They committed suicide the same day in different towns in early 2009. (Not a hoax. I have the obits.)

    Guess you’ll have to work harder on convincing the kids.

  7. tatuaje says:

    For those of you Democrats that think Romney & Ryan are the only folks that are after Medicare, you may want to look at your own candidate a little more closely.