Agenda 21 – Sustainabilizing Your Freedom!


In the big July 14 Republican Congressional runoff, Mark Meadows and Vance Patterson are squaring off for the privilege of facing Democratic nominee Hayden Rogers. They both recently attended a Tea Party forum to elaborate on their stances. The resulting report from the AC-T brings a lot of information voters ought to know, and the most interesting piece of information is that both candidates believe there is a United Nations conspiracy to take your freedom from you through sustainability. That conspiracy is named Agenda 21.

The Cherokee County 9-12 Project starkly explains the threat at their website:

We can no longer accept any compromise in our battle to stop this environmental agenda whose thinly-disguised goal is to create a socialist one world order run by self-appointed arrogant elitists under the banner of the United Nations.

Good Lord! The United Nations stealing my property rights? Arrogant UN Socialists environmentalizing my freedom? These must be the ravings of a wild-eyed fringe of the Republican Party. Thank goodness the leadership doesn’t go in for that kind of nuttiness. AC-T:

Mark Meadows, a candidate in the July 17 Republicans runoff for the 11th Congressional District, said at a forum that a U.N. attack on U.S. sovereignty through Agenda 21 “is not around every corner, but it’s real.”

His opponent, Vance Patterson, claimed during a Henderson County Tea Party forum that “Agenda 21 takes away your land, and when you lose your land, you lose your freedom.”

At Agenda21Conspiracy.com, you can see the depth of the paranoia and illogic at work, and you can see the source for this unhinged view:

Glenn Beck sounded the alarm last year, claiming that the term “sustainable development” is actually code for “centralized control over all of human life on planet Earth.” The ultra-conservative John Birch Society drafted a resolution for the upcoming Republican National Convention in opposition to Agenda 21, calling it “a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control.”

Why are our Congressional candidates carrying Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory and using it to frighten people in western North Carolina? It demonstrates one of two things – either a true belief that the black helicopters are going to fly in and invade your freedom or a cynical, twisted ploy to win the votes of the misguided. John Boyle took a swing at the loose screws who perpetrate this kind of nonsense,

“When it comes to Agenda 21, the paranoia and conspiracy theorists just muddy the waters on sustainability, which basically is an effort to develop responsibly while maintaining the world’s beauty, which we’ve got plenty of here in the mountains.

“As a friend said to me, ‘if not sustainability, do you want unsustainability?’ If not ‘smart growth,’ do you want the opposite?” Gibson said.

Clearly, he’s a commie.

I’m going to be asking the candidates this year whether they believe that Agenda 21 is a real conspiracy or a fevered pile of steaming crazy. You can, too. If candidates or voters are against protecting the environment, then so be it, but to whip up this John Birch style fear is irresponsible.


  1. Davyne Dial says:

    Oh lordy, it’s McCarthy-ism all over again.

  2. Alabama recently passed an anti-Agenda 21 law.

    I am not making this up. Please enjoy the amazing levels of derp when you google that to read about it.

  3. Dude, if the UN wants to control the world they are doing a really, really, really bad job of it.

    The UN is the USA’s puppet. Don’t be fooled by your conservative overlords.

    Which reminds me…why do you reconcile the fact that the people who you look to for your talking points are all puppets of the Bilderbergs? Does that ever cause you to lose sleep?

  4. RHS says:

    The Flat Earth Society Strikes again.

  5. Tom Sullivan says:

    Oh, yeah? So where do they stand on the number on the back of your Social Security card that represents the number of t/he bank that bought your life when you were born, based on your projected life earnings, huh?

    At least, that’s what tea partiers down in Greenville County asked Rep. Bob Inglis. (See Mother Jones.) “You’re in Congress and you don’t know these things?” they demanded.

  6. RHS says:

    Delusional right wing paranoia — you simply can’t come up with a better argument in favor of mental health parity.

  7. I have decoded the back of my card. I am supposed to be making six figures. Clearly, the bank that bought me made a poor decision.

    I will rededicate my life to the banks now. I will cleanse myself. I will not think bad thoughts. The group is right, the complainer is wrong.

  8. TJ says:

    “number on the back of your Social Security card that represents the number of t/he bank that bought your life when you were born, based on your projected life earnings, huh?”

