Terry Bellamy V. Patrick McHenry



Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy announced today that she is running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District. Bellamy has served as mayor of Asheville since 2005, and is running for Congress on her record of creating jobs, finding pragmatic solutions that increase access to affordable housing and reducing violence.


  1. Well, isn’t that special?

  2. Bishop Andrew Gentry says:

    This should be a Punch and Judy curtain call worthy of the Daily Show! I am sure our mayor does know where Libya is located and that the Chinese have nukes but like the rest of her colleagues she has no clue as to how most of us live. I remember being told by various board members of the then active Community Relations Council, you know the one the city council lied about reforming,that when she ran for office she was introduced to the leaders of the various communities and after being elected she never once ever again even visited the office of the Community Relations Council! I guess she took her cue from Brownie who after being appointed city liaison never attended one single meeting and despite being furnished with activity reports highlighted in yellow claimed he did not know what “those” people did, apparently still does not! So I really don’t expect a great deal from her and I am equally certain neither does her opponent!

  3. Dixiegirlz says:

    Bishop…that appointed but never attending a single Board meeting thing seems to be pretty common.

  4. RHS says:

    If there is a delay in the court decision regarding the lawsuit filed against the Republican redistricting plan it is possible the current district lines will be used again in 2012 until it all gets sorted out. I believe this has happened before. If that is the case than the mayor could find herself running in the current 11th district in a primary against Heath Shuler and Cecil Bothwell. We shall see, I guess.

    I’ll also take this opportunity to say what I have said before about Patrick McHenry. It won’t take long of having him represent them in Congress to have Asheville progressives long for the day when Heath Shuler was their Congressman. If you don’t know much about McHenry I suggest you start your research now. He all but makes Heath Shuler look like Cecil Bothwell.

  5. Bishop Andrew Gentry says:

    Dixiegirlz, Sad to say you are right from what I have heard. I just noticed Seattle City Council actually passed a resolution that endorsed its Occupy Movement unlike our city council that couldn’t pass wind! The Seattle City Council echoed in their resolution of support much of the sentiments of the Declaration of Independence the best our council could muster was well nothing. They could not and would not even answer our questions in any forum as to city police policy and the whys there to! I have heard from so many people across the country that said Asheville’s image of the Paris of the South is a joke after they heard about the lynching comments and the arrests not to mention the lack of response from the City Council except to give the supporter of lynching a paid vacation! They will never learn!

  6. Dixiegirlz says:

    Maybe Terry knows something we don’t re., impending redistricting lawsuits.

  7. trifecta says:

    I seriously have a hard time believing Bellamy knows ANYTHING we don’t know. Would still vote for her over McHenry. 17th most right wing member of congress by voting record.

  8. TJ says:

    Wel, between MaCain fumbling and showing how little he knows about current events, and our bigoted mayor wanting to “represent” a bigger kingdom…(she can follow in King Moffitt’s footsteps….

    ….Punch and Judy show, indeed! They look great compared to what our politicians do anymore.

    For God’s sake (or, not), vote for Cecil!

    I guess I don’t get how someone can have the audacity to think she has what it takes to represent a larger group of people, in a higher position, when she can’t even take care of her “own” house (the city folks). And that’s Biblical, Mayor!

  9. Andrew Dahm says:

    College Republicans is an interesting organization. There really is a difference between the parties; the Dems don’t have an organization like the CR’s, which inculcates the kind of scorched-earth, win-at-all-costs values we see in Washington today.

    Mr. McHenry is a graduate of the program.

  10. shadmarsh says:

    Bellamy may not be a great public speaker, but she’s not stupid, and McHenry ain’t exactly Cicero. But don’t let that dissuade you from your latent racist observations.

  11. Dixiegirlz says:

    I dunno…for some reason Bellamy stikes me as latent right wing. Maybe it’s the “talking in tongues, homophobic, lies from the pit of hell,” statements.

  12. RHS says:

    Cecil Bothwell won’t be running in NC-10. He has said he will move into NC-11 if he has to in order to run in the Democratic primary against Heath Shuler who he seems to have some sort of obsession with — like he’s stalking him.

    But you are right, he would not go over well in Gastonia or Linconton, just like he won’t go over well in NC-11 in Murphy, Robbinsville, Franklin, Hayesville, Flat Rock, or pretty much anywhere outside the city limits of Asheville for that matter.

  13. TJ says:


    Seems like her self-proclamations are some sort of self-hate comments I have heard from
    many people of color.

    Shad: do you consider it racist b/c she points out that being AA may give her a running start (which may or may not, IME), or because she equates it with not being very well-spoken?

    I agree she’s not dumb, but, I also don’t see her as being very original.

    Her self-proclaimed religiosity will work against her in the long run, I believe.

    Even some of my ultra-conservative friends don’t like the way she represented herself (and, by extension, themselves). They already have an image issue.

    Maybe she should hire an image consultant?

  14. Gordon Smith says:

    To the commenter whose comment does not appear in this thread,

    You were on a roll until you started dropping the racism into your comment. Then it went into the trash.

  15. I can’t imagine the committee in Congress I would want her on.
    That being said it would be good to get a new Mayor, and I’d surely vote for her over McHeinous.

  16. trifecta says:

    I just don’t see how Bellamy can win though. Unless she has some big donors and the ability to retail politic to our east that I am unaware of, this is probably not going to be a successful effort.

  17. TJ says:

    Well, I guess that’s the beauty of America, eh? Big dreams.

    After all, if you had told my parents that an African American would one day be president…. well, let’s just say my father might have had a heart attack even sooner than he did.

    Bellamy moving up? That’s more of a nightmare to me.

  18. Parker says:

    By my calculations 60% of the population in the new 10th lives in the counties farthest east (gaston, lincoln and Catawba) within the Charlotte media market. Therefore what little those people may know about Asheville does not include political comings and goings or the name of our Mayor. I guess my point is regardless of Party the best known candidates for the new 10th probably don’t live in Buncombe.

    The Republican mapping czars gutted the African Americans out of the City of Hickory and put them in Virginia Foxx’s 5th (BTW not worth the trouble) so its difficult for me to give an accurate percent black population for the new 10th, I’m working on it but my initial guess is less than 15%.

    After impending lawsuits and what happened to Patsy Keever (twice) I can’t imagine why she announced so early w/out waiting for the new map ink to dry.