Blog Trolling for Dollar$


How would YOU like to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new business opportunity ? Wouldn’t you like to receive real value  from your social media experience, and be rewarded for your every blog comment, Twitter mention, and Facebook share? Just sign up for the Eagle Awards Program at the Engage America Social Media Command Center (SMCC) to earn valuable rewards from Engage America (and their shadowy corporate sponsors):

For each blog post or comment you co-publish through Engage America, you get points. The points help you achieve levels and win rewards, including gift cards, t-shirts, iPads and trips.

You’ll have “access to Thought Leaders, who write for places like Forbes, Fox and Big Government, and can help direct you to the latest studies, reports, and infographics in your areas of interest” — from slashing entitlements to crushing public employee unions. A web site filled with talking points and weekly and monthly prizes awaits you, plus a Grand Prize travel package worth $6,500!!

How about it, campers?

Paging Dr. Pavlov.

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    Is that Pete Peterson Foundation money I smell?

  2. Keith Thomson says:

    Do these lucky duckies get paid more for blogging “deep in enemy territory?”

  3. “Do these lucky duckies get paid more for blogging ‘deep in enemy territory?'”

    Why don’t you ask Cates?

  4. TJ says:

    Now, Mat, you’re letting your annoyance show again 😉

  5. You’re right. I should save it for whoever voted down all my Independence Day song picks.

    Because whoever that was, I shall smite them. I have the number for the internet police and I will use it!

  6. Davyne Dial says:

    I never feel happy unless I get several downthumbs. Upthumbs are for wussies.
    I dearly love pissing people off.

  7. Yea, but these were just spiteful. That’s not cool.

  8. Davyne Dial says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  9. TJ says:

    Well, Mat, I look at the thumbs thing kind of like the crisis line work I’ve done…

    There are those callers who call with a serious need to talk(crisis).

    There are those who call to get a bit of attention(regular callers).

    Then, there are those who call just to get a reaction (i.e., ones with problems, but don’t want to deal with them, and provoke the line worker with sexual comments).

    There are ‘net users just lurking, feeling scared to put themselves “out there.”

    Ones like myself, who try, get it wrong, and keep trying.

    Then, there are those whose only “fun” in their daily life is to go scroll thumbs down, no matter what it says.

    I agree with Davyne, though. I DO appreciate seeing a positive response, if I get it “right.” But, I also like when I have provoked someone to go out of their comfort zone, even if it means they don’t “like” me.

    There’s many people who’ve sent me FB requests whom I don’t “like,” and I don’t bother responding.

    But, you know all this better than I. This is fairly new for me, but, people’s personality traits don’t vary much in that sense.