    OMG! Really?! And, I just spent a lot of this weekend think I am just crazy… now…well, I wanna know who the hell has all MY money? I need it to pay my therapist.

    I demand a recount!

    “better argument in favor of mental health parity.”

    If I act crazier, will I get more money? Maybe I should have Mat decode my number, as well..

    (Actually, what is scary is that it IS accepted as “truth.” They talked about “Agenda 21” when I visited the panel of candidates in Arden this past year).

  9. arrington13 says:

    Funny how sustainable means “give me”, yet many of the same people demand that business, individuals, & the very government they are against stand on their own, or sustain themselves.

  10. RHS says:

    Anyone else remember how the UN was going to declare Bill Clinton “President for Life?” How about how it was going to nullify the Second Amendment.

    Then there was all the surveillance the UN was doing in black helicopters of American citizens.

    Oh, and apparently there is a new one I just heard about the other day in which President Obama will fake an assassination attempt which he, presumably with the help of the UN, will use as an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the election. You know, President for Life and all.


  11. Davyne Dial says:

    An open mind is always the best policy.”

    But so is cultivating a well honed b.s. monitor. And mine goes off the charts over this particular conspiracy theory.

  12. dasdrew says:

    This city has a major hard-on for the word *sustainability* and any derivative thereof. It’s actually quite hilarious.

  13. RHS says:

    “Laugh at ALL stories of the government acting against its citizens’ best interest- and FOR the interest of the powerful elite- at your peril.”

    This is not a conspiracy which is something plotted and acted out in secret. This has been official, open policy since (at least) Reagnomics began 30 years ago. Apples and oranges.

    The whole Agenda 21 business is laughable in its absurdity and outrageous in the fact that many are using it as a way to continue the policy of government acting against the best interests of its citizens. That the two Republicans running for NC-11 in the July runoff are pandering to the tin foil hat crowd on this is the outrageous part. My gut tells me neither of them actually believe any of it but that they are both willing to stroke the irrational paranoia of a group of ill informed people for votes is reprehensible. If my gut is wrong then they are just nuts. Neither conclusion makes them fit for the office they seek.

    There is the absurd and then there is merely fiction. Fiction gave us the character of C.J, Cregg, White House Press Secretary on the TV show “The West Wing.” A brilliant and insightful quote from her, one of many concerned her take on conspiracy theories:

    “It was a leak. Leaks happen. They’ve happened since the beginning of time. In this White House, in every White House. There’s no malicious intent. Things get out. It’s a company town. Everybody talks to everybody, and junior staffers try to impress reporters by showing they’re in the know. There is no group of people this large in
    the world that can keep a secret. I find it comforting. It’s how I know for sure the government isn’t covering up aliens in New Mexico.”

    Sad that someone with so much wisdom is a fictional character. We could use some of this sensibility in the real world.

  14. “Sustainability” isn’t some grand conspiracy that these right-wing whackos think it is. Y’all are right — it’s just the latest manifestation of the Red Scare. The right loves its conspiracy theories: think John Birch, Joseph McCarthy, Dan Eichenbaum, Robert Malt, and Don Yelton.

    “Sustainability” isn’t some grand conspiracy. It’s nothing more than the latest Progressive buzzword.


  15. Gordon Smith says:

    Sustainability can be defined as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sounds smart to me. Two of the “whackos” are the Republican candidates for Congress. Glad we can agree that their positions are straight up kooky.

    Where’s Tim Moffitt on Agenda 21, Michael? How about Nathan?

    Also, at some point, when you’re ready, it would be great if you’d disclose which political organization and/or candidates are paying for your services this election season. Transparency and all. It just keeps everything honest.

  16. Tom Sullivan says:

    I once thought of writing the Big Golden Book of Conspiracy Theories, but I think someone beat me to it.

    There’s one good things about them: It’s the place the far left and the far right find common ground enemies.

    Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. They’re a kind of creation myth people who feel the world is out of their control concoct to reassure themselves that someone, somewhere is really pulling the levers. That’s more comforting than the thought that no one is.

