Henderson County Rep. Chuck McGrady of Henderson County is pleased about taking another Asheville/Buncombe asset, giving Henderson County voting privileges over it, and refusing compensation. He and Rep. Tim Moffitt are making a habit out of forcibly taking from Asheville and Buncombe and giving away to Henderson. AC-T:

In another move aimed at the city’s regional assets, the state is expected to strip Asheville of control of the $60 million Asheville Regional Airport.

A bill to put the airport under a regional authority passed a key Senate committee Wednesday. The entire body is expected to approve it soon, said bill sponsor Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson.
The legislator drew parallels to a recent state committee recommendation to divest Asheville of its water system. Like that system, there needs to be assurances the airport would stay regional and not be controlled by one city or county, he said.

City officials said Asheville taxpayers were owed something after backing $1.2 million in bonds to start the airport.

“Just looking at the numbers, the city won’t lose tax revenue from the transfer,” said Vice Mayor Esther Manheimer, who also serves on the airport board. “But, of course there’s the requirement that the transfer happen without compensation, which some would call stealing.”
City taxpayers voted in 1958 to fund a new airport after a similar referendum failed in Buncombe County. Later, state, federal and county money went into expanding the airport, including $8 million in county taxpayer-backed bonds passed from 1991-98.
This would be the second time lawmakers moved to strip Asheville of a regional asset since Republicans took control of the General Assembly in 2010.

The first was a study committee headed by Rep. Tim Moffitt, R-Buncombe, that recommended this spring that the Asheville water system be given to the Buncombe County Metropolitan Sewerage District.


  1. cityemployee says:

    Absolutely, I am against forced annexation. It was an awful and unfair experience, the people across the street from me are still County residents because they are on well water, my side of the street had city water. When I call 911, I first get routed to Henderson County, then Buncombe County, then APD and each time I have to explain that I am a city resident.Had zoning had been enacted in 1999( I regret voting against it), it may have been avoided because the commercial entities that were allowed to invade a residential area would not have been allowed and the City would have left us alone.

  2. TJ says:

    “I support the city keeping control of the water system, which I have said on multiple occasions. (Even here, but I suppose it didn’t fit the narrative.)”

    Well, thank you for your willingness to be redundant. ;-). Usually, that’s not such a great thing, but, I guess politics make the difference.

  3. mcates says:


    Maybe this question got lost in the thread?

    “I think we would be better off if we could have a consistent revenue stream from the airport, which I think will be the case.”

    Also, will the city save any money due to the move?

    Any info would be appreciate. Thanks

  4. mcates says:


    Any details regarding these questions would be helpful…