Smells Like Sewage


Mountain Xpress reporter David Forbes is putting the pieces together:

In the furor over the fate of the city’s water system, one important aspect has escaped notice: in July, Henderson County is due to transfer an 137-acre property near Bent Creek to the city of Asheville.
With the deadline looming, there are no plans for a sewer plant on the site, meaning Asheville will get the property in July — unless the water system changes ownership again, such as through state legislation that would give Asheville’s water assets to either MSD or a regional water authority.

The latter options are exactly what the commission chaired by Rep. Tim Moffitt is studying, and his original proposal called for giving the system to MSD outright.

Henderson County has big problems with their neglected sewer needs, big problems that go back to Rep. McGrady’s time on the Henderson County Commission. They haven’t wanted to purchase service from MSD or a new treatment plant. One can imagine the sticker shock. One solution – combine water and sewer, take the Asheville water system, and have Buncombe ratepayers pay for your sewage needs. Ta Da. Additionally, Rep. Moffitt gets another opportunity to stick it to Asheville, the economic engine of the region.

As indicated by Rep. Moffitt’s original bill to simply seize the City of Asheville water system, the fix is in. The “study committee” will come back with a recommendation to do what Moffitt’s original bill suggested. There will be a few bones thrown to opponents, but the final product will be a regional authority that will create instability, increase costs, and have Buncombe ratepayers on the hook for Henderson County’s sewer needs.

The move is bad for business and bad for Buncombe. Here’s hoping that folks will tell their representatives and the members of the “Study Committee”, which meets today at 1:30pm in Raleigh (listen live here), that they want to maintain the quality water system we have now and they’d prefer not to pay for another county’s sewer service needs.;;;;;;;;


  1. Dixiegirlz says:

    The only clue to what happens at Moffitt Int’l. (Moffitt’s headhunter business) is that they place executives in the “exciting waste imdustry”.

  2. TJ says:

    Well, I guess I dislike the human stench as much as the business stench. That’s one place I wouldn’t submit a resume’ with. Unless, I could do internal sabatoge.

    Wish I could be at that meeting today, but a bunch of us sent out emails and calls yesterday and today, already.

  3. tatuaje says:

    Thanks for the post and the addition of the email addys. Just wrote an email to everyone on the list.

  4. Mark Cates says:


    I appreciate you posting this article. It refutes the argument that Rep. Moffitt has been digging up old wounds, because there clearly remain long-term festering wounds that need to be addressed.

    My biggest criticism of this process so far is that too many of our local officials are downplaying the challenges we face with the water system. This is just one more example of why dealing with this issue now is important to everyone in our community.

  5. TJ says:

    Mark, it is good you are here to add your voice to the mix. I know not everyone agrees over many things, and you make good points, and it should be in the mix to keep a balance.

    I’m still on my learning curve here, though, so others might disagree with me 😉

  6. Dixiegirlz says:

    I’ve put together a Facebook page of reports, news clippings and videos on the water situation from 2004 till now.
    You’ll need a Facebook account to view. Mostly from Mountain Express coverage……unfortunately ACT’s archives require payment.or I’d have included their coverage.

  7. Gordon Smith says:

    To see all the posts on the Water Controversy at Scrutiny Hooligans, click here

  8. Hi Friends — I have posted a press release about this issue that went out yesterday along with supplemental links including videos:speakingforbuncombe

    I also have an op-ed about the issue in the Asheville-Citizen Times today at:Water is the new oil

    Please consider sending letters to the editor of the local media and contacting the water/sewage committee members.

    Ha! my coding is rusty. I hope this email formats properly. H.