    It has been my personal policy for many years to ignore them. If I took the time to “look into” every one presented to me by someone with stacks of “research” in their basement that they use to annoy strangers with to “prove” … whatever it is, I’d have no life left. Just like them.

    Might there be a real conspiracy out there among the saucer crashes and the controlled demolitions and the black helicopters and “Fast and Furious” that really has something to it besides vast piles of mischaracterized and misread “data,” inference and innuendo that substitute for hard facts that I might miss by my skepticism? Maybe. I’ll accept that risk, thank you.

  17. Gordon,

    From what I’ve learned over the last four years, Sustainability is really just a feel-good word which reflects the goal of certain political interests to increase their own power. They do this by growing the reach and grasp of Government while at the same time expanding the number of Voters (and anyone else they can get their hooks into, frankly) who are dependent on the Public Dole.

    It’s a control thing. No more, no less really. Rather sneaky, I think.

    So in a sense, I guess the crazies have it right — part of it, anyway. Same thing with the whole Gay thing, actually. But that’s a touchy subject with you, I know.


  18. shadmarsh says:

    I can’t wait for Tim Peck to show up and say something stupid…

  19. Tim Peck says:

    Green ‘drivel’ exposed
    The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

    As he puts it, “so-called ‘sustainable development’ … is meaningless drivel … We rushed into renewable energy without any thought. The schemes are largely hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant. I personally can’t stand windmills at any price.” -James Lovelock, author “Gaia”

  20. mcates says:


    [Sustainability can be defined as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sounds smart to me.]

    If only Obama would apply that logic to his spending…

    Anyway, it does sound smart other than the “can be defined” part. That means there really isn’t a definition. Regardless of the lack of definition, the real questions is, “What makes you think the UN knows how to do it?”

    For example, read the article linked and you will see that if it was up to certain decision makers, the US would not be reducing Co2 usage at a surprising rate. The reason is surprising also.

    U.S. cuts greenhouse gases despite do-nothing Congress

    Despite there being no real effort by Congress to address global warming and America’s longstanding reputation as an energy hog, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are falling.

    The lackluster economy has something to do with it. But it doesn’t fully explain what’s happening. Consider that even factoring in a stronger economy, forecasters see greenhouse gas emissions continuing to fall.

    It’s possible the country may meet its pledge to reduce emissions 17% by 2020.
    Europe, by contrast, has seen its energy-sector carbon emissions remain basically flat. This despite the fact that most of Europe operates under a market-based cap-and-trade scheme where emissions are capped at a certain level and companies get tradable credits to emit pollution.

    Plus, Europe has significantly higher taxes on energy.

  21. Tom Sullivan says:

    “Talking Points Michael,” what have you done with the other Michael?

  22. I just gave you a “Thumbs Up” on that one, Tom 🙂

  23. shadmarsh says:

    From what I’ve learned over the last four years, Sustainability is really just a feel-good word which reflects the goal of certain political interests to increase their own power. They do this by growing the reach and grasp of Government while at the same time expanding the number of Voters (and anyone else they can get their hooks into, frankly) who are dependent on the Public Dole.

    Four years, or four months? But seriously, that is a new one. Sustainability as a means to get more people on “the public dole” in order to grow more democrats. Bravo, you’ve figured it out! Tho I must admit that the UN thing is actually more believable, seeing as the UN–unlike this “public dole” you speak of– actually exists.
    Look, I can see how one who drinks and snorts his way through life wouldn’t have much interest in “sustainability.” I get that. Plus add to the mix the political gun for hire cynicism of the paid hack, and pretty much everything is suspect, everything is subject to spin. But there also is a real world out there, one filled with actual problems that aren’t going to go away, and in fact are only going to get worse. But belittle everything that doesn’t fit into the narrative, and turn everything inside out until everything is meaningless and there is nothing left for the rest of us to do expect drink and snort our merry way to oblivion too. I’m sure it will be a hell of a party…wait on second thought no. That’s a horrible idea.
    At least grow a pair and come clean on whatever Op this is that your working. Until you do that all of this is just offal.

  24. You sound so angry, Shad.

  25. shadmarsh says:

    Why would I be angry Michael?

