Still Looking for a Frackin’ Reason?


I imagine most of you Hooligans plan to help Jane Whilden regain a seat in the NC Legislature and help Susan Wilson defeat Republican Nathan Ramsey. You’re likely already aware that Pat McCrory doesn’t need to win the Gubernatorial race. If the rash of prior NCGOP legislative dictates weren’t enough, maybe this will get you involved – AC-T:

F to a wrinkle in proposed “fracking” legislation in N.C. spotted by, among others, Capitol Press columnist Scott Mooneyham. Regarding rules being considered in the state Senate, Mooneyham writes, “Any local ordinances that would have the effect of banning the wells would be repealed by the legislation, and a newly established state Oil and Gas Board would be given the power to preempt any new ordinances that have the effect of banning the wells within a local government’s jurisdiction… Lawyers who work for the N.C. League of Municipalities aren’t sure what the language means or what the effect would be. They see the power given to this new nine-member board, whose membership may well tilt toward the drilling industry, as almost absolute in determining what local ordinances will and won’t be allowed. In other words, sounds to us like the fix is in. Mooneyham notes the irony in play here, “What’s so troubling about this provision is how little regard it shows for private property rights, something allegedly dear to the hearts of the conservative Republican majority in the legislature.”

We’ve seen the NCGOP ignore the will of local governments in so many ways since 2010. This is the latest in a long line of efforts that seek to centralize more power in Raleigh and take it away from you. This time it also involves a process that may cause earthquakes and make your drinking water flammable. If Republicans take the Governor’s seat and maintain their legislative majorities, then you can count on more control from Raleigh and more laws passed in favor of industry over individuals.


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    Here’s a link to a group called Food and Water Watch that wants to help you write a letter to legislators in opposition to fracking in NC.

  2. I know this is off topic, but I’m busy looking for a fracking reason this sign for the USC Center got shooed through so freaking easy.
    Which board was it? Was it a regular meeting or a special meeting? Did it go through Council? Will it go through Council?
    Why do we even have standards if all you have to be is a really big fracking company to ignore them? Oh, excuse me, get a variance from the enabling Commission so you can legally ignore them.
    Nice fee structure by the way. Hope that goes to those raises you were talking about earlier.
    Who pays for this big-assed sign anyway?
    Actual article on the way…

  3. Doug Gibson says:

    Anyone who was in the state in ’95 could have seen this coming a mile off. It’s all of a piece with passing liberal state gun laws that overrode local jurisdictions and establishing a statewide sexual education curriculum, both of which items the GOP checked off their list once they had control of the state house and shared power in the senate.

  4. Doug, So you’re saying this is still part of the “Payback agenda” the Republican majority came in with, even though they pledged to do it differently?
    You could be right.
    Somebody should have warned the Libruls that protecting citizens from indiscriminate violence and educating children about their own bodies would lead to such drastic measures to destroy the state.