You Lie!


Unclear whether this was today or it’s happening next week. If it happened today, I hate that we missed it. Who knows more?

Under The Dome: South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson will campaign for the Republican ticket in Asheville on Thursday.

Wilson, who is from Columbia will speak to volunteers at the Republican Victory Headquarters in Asheville. He will talk about North Carolina’s importance in the 2012 elections, according to a GOP release.


  1. TJ says:

    Time to scan my Tea Party emails.

    Sounds like a good time to infiltrate with no mischief. 😉

  2. Will you keep him? I don’t need him coming back.

  3. TJ says:

    Here’s the notice I got (not the same formatting, as I copied and pasted the info:

    2710 Thomas Avenue, Suite 322
    Cheyenne, WY 82001
    Phone (855) 559 3838

    iCAUCUS Press Release
    Contact Wendy Gumpert, NC Vetting FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Phone: (336) 345 0898 11 A.M. EDT, March 29, 2012


    Cheyenne, WY, March 29, 2012: Dan Forest, North Carolina candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has received the iCaucus endorsement. iCaucus is a non-partisan, National citizen-led organization dedicated to empowering the citizens to fully participate in the electoral process, while taking the big money and special interests out of it.

    The citizens of North Carolina which include iCaucus members and delegates, voted to endorse Dan Forest, candidate for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor with the following Affiliate Groups:

    Asheville Tea PAC, Buncombe County
    Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Henderson, Polk, Transylvania Counties
    Cabarrus County Conservatives, Cabarrus County
    Caldwell Tea Party, Caldwell County
    CAUTION (Common Americans Uniting to Inspire Our Nation), Charlotte
    Cherokee 9.12, Cherokee County
    FTTF (Feet To The Fire), Wake County
    Haywood 9.12, Haywood County
    Polk 9.12, Polk County
    RandolphTea Party, Randolph County
    Surry County Tea Party, Surry County
    Sons of Liberty Riders, Buncombe, Henderson Counties, National Organization

    “Uniting the effort to elect principled candidates to office.”

    Dan Forest, our endorsed candidate for Lt Governor, in Buncombe on Monday June 25th for a precinct walk. We need 20 volunteers!

    Sorry, wrong guy. Tried to delete this comment, but couldn’t. So sorry.

  4. TJ says:

    Okay, here is the right guy(no pun intended 😉 ):

    “www.ashevilleteapac.org Remember famous Congressman Joe Wilson SC and his bold ‘You Lie!’ to Obama at the State of the Union speech?

    Joe has endorsed Dan Forest for Lt Governor, our iCaucus and ATPAC endorsed candidate. He will be at the Cedar’s Restaurant in Hendersonville next Thursday, 6/14, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. for a Dan Forest fundraiser.

    ATPAC and BRTPP are helping to host. Come meet Joe and please, give what you can. We need to get Dan over the finish line. (ATPAC will also send this invitation under a separate email.)”

    So, it WAS tonight.

  5. Diogenes says:

    The Republicans of North Carolina distinguish themselves in all sorts of ways, to wit:

    >>RALEIGH, NC – The Republican-controlled North Carolina senate today passed new legislation that ends the ongoing creationist debate in the Old North State. SB666 effectively prohibits public schools from teaching both evolution and art.

    Responding to a new claim by so-called “scientists” that cave paintings on the Iberian peninsula may be as old as 40,000 years, Senator Phil Berger whipped up the bill in a matter of minutes.

    “Show me one person who was alive 40,000 years ago and I’ll show you a zombie,” said Berger. “The fact is, you can’t. You can’t show me one single human being who actually saw these paintings being made. God said the earth is only 6000 years old. Who you gonna believe? Him or a bunch of commie scientists?”

    Read more: http://www.bluenc.com/nc-general-assembly-declares-spanish-cave-art-illegal#ixzz1xs04CICq