We are experiencing a cyclical phenomenon known as bloggui. Please stay tuned. We will resume our regular programming at some point. Probably.

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  1. Davyne Dial says:

    “Bloggui” aka BID-burnout???

  2. Tim Peck says:

    While we’re waiting, how ’bout publishing my comments from 4 days ago? That should lively up the place.

  3. TJ says:

    “You made that up.”

    No…really, Ascend….look it up. Under Archives, it appears at other points in history of ScruHoo.

    But, I don’t think it’s reliably predictable, like women’s cycles generally are.

    Runs the risk of bringing about the same kind of mood shifts, though
    – and, no cure, you have to just ride it out the same way 😉

    Davyne: I would guess that’s part of it. Or, maybe a feeling of abandonment after majority of city hall, and the overflow rooms (2) emptied after the predictable delay was announced.

    Actually, I left earlier, and usually I stay for the whole thing, so I am just guessing that last part.

    I think you (Davyne) should do a guest post, while we wait for the illness to clear up. I bet THAT’LL get them back to the keys fast!

  4. TJ says:

    Really, Gordon! Your condition is NO excuse for an ad sucking people in to more student loans! Or, am I the only lucky one to find that when I clicked on that spot?

    You could at least make it a “green” or “sustainability” ad 😉

    That was TOO weird! “resume” sent me to a link, and now, it is on my comment. I think your blog-ese is contagious.

  5. That’s it TJ, the Hooligans are collectively on the same cycle, as a result of our constant vigilance at the secret lair, the Hooli-cave, hidden deep in the bowels of Asheville and reachable only through a series of secret entrances at the back of several bars in town…

    Or maybe the whole town has PMS at once. I can’t tell, and don’t really care. I have a headache and my feet are swollen. Kankles! OMG!

  6. TJ says:

    Oh, dear, Ascend. You aren’t pregnant, are you?! You know that throws your cycle off for a bit.

    I think the Hooli-cave must be well-stocked by now, if they did their emergency preparedness correctly. If they need to defend themselves, they can check with the Tea Party, whose guest comedian suggested they take all ours, too.

    BTW…I got an article from Gary (downstairs guard at city hall), and, I might have to consider wearing a different hat for awhile 😉

    Next time I meet you, I will have to swear you to secrecy while I am incognito.

  7. Michael Muller says:

    Kankles? Ewww!

  8. TJ says:

    Hey Ascend,

    Who’s on your show Sunday. I tried to get your info emailed to the person I mentioned. Did he ever call you?