  26. TJ says:

    “Laugh at ALL stories of the government acting against its citizens’ best interest- and FOR the interest of the powerful elite- at your peril”

    I don’t need to worry about black ops and such things…. I don’t need any theories..

    I get all the live-action stuff in spades when I see a homeland security SUV, making no attempt to disguise themselves, as they circle around a march of Occupiers and other rebels of our society, as we try to stand for what we see as problematic and bring it to the attention of all.

    I hardly think it’s a secret that our nation’s leaders does not like that idea.

    “Consider that even factoring in a stronger economy, forecasters see greenhouse gas emissions continuing to fall.”

    What “greenhouse gas emissions?” According to the Tea Party, there is NO greenhouse effect, and global warming is non-existent. It’s all a conspiracy, didn’t you hear? 😉

  27. Davyne Dial says:

    I think Amendment 21 is a red herring, used to distract while the real power grabs are happening right here in the USA….using terrorists as an excuse to chip ever further away at our rights. And both sides are guilty.

  28. Jessica Britton says:

    The Illuminati Polka
    Words and Music: © 2002 by Tom Smith

    Willkommen to Bavaria! Everybody DANCE!

    You’ve heard that everyone is six degrees from Kevin Bacon,
    But do you know the Six Degrees of Grand Exalted Mason?
    For everyone and everything has around it curled
    The tentacles of the Secret Masters who control the world.

    I rule you, you rule me, someone rules us secretly,
    It’s a vast conspiracy, the Illuminati Polka!

    For several thousand years now, they’ve worked behind the scenes,
    They laugh when we buy Dockers — we’ve all got designer genes!
    They know if you’ll get the girl or pass the S.A.T.,
    It’s kinda like The Truman Show combined with D&D.


    Everybody’s bank account is serviced by the Gnomes,
    The Masonic Temple gets the mortgage payment for your homes,
    Commander Weisshaupt keeps Saddam from being killed too soon,
    While Crowley and Blavatsky run Wall Street from the moon.


    The Media say “Everything is awful but it’s okay”,
    It turns out that Fox Mulder is really Keyser Soze,
    If Men In Black are in your tub, or birds consult your cat,
    Duck your head, try not to think, and wear this tinfoil hat.


    The entertainment industry just got the Atom Bomb,
    Dick Cheney and Al Qaeda run Enron with your mom,
    Your DNA’s on CD-R, so heads up, P.D.Q.,
    You may not have a hope in hell, but at least you’ve got a clue!



  29. Davyne Dial says:

    heh, heh, heh….
    ‘Suddenly I saw Hagbard’s eyes burning into me and heard his voice: “Your heart will remain calm. Your adrenalin gland will remain calm. Calm, all-over calm. You will not panic. you will look at the fnord and see it. You will not evade it or black it out. you will stay calm and face it. And further back, way back: my first-grade teacher writing FNORD on the blackboard, while a wheel with a spiral design turned and turned on his desk, turned and turned, and his voice droned on, IF YOU DON’T SEE THE FNORD IT CAN’T EAT YOU, DON’T SEE THE FNORD, DON’T SEE THE FNORD . . .'”

  30. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Hey, you know we’ve had some threads lately all about certain political interests extending their grasping reach and power (see #19), mostly at Asheville’s expense, and my friend Michael was all for it.

    I can’t help but wonder if he’s contradicted himself. Or maybe that’s actually a flip-flop. Or maybe he’s all for it if it’s Henderson county doing it, it’s only egregious if Democrats do it.

  31. Amy Meier says:

    My synopsis of the non-legally binding principles of Agenda 21 (which can be found at http://civiltongue.com/2012/06/22/what-is-agenda-21/)
    here in laymen’s terms:

