Organize Or Perish


At Hullabaloo, David Atkins sees the Supreme Court as the central issue in progressive politics this election. “Nothing else comes close.” As the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act draws nigh, however SCOTUS rules, the states will be the central battleground in getting to single-payer health care.

Enough states have majority Democratic legislatures than pressure can be brought to bear to pass single-payer healthcare in Democratic states. Those Democrats who refuse to vote for it should face grassroots primary challenges on the issue in every district.

The only way out of this mess is to organize, lobby and charge grimly through it. Refusing to vote for the President won’t “teach the Democrats a lesson” or reorient the system in any way. All it will do is give the presidency to Romney, convince Democrats to become even more conservative, and most importantly lock in conservative dominance on the Supreme Court for the next half century.

Meanwhile, refusal to engage in local legislative political organizing because it’s seen as too boring, too small-time or not sexy enough to merit attention is precisely what will ensure that this country never receives universal single-payer healthcare.

Exactly right. I’ve heard from a few professional cynics who say they will either stay home or vote third party this November to teach Obama and the Democrats a lesson. Yeah, hand the Supreme Court to the GOP for the next fifty years while the sea slowly rises — that will show them.

Now, on the one hand, I figure Obama’s on his own in NC. I have to focus on the down-ticket NC races which will be drowning in American Crossroads / Art Pope money.

OTOH, one of those races is Lt. Governor Walter Dalton vs. Pat McCrory for governor. If Dalton loses, NC turns into Wisconsin. So I’ll be helping Obama some, but mostly for whatever coat tail effect he brings to the governor’s race.

I like to think that the “stick it to Asheville” impulse among Republicans in the General Assembly today is payback for us kicking their asses in 2008, for Democrats winning every race on the ticket in Buncombe County, and especially for the 17,000 net votes for Obama that Buncombe reported late on election night and that flipped North Carolina blue.

So I’ll be working this fall to keep the GOP from turning North Carolina into Wisconsin, to keep Mitt Romney from turning SCOTUS over to Wall Street and the Randians, and just to piss off our friends on the right some more.

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