No, It’s Cool, Y’all


Based on this provision in their proposed budget, it seems that Senate Republicans are feeling pretty good about Pat McCrory’s chances in November because they’re lining up some sweet patronage potential for him. Um, I mean, they’re excited about the opportunity to vest more power in the executive because that’s a conservative value. No, wait, that can’t be it. They’re just lining up jobs for folks. It’s a jobs program! Maybe the next governor can hire back some of those teachers. AC-T:

D for a dubious provision in the N.C. Senate budget plan that would more than double the number of political appointees under the next governor’s control — and allow the governor to set salaries for the heads of agencies and their chief deputies. The move would raise the number of exempt positions in executive branch agencies from about 450 to nearly 1,000. Sen. Linda Garrou, D-Forsyth, described the move to The Insider as “curious. Whomever is elected, why would they want this many exempt positions?” Sounds like prepping the ground for political patronage to us.


  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    It’s a candidate farm.

  2. Aaron Sarver says:

    GOP Gov. candidate Pat McCrory will be speaking at the CIBO luncheon today at Magnolia’s in downtown Asheville. Starts at noon and the cost of lunch is $10.

    From the ACT blog:

    The group wants McCrory to release his income tax returns, which would show how much he makes working for law and lobbying firm Moore & Van Allen. The American Petroleum Institute is a client of the firm and McCrory supports fracking to drill for natural gas, said Gerrick Brenner, the group’s executive director. McCrory is not an attorney or a registered lobbyist though he has said he is a consultant for the firm, Brenner said.

    McCory, according to the group, has refused to say what his responsibilities and pay were at Duke Energy where he worked while he was mayor of Charlotte. The group said he testified in Washington as the mayor Charlotte against EPA air quality rules that cost Duke $600 million and traveled on the company’s jet.

    It also says he has refused to release details of his current roles on two corporate boards and his client list for the law and lobbying firm, Brenner said.

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