    1. Human being are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.
    2. States are allowed to exploit their own resources, just not others (or ruin them).
    3. Development must consider now and future environmental concerns.
    4. Environment protections must be considered with any developments – not isolated from them.
    5. Eradicating poverty is key to sustainable development and must be treated as such.
    6. Environmentally vulnerable developing nations deserve special consideration and priority.
    7. States should act in global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the Earth’s ecosystem. Also, we’re looking at you developed countries because you control and use more resources.
    8. So everyone can have a higher quality of life, unsustainable practices should be stopped.
    9. We should try to be freer with our ideas and technology to further everyone in the sustainable tech game.
    10. States should act on a national level to educate their people about what is going on with conservation and sustainable practices. That info should be readily available.
    11. States should make environmental legislation but not cause undue stress on developing nations.
    12. Trade policies should lead to sustainable development in all nations. Environmental policies in international waters should be based on international consensus (not the nearest port).
    13. Compensation should be codified by law for the victims of environmental damage. We really should hurry up and make some international laws about this too.
    14. States should not allow any of their citizens or entities to transfer nasty pollution/waste to any other states.
    15. Even if we don’t have 100% of the studying done on all of the involved issues, we should be very cautious – there’s enough bad news that we can work on trying to reverse it.
    16. States should see that the polluters bear the cost of cleaning up the pollution.
    17. Use common sense and do some environmental impact assessments.
    18. One state should let another state know post haste if some environmental screw up is heading their way. The international community should chip in and help.
    19. Seriously, the polluting state needs to be up front and honest early on and help the state that is about to be polluted deal with it.
    20. Women are really important to get on board with sustainable practices.
    21. The youth have a lot to give too, we should listen to their ideas.
    22. The indigenous people too. They have a lot of knowledge to share and should be protected literally and culturally. They are key in the challenge to be sustainable.
    23. The environment and natural resources of people under oppression, domination and occupation shall be protected.
    24. Warfare is not sustainable. It’s got to go – please obey international laws.
    25. Peace, development, and environmental protection are interdependent and indivisible.
    26. States should resolve their conflicts peacefully.
    27. Cooperate and work to develop international law around these principles.

  32. Aaron Sarver says:

    Wonder what those Agenda 21 folks/Vance Patterson/Mark Meadows think about this portion of Pat McCrory’s job description:

    Pat McCrory joined Moore & Van Allen as its Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives in 2010. Mr. McCrory focuses on helping new and existing clients develop strategic initiatives in dealing with complex and sustainable policies which are important to both the public and private sectors.

    Mr. McCrory served as Mayor of Charlotte for a historic seven terms (1995-2009), during which both the City of Charlotte and McCrory himself garnered significant national recognition. McCrory implemented sustainably-minded and nationally-touted transportation and land-use plans that serve as templates from which other municipalities base their plans even today. Under McCrory’s leadership, Charlotte evolved into a hub for transportation, banking, manufacturing, energy and tourism.


  33. Michael Muller says:

    Perhaps your premise is mistaken, Ascend.

  34. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Perhaps, but not probably. I know a mercenary when I see one, my brother.

  35. Tom Sullivan says:

    Why does it seem that investment risk-taking is celebrated by conservatives, meriting subsidies (oil industry), tax breaks, and government backstopping (banking), the whole spectrum of corporate welfare … unless liberals are in favor of them?

    “Drill baby, drill” (global warming?), too-big-to-fail (banks – insured) — no problemo, fracking (poisoning aquifers?). Faster, faster. Don’t want to interfere with “wealth producing activity,” as a Facebook friend said Sunday.

    But wind and solar start-ups? Vilified. Slow down, partner. The science is no good. Shouldn’t pick winners and losers.

    When it comes to Social Security and Medicare, we have to worry about the debt we leave to our children. When it comes to making buttloads of money today — now — let them worry about where they’ll get drinkable water.

    I thought conservatives said liberals were the ones supposedly afflicted with situational ethics.

  36. Michael Muller says:

    Again, with the mistaken premises, Ascend.

    You really need to work on that 🙂

  37. TJ says:

    “I thought conservatives said liberals were the ones supposedly afflicted with situational ethics.”

    Yup. That’s pretty much it. Of course, when I hear folks at church talking about that, it all falls back to God’ fault, God’s will, God’s providence.

    That way, the human has no responsibility, except to refer back to God.

    Oi vay!

  38. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Oh, well. I can’t be right all the time, they’d hang me on a stick. But I’m still looking for those surprises you mentioned at the Gin-and-bitch last week, or did I miss something?

  39. Michael Muller says:

    Gin? We were drinking tequila, old bean.

