Seafood Business as Unusual


Nothin’ to see here, folks. Move along. By way of David Atkins at Hullabaloo:

New Orleans, LA – “The fishermen have never seen anything like this,” Dr Jim Cowan told Al Jazeera. “And in my 20 years working on red snapper, looking at somewhere between 20 and 30,000 fish, I’ve never seen anything like this either.”


Along with collapsing fisheries, signs of malignant impact on the regional ecosystem are ominous: horribly mutated shrimp, fish with oozing sores, underdeveloped blue crabs lacking claws, eyeless crabs and shrimp – and interviewees’ fingers point towards BP’s oil pollution disaster as being the cause.

Bon appétit.

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  1. mat catastrophe says:

    God, I hate the internet. This is a blog post about a blog post by someone who read a blog post about an Al-Jazeera story.

  2. Tom Sullivan says:

    Kirk Lazarus: I know who I am. I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!

  3. mat catastrophe says:


    So, do you think we’ll get a whole new round of shiny BP PR ads because of this story?

  4. Dixiegirlz says:

    Mat, to answer your query…oh hell yeah.