Invisible Children


Thank you to loyal reader Diogenes for bringing our attention to this powerful video. In his words, “It makes some of the issues we deal with here seem frivolous in comparison.” He’s right. Watch it to the end — you’ll be moved.

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    View with skeptical eyes and ears. What I’m hearing is that this video is not exactly what it seems to be. Still looking into it. More soon.

  2. What are you hearing, Tom?

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    Still coming in…

    First, people are stunned at how skillfully this campaign has captured wide attention and at how well-crafted the video is, but it gets a few things wrong, per what I’m hearing, plus the intentions of Invisible Children are being questioned — a kind of “stealth evangelism” for one, and part of the push may be to get U.S. and AFRICOM military into a region for French and Chinese oil interests. But don’t trust me, either, I’m just getting wind of this on the fly:

    Foreign Policy guest post:

    It would be great to get rid of Kony. He and his forces have left a path of abductions and mass murder in their wake for over 20 years. But let’s get two things straight: 1) Joseph Kony is not in Uganda and hasn’t been for 6 years; 2) the LRA now numbers at most in the hundreds, and while it is still causing immense suffering, it is unclear how millions of well-meaning but misinformed people are going to help deal with the more complicated reality.

    Here’s another post at boingboing.

    Should I Donate Money to Kony 2012 or Not? provides some thumbnail analysis.

  4. Diogenes says:

    It’s disheartening to see the immediate cynicism and negativity arise about this brilliant public information campaign. I admit I only became aware of the complexity and (dubious controversy) about Invisible Children after I viewed and urged the posting of the video. (Tnx Michael).

    I did not realize that it had become a viral meme. Cynical me, I am not surprised there’s an angry effort to discredit the endeavor. I must ask, what could possibly be the problem with raising awareness? How on earth can it be a bad thing to call attention to the fact that a horrible war criminal is still at large? How encouraging it is to see that private citizens seek to right a wrong that our government, no government apparently, is willing, for political reasons, to ignore.

  5. TJ says:

    Inspiring, but, good to know people are cautious.

    It reminds me about a book , A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah.

  6. TJ says:

    @ Diogenes:

    I don’t know all the ins and outs of this, but I am glad you brought this up. I agree with you about any controversy. We know these things happen “behind the scenes,” and being aware can only help.

    What I find even worse than any controversy is to know that our own government is slow to respond…without any financial benefit, etc. What was that said after the concentration camps….NEVER AGAIN?” They did not get involved then, until it was expedient for them, despite documentation… and, here, again?

    Our “leaders” should be ashamed that they are slow to respond and we need to put REAL leaders in office…the ones working for change on an everyday level.

  7. Tom Sullivan says:

    Wow. This thing is everywhere. The Guardian is posting running updates on “Invisible Children” as a worldwide phenomenon.

  8. Michael Muller says:

    I’m inclined to take people at their word, and I usually ascribe to them every good intention. But I’m also inclined to trust Tom Sullivan’s instincts because he has grey hair and is Irish.

    I had no idea this was such a viral phenomenon either. Let’s see what we learn.

  9. Michael Muller says:

    Well, I learned this. Some useful information here in any event, no matter what conclusions might you draw.

  10. Thunder Pig says:

    I’m in.

    We can do this.

  11. More info to chew on:

    From Foreign Affairs Magazine:

    In their campaigns, such organizations [as Invisible Children] have manipulated facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.

    And here in Jezebel Magazine, the filmmakers respond to the increasing criticism. And then there’s this article in Mashable.

  12. Diogenes says:

    “The recent Kony 2012 viral video has attracted widespread controversy, as well as scrutiny of the organization Invisible Children.

    ” While it has stirred questions about the role of westerners advocating to end mass atrocities in Africa, as well as useful dialogue on non-profit fiscal management, the debate has obscured the key point.

    ” Joseph Kony’s immediate capture and delivery to the International Criminal Court (ICC) would be an unambiguous victory for humanity. It is the solution for which affected Africans have desperately, unanimously pleaded.” Nickolas Kristof NYT March 9

  13. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Invisible Children put out this response the the criticism of their efforts.

  14. mat catastrophe says:

    I think that no matter what side of this issue you’re on, we can all agree that almost no one gave a hoot in hell about this three days ago.

  15. Tom Sullivan says:

    In other KONY 2012 news,

    Jason Russell was taken into custody by San Diego cops. In addition to allegedly masturbating, cops say he vandalized cars.

    Cops told NBC7 in SD they received several calls around 11:30 AM … reporting a man in “various stages of undress.”

    Sources tell us … Russell was dancing around the Intersection of Ingraham and Riviera wearing “speedo-like underwear” … and eventually removed the underwear and began to make sexual gestures.

  16. Davyne Dial says:

    Hmmmm, Jason Russell has some ‘splainin to do. And it better be good. <;-\

  17. mat catastrophe says:

    Charlie Brooker on Kony 2012.

  18. Tom Sullivan says:

    Booker’s right. WTF doesn’t cover begin to cover that.

  19. Davyne Dial says:

    His wife blames “exhaustion, dehydration’ for odd behavior of Kony filmmaker Jason Russell”

    When I’m exhausted & dehydrated, I drink some water and go to bed. I really don’t feel up to revealing antics in the buff.

  20. Ascend of Asheville says:

    The triumph of Psychological Kharma. Your Id knows what your Ego won’t accept.