Preview of Coming Distractions



From Common Cause:

Robo calls telling voters in Wisconsin that if they signed the recall petition, they did not need to vote in the election… Election Day emails falsely informing Virginia college students that voting was postponed 24 hours… Text messages alerting Florida students that Tuesday voting was for Republicans only… 100,000 robocalls telling Maryland Democrats their candidate would win without their votes…

These are all real-life voter suppression case studies exposed in a shocking new Common Cause report [1]. And they’re just a taste of the onslaught of bullying, misinformation and sabotage voters may face in 2012. Common Cause has a plan to fight back — and protect the fundamental right to cast a ballot for hundreds of thousands of voters across the country — but your involvement is essential.

Will you join Common Cause at the polls in your state and help us ensure that no deceitful Election Day tactics go uncaught?

You can sign up as a poll worker or a poll monitor, and volunteer anywhere from two hours to 14 hours. Once you do, we’ll direct you to all the support, information and training you’ll need.

That’s a good start, but most of the vote suppression efforts will take place long before Election Day. The time to get aggressive about fighting it is now. Litigating the results after the polls close won’t change the turnout, people!

Get ’em registered! Turn ’em out!

[1] “Deceptive Election Practices and Voter Intimidation: The Need for Voter Protection” [PDF], July 9, 2012, Common Cause and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law


  1. In before “the real problem is voter fraud”….


    In fairness to the Derp-o-matics, though, I would like to know if the study includes any actual data on people whose votes were actually suppressed by these measures.

    I mean, I assume it works because otherwise the right wouldn’t support these activities, since it’s only in the public realm where they are comfortable throwing money at things that don’t work.

  2. Ascend of Asheville says:

    That reminds me!

    In order to make the election run smoothly in the local races, it has been decided that Statewide, those people supporting Republican candidates shall cast their votes on Wednesday, November 7th this year.

    This has been decided by the Republicans in Raleigh and is another example of their heavy-handed attempts to control the election. Just imagine of the Democrats got to sit back and count the votes from the day before so they could know exactly how many votes they needed to win.

    It’s not fair, its probably not legal, but do they care? Probably not.

    Please spread the word though anyway. We wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on their chance to cast a vote now, would we? (evil grin)

  3. TJ says:

    You mean “if”, right, Ascend?

    I’ll bring a calculator…or, is that illegal? We wouldn’t want to break any laws, now, would we?

    According to that “comedian” at the TP happening, it was suggested that conservatives play it cool, so us “liberals” will not feel an urgent need to go out and vote.

    What’s their hurry?

  4. TJ says:


    You have my email? I can’t find yours and I wanted to recommend someone to you for recent events of Occupy, 350.org, etc., info.