Friday Open Thread


Since ScruHoo ported from Blogger to WordPress on April 1, 2007, there have been 4,326 posts, 30,634 comments, and Akismet has kept 37,587 spam comments from appearing. According to Sitemeter, there have been 749,219 individual hits to this blog since April 1, 2007 and 203,200 hits prior to that. Maybe we ought to start a pool on when the millionth hit will happen.

According to NewStatPress the most popular operating system of people and bots hitting this blog is Windows XP. The most popular browser is Mozilla with Chrome in a distant second.

None of that is particularly relevant to anything, just thought I’d share. It’s your thread. Do with it what you will.


  1. mat catastrophe says:

    resume. presume. make a guess and keep it that way. take your best shot and put it in a case on the wall near the van gogh. you can’t walk where the others are running so steer clear of the inside lane.

    there’s just never been a better time for what we have in store. close the door. have a seat. we’ll be with you in just a moment.

    the grooves soothe the tired heads of a generation wrapped up in rapping about the iridescent insanity of the mendacity of thought. it’s light speed can you read the writing we left behind you in the darkness? it will keep you warm.

    the ghosts play host to a different sort of waiting room it’s a sorting station for lost waiters with their trays upended and the tips all dropped out on the floor.

    heckles. schekles. pickles. raise your hackles and raise them well they will take care of you one day when you’ve gone soft with old age

    the symbolism is an embolism an aneurysm bleeding out into the real world that keeps you in chains not the one that remains locked up inside your head, you’re dead to yourself and you’re no good to me

    it’s association by station, keeping the nation up to date and keeping the score. and the time. it’s always time for less of this and more of that. we can’t keep up with the demand. it’s a free market as long as you’re buying into it and never sell it short it can’t hurt to be prepared.

  2. Tom Sullivan says:

    Holy Saturday, Batman!

  3. Davyne Dial says:

    Oh yeah…that’s my buddy MatCat in full form.

  4. mat catastrophe says:

    limitless limitation. intimate innovation. the angels descend upon us only to brush us with their wings. no saving grace – no saving face – no saving private anyone. calling all stations, all channels, all frequent flier frequency foremen.

    ranging inside the skull back and forth eyeball motion watching tennis matches on the greenbacks. serve and return. volley. out. lights out for the big ones. bedtime for the past. there is nothing left but regression. no hope of even remaining on the plateau. just a descent descendent. an antecedent, anecdotal from yesteryear and moving backwards in time.

    and yes, i believe that this is the limit of the future. farther out there is nothing but yesterday, to be put on hold – bought and sold – caught a cold.

    where will you be when you realize that it was only one year ago that you were happy? when the brightness of brand new was able to bring you to bear on the life you face the brunt of? barely surviving now, you grasp at air, a cold hard stare into a face that does not care. this is the precipice – this is the edge – this is the fall.

  5. Davyne Dial says:

    Elderly Conservatives To Give Up Medicare
    April 2, 2012
    By Sarah Wood

    The RNC is hoping that elderly registered Republicans will comply with this new request and give up their Medicare as soon as possible, especially as the health care debate seems to be heating up once again. Top Republican leaders are hopeful that this will send a strong message to not only Americans, but to the rest of the world that health care should only be for those who can afford it.”


    Or put your money where your mouth is. Ayn Rand sure didn’t go this route. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  6. Tom Sullivan says:

    “If Central Casting spread its widest net for a campaign film by, say, Robert Altman, it could never come up with actors as bizarrely, cinematically comic as Bachmann, Cain, Trump, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry or even the straight-shooting old crackpot Ron Paul, whom I grudgingly respect. Toss in the Newtron bomb and the robotically handsome Mitt Romney, a Mormon Tin Man afloat on a cloud of cash, and it’s a cast of characters to challenge the imagination of auteurs like Altman and Woody Allen.

    “Frauds, liars, lechers, dimwits, fanatics and buffoons. What do we call this movie, this exotic spectacle of democracy in decay?”

    — Hal Crowther http://www.populist.com/12.06.crowther.html

  7. mat catastrophe says:

    The first thing up there has now been posted to everything2.com in an even more difficult to read format.


    It’s more difficult to read thanks to the addition of links in the piece, which actually contain different words than what you can read without looking at the link. Users on the site can fill in those new phrases if they desire, but they never do for the most part.

    It’s the only site on the internet that I am aware that allows me to create subtext inside words in quite that manner.

    And it’s deeply, deeply silly.

  8. Gordon Smith says:

    A favorite fact about New Belgium coming to town: “Asheville’s designation as Beer City USA didn’t hurt, but what really swung the deal was the city’s dedication to being a sustainable community with reduced reliance on the automobile.”

    For all those folks who’ve pooh-poohed the economic development argument behind sustainability and multimodal transportation – I’m glad we put any resistance behind us.