Obama Features Walnut Street


In addition to this being a hard hitting ad from the Obama campaign, it features Asheville’s Walnut Street. Thanks to Jon Ostendorff’s Politics Now blog for pointing it out!

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  1. Jason Bugg says:

    Man, it’s like his team had B-Roll footage of a campaign video they just shot laying around and fresh in their mind!

    Oh wait, you guys are probably thinking it’s because he loooooooooves Asheville and said “put an incidental shot of that little town in there” to his people while taking a break from running the free world.

  2. Asheville says:

    Haha, so cool! I’m amazed that Jon was able to catch that.

  3. Gordon Smith says:


    We just like seeing Asheville in big market media. A lot of folks do. As with “y’all”, it seems you just look for strange reasons to dislike others. Keep it real, broham.

  4. Jason Bugg says:

    I wasn’t looking for any reason for anything. Just wanting to calm down the OMG MAMA AH’M ON THE TEEVEE that you are expressing.

    Although I’m sure Obama’s people picking out that street corner probably had you jerking off on that corner in celebration later.

    Konitchiwa, Macaca!