Catch the Spirirt


Lt. John Pike pepper sprays his way through art history.

(image above courtesy of a friend)


  1. Diogenes says:

    The police violence perpetrated on the 99% shouldn’t really surprise anyone who’s been paying attention since 911.

    To wit:

    “…the frenzied dissolution of due process and individual rights that took place under George Bush’s watch, and continued uncorrected even when supposed liberal constitutional lawyer Barack Obama took office, has now come full circle and become an important element to the newer political controversy involving domestic corruption and economic injustice.”

    “…when we militarized our society in response to the global terrorist threat, we created a new psychological atmosphere in which the use of force and military technology became a favored method for dealing with dissent of any kind.”

    “Every time we looked the other way when the president asked for the right to detain people without trials, to commit searches without warrants, to eavesdrop on private citizens without even a judge knowing about it, we made it harder to answer the question: what is it we’re actually defending?”

  2. Tom Buckner says:

    I keep telling people, the War on (Some) Drugs was the tenderizer that got Americans accustomed to settling for diminished rights. The War on (Some) Terror was merely the endgame. To paraphrase the atrocious Grover Norquist, they shrank the Bill of Rights until they could drown it in a bathtub.

    All y’all that weren’t bothered by human rights violations and creeping authoritarianism twenty, thirty years ago, when it was only happening to “those people,” some of this is your fault too.

    Sooner or later, “those people” expands to include you.

    Feeling a bit misanthropic lately…

  3. Tom Buckner says:

    Case in point.

    By the way, I JUST realized there’s a misspelling in the title. Egad.

  4. Dixiegirlz says:

    “Occupied” America???
    Some here may not remember this. After WW11 ended both Japan and Germany were “occupied.” News, consumer goods that came from those two regions were always accompanied with “Occupied” Japan or Germany. (Key in Occupied Germany or Japan on Ebay and well over 20,000 items are currently listed.)

    It appears to me that we now have a two sided coin in the US…the “Occupy” movement, and a US that is “occupied” by a police state that denies civil dissent, and demonstrates their ability to act with no regard for consequences.

    When did the coup occur? Were we even watching? Will future products be tagged “Made in Occupied by para Military Forces in USA?”

  5. TJ says:

    “Sooner or later, “those people” expands to include you”

    Well, Tom, I imagine you are familiar with the writing that either was written or re-worded saying this exact thing about the Nazi regime. And, no, I’m not getting all Hitlery.

    If you remember, Jim Jones had a sign at the camp gate saying “those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it,” or some variation of that.

    Do we really have to keep repeating the past? I think we should leave that to those who want to be reincarnated.

  6. Tom Sullivan says:

    @Tom B: Egad, indeed. I plead Digby.

  7. Tom Buckner says:

    “When did the coup occur? Were we even watching?”

    Yeah, that was my point, and why I get pissed when I think about it. It’s the slowly boiled frog phenomenon. The writing really was on the wall many years before 9/11 if you knew how to read it. There were Republicans committing huge– HUGE– crimes: the October Surprise of 1980, Iran-contra and its associated crack smuggling, Inslaw, Silverado… and getting away with it scot-free, gradually gaining more power. There was the methodical packing of right-wing judges everywhere they could. There was spying on dissidents, such as CISPES…. the ongoing drug war and ever-improving surveillance technology… the trends all pointed to a coming far-right authoritarian state, and very few took it seriously.

    Now we’re at the point where even the Democrat in the White House is something of a Right Authoritarian. If he were on our side in the OWS matter, for example, we’d hella know it by now. He’s got Justice out busting medical marijuana clinics but not bankers. And he’s supposed to be the lesser evil!??!?!? That’s what settling for the lesser evil gets ya.