  40. TJ says:

    “Gin? We were drinking tequila, old bean.”

    So, either this thread is getting old (after 43? C’mon, I saw the others that had 100+, or 80 something), or, Michael has situational ethics, too.

    The situations seem to be sex, drinking, and hats.

    Or, maybe it’ just those unnamed sources you are working for, eh? 😉

    Or, maybe I’m catching Mat cat’s boredom. Maybe since Occupy’s “back in town,” I need to stir up something around here.

    On the other hand, the Daily Planet described me in MY hat, so – maybe not.

  41. TJ says:

    I guess I better clarify…for anyone newer than I here, and, for any other reason…

    You know I’m kidding, right, Michael? I like ya’ and I respect you (and, not for anything “the morning after” related ;-), or non-disclosure of those politico employers of yours). So, don’t sue me (I’m broke, anyway), and, I don’t want curious onlookers think I’m taking the blog downhill.

    Okay. NOW, I know I’m bored. It’s gotta be the aftereffects of the Agenda 21 discussion. Secretly, dispersing lethargy gas through the ‘net. Or, the Illuminati.

    It’s all a plot, you know.

  42. TJ says:

    Love that video Davyne.

    BTW, my father was a 35th degree Mason), and he was no joke.

    Evil plot, or no, that man was a lunatic. With and without his hat on.

  43. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Oh, Tequila. That explains the nasty gin and tonic I thought I had. Ha Ha.

    But seriously, are you working? If so, I would like to know who for. Besides Ingles, I mean.

  44. Roger E. Hartley says:

    I appreciate some of the responses today that note that business interests are also institutions with enormous power. Far more than what some say govt has. The primary influence of business interests on govt has been written about by scholars for centuries. Yet the same paranoia on the right does not exist and even trumpets it.

    Locally we must take care that we do not fall prey to the same arguments and, i fear that we are. Even reasonable tax increases that could benefit our whole community are off the table because conservatives have carried the day on business growth as a means of funding govt. Add BID to the equation which in its current form gives a whole lot more power to business interests to have a lot of control over funds collected by the new tax levy. Finally, if BID passes I have virtually no confidence that a broader tax increase that can be allocated city wide and controlled by the city will get to the table. I can’t shine there will be political room for it after this increase.

    I really hope I’m wrong.

  45. BettyGreene says:

    What a load of hooey.

    Regions can sustain their populations through planning for coming problems with water, fuel, energy, food and transportation. Anybody remember the “fuel crisis” of 2008? Anybody think we should create a fuel storage system to avoid that happening again? That is sustainability.

    Anybody remember the drought that caused farmers to beg for hay from Tennessee and Kentucky?

    How about all the private wells that ran dry forcing people to haul water from creeks? Walmart was giving out pallets of plastic water bottles to keep people alive. That is not sustainable. Who thinks we should plan for drought again?

    Anybody interested in having rolling blackouts when demand hits more than the 400MW Progress can produce? Maybe we should consider local energy sources to avoid those. That is sustainable planning.

    Our food “stores” contain enough product for our population to survive about 72 hours in the event of a transportation emergency. Should we plan for a way to “sustain” life beyond that third day or should we just let all hell break loose?

    Anybody who thinks we should not plan for keeping our region alive and thriving should move down to the coast where they have outlawed climate change. You’ll be safe there.

  46. TJ says:

    ” Anybody think we should create a fuel storage system to avoid that happening again? {That is sustainability}.

    How about let’s create more opportunities and incentives for people to not rely so heavily on feuls, so that the need for fuel is less likely to have a “crisis?”

    “caused farmers to beg for hay from Tennessee and Kentucky?”

    Needing to beg is not good, but, neighbors helping neighbors is.

    “Maybe we should consider local energy sources to avoid those”

    Good ideas…although, alternative energy sources, such as the solar panels that my clients can get free training to install, can offer ways to avoid those rolling blackouts, so often experienced when I lived in Los Angeles.

    Sustainability will ultimately rely less on manmade factors, and more on natural resources creatively and wisely managed. As long as people maintain the attitude that they are masters of the universe, there will always be those who overuse and misuse said resources.