The New Democratic Majority


Johnathan Chait:

Mitt Romney regularly says things like “We are only inches away from no longer being a free economy,” and that this election “could be our last chance.”

The Republican Party is in the grips of many fever dreams. But this is not one of them. To be sure, the apocalyptic ideological analysis—that “freedom” is incompatible with Clinton-era tax rates and Massachusetts-style health care—is pure crazy. But the panicked strategic analysis, and the sense of urgency it gives rise to, is actually quite sound. The modern GOP—the party of Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes—is staring down its own demographic extinction. Right-wing warnings of impending tyranny express, in hyperbolic form, well-grounded dread: that conservative America will soon come to be dominated, in a semi-permanent fashion, by an ascendant Democratic coalition hostile to its outlook and interests. And this impending doom has colored the party’s frantic, fearful response to the Obama presidency.


  1. Linda says:

    We can only hope and pray that it happens sooner than later.

  2. Diogenes says:

    Democrats could be doing a lot more than ‘hope and pray.” They could be doing outreach to the disaffected traditional Republicans, especially older folks who need a nudge to give up a life-long tradition of voting GOP. The GOP no longer represents their interests, nor do the candidates speak to them or for them, but no national movement by Democrats to reach out to these (and other) voters exists. (As far as I am aware.)

    Seems a shame. It’s the kind of thing Gov. Dean was doing before Obama’s bullies kicked him out.

    I wouldn’t take for granted the demise of the Republican party’s electoral success, complacency seldom trumps activism. Democrats need to build bridges.


  3. RHS says:

    The question that needs to be asked is that if President Obama is reelected is is possible for the fringe right to become even more unhinged that it is now and what would the consequences of that be?

  4. Davyne Dial says:

    “what would the consequences of that be?” Collective apoplexy!

  5. RHS says:

    “Collective apoplexy!”

    That might actually be kinda cool. I was wondering about something more frightening like another Oklahoma City.

  6. Ascend of Asheville says:

    “Collective apoplexy”, Cool! They might all faint. All at once. Which would drastically improve both the tone and context of the political debate in Washington.
    Unfortunately, RHS is probably closer to correct.

  7. Davyne Dial says:

    Actually I was thinking something much more sinister than a mere faint. I was envisioning (what with the visceral hatred of President Obama,) that there might me a nationwide, collective bouncing off the walls like deflating balloons. Then falling to the ground in a deflated and forlorn heap. (Just the haters, though)

  8. Andrew Dahm says:

    This article seems germane to the soon-to-be-marginalized Republican stream going on here. I particularly like the term “moneyblurt.”