Primary Day Open Thread


So get out and float vote already!

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  1. Michael Muller says:

    Vote in your coat. Vote while you dote on your goat. Vote in a boat in a moat. Vote as you tote a note you quote by rote. Vote while you gloat. Vote if you bloat. Vote if you float or were a zygote.

  2. Diogenes says:

    Obama & Amendment One

    Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, the Ed. Sec’y come out favoring marriage equality. Obama? Not so much.


    Disappointing as it is that he again fails to lead on progressive issues (that polling shows as majority supported) there must be a reason. Re-election politics in NC? Perhaps.

    But this is an issue I’d like my president to out front on. Why won’t he do it?

  3. Diogenes says:

    Homeland Security & the CIA crying wolf, again?

    My bullshit filter is humming. I wonder if all the publicity and media saturation over yet another terrorist threat–this time some kind of high tech ersatz underpants bomb plot–is another example of the kind of sting operations our heavily funded, personal liberty-intruding FBI, TSA, CIA, etc. agencies have concocted to get publicity and justification for their behavior and existence.

    Did the CIA initiate this plot? I’d not be surprised to learn that they did.

    Would anybody tell us if they did?

  4. monicajane says:

    Clergy Rebukes Media for Asking Wrong Questions About Amendment One

  5. Diogenes says:

    No one can look inside Obama’s head, of course. But the most likely resolution to this mystery is that he simply hasn’t been honest about his stance on gay marriage. That is, he supports it, but he doesn’t think he can afford to make this support public. How else to explain the pretzel-like logic undergirding his stance? Find me another left-leaning former constitutional law professor and community organizer who (1) believes gay equality is a civil-rights issue, and (2) believes gay equality should be handled at the state level (a stance Carney reinforced on Monday). It makes no sense. Obama, who came of age politically with the echoes of the civil-rights fights of the 1960s still ringing, should know how these claims sound to gay Americans and their allies.

  6. arrington13 says:

    Diogenes — he did speak against Amendment 1 via his campaign team back in March.

    He and his team have continued to use the “evolving” stance as usual.

    My issue has more to do with OFA not taking a stance or using their voter outreach to encourage voters to vote against. If Obama has already said he’s against Amendment 1, then why not acknowledge that in the email blast? It doesn’t hurt Obama’s unopposed chances in the primary.

  7. Jen says:

    I’m looking for a reason to vote for either Walter Smith or Scott Bryant for NC commissioner of Ag. I can’t find any endorsements or clear distinction. Thoughts about this race? Which one would really support small farms and sustainable ag better?

  8. Doug Gibson says:

    If anyone out there is still looking for recommendations, I actually found the MoveOn progressive ballot guide pretty useful.

  9. Obama was never a progressive. Ever. At all. No need to be surprised by his lukewarm support for teh gays.

  10. Thunder Pig says:

    When Bill Clinton was feeling his way around an issue, it was called “triangulation”. When John Kerry did it, it was “nuance”.

    With Romney, it’s called “flip-flopping”.

    I call it “finger in the wind” politics.

  11. Hold on, wait. Let me go find a damn to give about whatever you call anything.

  12. RHS says:

    When John Kerry did it, it was called “flip flops” not “nuance:”

    When Etch-a-Sketch does it he “evolves.”

  13. Andrew Dahm says:

    Indeed. Who among us doesn’t like NASCAR?

    If I want to see something go around and around, I’ll flush a toilet.

  14. Michelle Mead-Armor says:

    I voted at around 11:30 this morning. Then I went around town, doing errands. I was stunned at how many people saw my “I voted’ sticker, and asked me if there was an election today. What rock are these people living under?????? They say we get the government we deserve, but I hate getting the government that other people deserve.

  15. The rock other people are living under probably includes working 2 or 3 jobs to feed their families.

    Voting is reserved for a certain privileged and/or educated elite. Keep that in mind. Always has been, always will be.

  16. Ascend of Asheville says:

    @Mat, Agreed. Otherwise it would be a National Holiday, have open parties, (more than two, at least) and proportional representation, for a start.

  17. Tom Sullivan says:

    Sunburned again. Someday I’ll learn.

  18. Hazelite says:

    um mat, if you voted where i voted today, you would see plenty of evidence to the contrary… there was neither privilege nor education anywhere in my sight. i’ll count myself as both, but i was one out of twenty voting at the time.

  19. Michelle A. Mead-Armor says:

    Agree with you completely, Hazelite. When I was voting, the place was very busy, and the parking lot was not filled with Mercedes and BMWs. Quite the contrary! The voters were not the social elite – very ordinary folks. I’m really getting rather tired of people who insist on making politics one big conspiracy theory after another.

  20. Thunder Pig says:

    In a sense, mat catastrophe is correct. the elites did vote in the primary yesterday, and the two week early voting period before that.

    The people who voted were an elite minority (34.37%) of people who actually cared enough to cast a ballot. The majority of people didn’t care enough to participate in deciding who would go on to the fall contests.

  21. Thunder Pig says:


    I’d like to thank everyone who cared enough to vote in the primary.

    If you volunteered for a campaign or canvassed for votes in the Constitutional Amendment, you have my respect, regardless of what candidate or issue you advocated for or against.

    You participated. Your vote , and your voice, counted far more than those who didn’t care. Participation beats Apathy any day of the week…especially when casting ballots.

  22. Michelle A. Mead-Armor says:

    Excellent point, ThunderPig, and very well put. I can’t believe how many people complain about the people who get elected, but do not participate at all in the political process.

    Several years ago, I saw a piece about a woman who walked for three days with three small children (one strapped to her back in a sling) so that she could vote in her country’s first democratic election. In this country, we talk about whether the turnout will be low because it’s raining. Shame on us! I vote so that my voice can be heard. And I vote for that woman, to show her that if she can make the effort, what excuse do I have not to vote?