Asheville’s Water System: The Facts


Happy Monday, Hooligans. It’s a big week for water. Tonight from 6:30-9pm there’s a water forum hosted by Mountain Voices Alliance. It’s at Jubilee on Wall Street, and you’re all invited. It looks to be a good panel, and Rep. Moffitt has said that he plans to attend. Then on Thursday you can come down to the NC Ag Center near the airport. If you’re a city resident, your scheduled time for public hearing is 10am-Noon. Non-city Buncombe residents are from 1-3pm. Henderson County residents are from 3-4pm. 4-5pm is “Business Community” time.

Below you’ll find an excellent overview of the City of Asheville water system, including rate information. Please read it and get informed! Yesterday I posted a fascinating set of maps of the lack of local representation on the “Study Committee”. Check that out too.

COA Water Resources PP Presentation Final


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    The Asheville Downtown Association has issued a statement regarding Asheville’s Water System. Excerpt:

    Over the last six years, by canceling the water authority agreement, the City of Asheville has been able to invest approximately $40,000,000 in water infrastructure upgrades and improvements throughout the city. As the result of those upgrades, The Asheville Downtown Association believes that Sullivan Acts II & III are no longer necessary. Furthermore, with major changes in our State annexation laws, the Sullivan Acts now place a unique and unwarranted burden on the Citizens and City of Asheville. These acts operate to compromise the financial integrity and future prosperity of our City, County and region. It is imperative that the Sullivan Acts be revisited.

    The Asheville Downtown Association believes that the make up of the General Assembly’s water study committee does not adequately reflect diverse viewpoints, and lacks both perspective and balance.
    While the ADA remains receptive to a forward-looking, constructive resolution to this issue, we do not believe re-introducing a failed model for governing our water system is a viable or appropriate solution. Therefore, the ADA opposes the establishment of a new regional water authority. Furthermore, the ADA believes that any solution with a focus on the future financial health of the region will require the repeal of Sullivan Acts II & III.