Lindsey’s Extra Awesome Voter Guide


Lindsey Simerly sent this into my email inbox, and I thought I’d share it here. Lindsey has been involved in lots of Democratic campaigns (Jones, Smith, Newman, Reisinger, Shuler) and is currently working with the Campaign for Southern Equality as well as being Chair of the City of Asheville’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee. She also ran for City Council in 2007, which is when I became enamored with her work ethic, intelligence, and boundless energy.

After the jump you’ll find her extra-awesome voter guide.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: “extra-awesome voter guide” is Lindsey’s title for this guide and post. Some folks made the assumption that Lindsey’s choices are also my endorsements. Hope this clears that up.

It’s the second most exciting time of the year (only topped by Christmas, of course)—VOTING TIME!!!

Note: This is not the order things will appear on your ballot. You will only be able to vote in 1 County Commission district and 1 Congressional District based on where you live. Don’t know which district you are in? Go here to find out.

County Commission District 1: Holly Jones and Brownie Newman. They are the stand out best candidates in this field, as well as being some of the finest people I know. Holly has been an absolute champion for education, working families, public health, and she genuinely cares about Buncombe County. Brownie has been insanely successful in his efforts on sustainability and will be an amazing addition to our County Commission. I couldn’t be happier to have had the privilege to help on their campaigns this election cycle.

County Commission District 2: I adore Ellen Frost. She is smart and has a long history of service to the community and the Democratic Party. I wish I lived in D2 just so I could vote for her. My second choice here is Carol Peterson who received the Sierra Club endorsement.

County Commission District 3: This is a tough one because I like all three folks not just as candidates but as people. And I think they all bring strengths against Republicans in the general. Randy Flack knows everybody, is sweet as pie, and understands the way commission works (plus he has the voice of an angel). Terry Van Duyn is a rock solid community member and will be able to put together a truckload of money, which will be useful come November. Michelle Pace Wood has a work ethic that is a true thing of beauty. She has worked thanklessly for Democrats for years. District 3 will be well served by any of these folks.

County Commission Chair: David Gantt

Register of Deeds: Drew Reisinger. He has been super effective in his first year in office – reducing costs, increasing services, going greener, and promoting equality. Honestly, my favorite thing (of the many) that he has done is add Spanish language services in person, online, and on the phone. That is truly effective government for all citizens.

US Congress District 11: Hayden Rogers is literally the only Democrat that I can think of that has any chance of winning this thing come the general. He has strong labor and environmental support and his fundraising is textbook and awe-inspiring (Raising over $300k in 6 weeks). Do I wish he was a touch more progressive on some things (ahem, marriage equality) – sure do. But I can live with it, especially when I look at his Republican opposition.

US Congress District 10: Honestly, I don’t think either Keever or Bellamy has much of a shot in the general. Wish I did. But unless McHenry gets caught in some huge scandal, I think he will likely be re-elected. Patsy is a wonderful human being and has been a great State Representative. I wish she hadn’t been double-bunked with Rep. Susan Fisher. Bellamy’s campaign has been solid and hard-working. She would be helpful for GOTV efforts in November.

Constitutional Amendment: Against. This amendment would add discrimination to our constitution. It is targeted to be hateful towards LGBT people in North Carolina who currently can be fired or evicted for being gay and have no legal way to have their relationship recognized. Unfortunately, it will probably pass.

Prez – Obama (duh)

Gov – Tough call, but I am going with Etheridge based solely on the fact that I think he has shown an impressive ground game during the primary. I like a scrappy candidate with a strong field program, even during a primary. His phone bankers are great and Ethridge has shown a lot of effort, and not just fundraising. I like Dalton too and will totally support whoever wins.

Agriculture – Bryant

Labor – Foster

(These are simply my thoughts and do not represent endorsements from any organizations, candidates, or unicorns.)

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