Fighting Things That Aren’t There


Halloween may be gone, but not forgotten. You can tell that the Occupy movement is the stuff of some people’s nightmares when Fox News and other propaganda mills start “investigating.” For example, did you know Occupiers are actually “entitled, upper-class agitators with few legitimate grievances“? It’s true. I saw it on the Internet.

Anyway, this is a repost from yesterday.


Have you heard about Zombie ACORN? The conservative media is a-twitter with ACORN sightings over a year and a half after the right wing succeeded in killing off the voter-registering, community organizing group. Behind the 99% in the Occupy movement is ACORN, did you hear? They just won’t die.

It’s ironic. The conservative “pimp” with the video camera wore the outrageous outfit, but it’s Zombie ACORN conservatives report seeing everywhere like Elvis. (Elvis isn’t really dead, you know.)

Conservatives must have been the inspiration for the “Halloween” movies. For one, because of what Siskel and Ebert called the Calvinism berserko world view. That is: think about having sex and die. And two, because you can’t kill the Boogie Man.

Half a century after the Red Scare, American conservatives are still looking for Reds under their beds before they crawl beneath their sheets.

Two decades after the Berlin Wall came down and they declared that Saint Ronald of Reagan won the Cold War, conservatives are still fighting it. They’re still looking for commies in the woodpile.

Not even the Chinese are commies anymore. Have you seen Shanghai? They must have cornered the free market in concrete, glass and steel skyscrapers and the cranes to build them. They sure as hell cornered the market in capitalist jobs. And still, conservatives can’t get their heads out of their anti-communism.

They’re always resurrecting dead enemies, and rallying around the flag to fight things like the Boogie Man. Things that aren’t there.

Forty years after the Summer of Love, conservatives are still looking to punch hippies who aren’t there for wearing love beads that aren’t there, and for sticking daisies in gun barrels. Some memories are timeless, I guess.

The Bushies spent upwards of $1 trillion dollars that wasn’t there to look for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that weren’t there because Saddam Hussein had an al Qaida connection that wasn’t there, in a war that wasn’t there until they invaded.

Now conservative legislators are rewriting election laws all across the country to prevent so-called voter fraud that isn’t there, obstructing Congress and slashing state budgets to ensure jobs aren’t there for millions of Americans, all so they can put a Marxist president who isn’t there out of a job.

The party of ideas that aren’t there would have you believe they are the only people prepared to lead America forward in the 21st century. Fourteen million Americans are out of work, desperate, and looking to their leaders for help. And where is the party of the 1% when the 99% needs them?

They aren’t there.

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  1. Diogenes says:

    Kalle Lasn the founder and editor of Adbusters is credited for promoting the first Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. He was interviewed last night on CBC’s “As it Happens” program.

    He was asked to evaluate the OWS movement and predict its future.

    He said the Occupy protests have launched a national conversation in the USA which shows signs of going global and has, in his estimation, done something quite miraculous over last 5 weeks. “We’ve got the whole world talking about it. “

    Where will it go from here, with winter coming on? Will there be a second phase?

    With young people today their core impulse is the future does not compute. Their future filled with ecological, political and financial crisis. The political systems is corrupted by money. Unless people stand up and fight for their future they will have no future.

    Listen to the excellent interview here:

  2. TJ says:

    Tonight I am at the Vance Moniment with a group of those young people waiting to brealk the 10 pm curfew and be arrested to stand up for free speech at any time- while my fingers get numb from writing this. Young and ld together, weary of inheriting and living as a part of a broken system, but awake to the need to be heard and counted… whatever it takes.

    I am proud to support them, try talking to local business owners and have conversations with anyone who listens. Agree with every topic or not, I agree with their attempt to invite EVERONE to have a voice in the process of democracy- from 13 year olds, to old folks, housed or not, seen as important to society or not–EVERYONE. Even folks here who don’t like what they see, the response is : come, be heard, be counted in a way important to you

  3. TJ says:

    Okay, pardon the typos…. typing on my iPhone in the cold is mind-numbing, too.

    Police came, stayed professional, asked politely, then arrested a number of people (I lost count after 8), videotaped us as we videotaped them, walked away watchfully to make sure no one else was going to clog up the busy Vance monument “park.” I find it interesting the tourists are allowed through after 10, yet, city folks are told to leave. Many comments and questions to the police, who politely repeated, “I am not qualified to interpret the constitution….declined the offer to join the cause…

    I watched as my Tae Kwon Do instructor was arrested, who, after worrying about risking her status as a student, decided to take a stand. I yelled she was awesome as she got arrested, and told the police she teaches kids to protect themselves from the “bad guys,” that she is not one of the “bad guys.” I am even more proud of her and to have someone like her teaching myself and my children-not only the skills and values of TKD, but her personal values, as well.

    I got no response when I asked a couple of the officers what would have happened if the civil rights activists had left and gone home when they were asked to…. where would our civil rights NOT be today? They had no answer.

    Again, I am proud to support this. If I had known ahead of time this would happen, I may have been arrested. My kids would have worried, though, but, there’s always Saturday. I still want to take “crime scene-do not cross” tape and wrap it around a bank to declare it a crime scene.

    I am still proud to support the movement by wearing my gifted t-shirt reading: “we are the 99%, we will no longer be silent.” If I can’t take a stand, even as a movement is being stretched and refined, then I don’t deserve to comment on a blog like this. If I am not willing to take action, I cannot rationally explain how I can argue that things in my country are not right.

    Stand up. Speak up. Be counted. I will vote my conscience, not my wallet. Invite dialogue. Listen. The 99% IS us. If YOU are one of the 1%, be a positive role model.

    R or D or whatever party, we ARE the 99%.

  4. TJ says:

    “They aren’t there.”

    Well, of course, Tom, and I think they would agree. Unfortunately, not because that makes so much sense, rather because, their response would be, “of course, they are not “there,” rather
    “they’re hhhheeeeeerrrrree.”

  5. Tom Sullivan says:

    The top 1 percent have an tried-and-true strategy: discredit and outlast.

    That strategy will remain tried and true so long as disappointments and frustrations are enough to make liberals quit and go home.

  6. Tom Sullivan says:

    Wonder if Fox is going to do live, nationwide coverage for the November 5 Bank Transfer Day like Fox did for the Tea Party’s Tax Day protests. The General Assembly may have some ideas for their theme music and the crawlers. And Occupiers won’t want to waste pizza boxes on “We Love You Sean” signs to hold up for the cameras if he isn’t coming.

  7. TJ says:

    “November 5 Bank Transfer Day like Fox did”

    I don’t know, but it’s interesting how several banks are dropping that 5 dollar fee, perhaps with the delusion that will be enough to make Occupy go away, as if that fixes all the banking issues. They are noticing the early effects of withdrawal of funds from their pockets, and I’m looking forward to what they do next.

    I found it curious that apparently the protesters were charges with resisting arrest when all my eyes and camera captured were people walking to the police car, only stating, ” my name is—, and I do not consent to this arrest.”

    Do they have to be happy about it in order to be seen as not resisting. Are those words alone too difficult for them to comprehend?