President Obama in Asheville


I’ve had the good fortune of meeting/witnessing a few presidents. I got to shake Jimmy Carter’s hand at the Tampa airport when I was seven years old. Bill Clinton I saw speak at the Brandenburg gate in 1994 and again in Belfast’s City Center in 1995. This morning I’ll get to be a part of the audience as President Barack Obama delivers an address to an Asheville-area audience. Welcome back, Mr. President. Asheville welcomes you.

The President is launching a bus tour to push the American Jobs Act, which is encountering resistance from all sorts of entrenched interests, both Democrat and Republican. The legislative proposal cuts payroll taxes; keeps teachers on the job; invests in highways, transit, rail and aviation; creates an infrastructure bank; expands access to high-speed internet; and more.


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  1. Gregory Sills says:

    I’m thinking a Romney-Cain ticket versus an Obama-Hillary ticket would be like catnip-laced-with-crack for TV talking heads and our vast online and print politico-punditry.
    And a Romney-Cain package would be the gift that keeps on giving and giving to the Left and Right, the Blue and the Red, because in the much less than 50pct-chance of it losing to Obama, it would have nonetheless brought to a frenzy all on the Right and Left who are also Romney-haters, Mormon-haters, and Black-haters, as well as folks who are just anti-GOP, period, respectively. In the better than 50pct-chance that this race-transcendent and religion-transcendent ticket (must snicker at this marketing irony) wins in 2012, I’d say that having Obama out of the White House would at least re-energize all the 2008 progressive efforts coast to coast that mistakenly lapsed into a 3-year coma the day after the election in 2008. Yup, Romney-Cain, the gift that gives and gives to a neurotic America, indeed.

  2. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    huh? who knew? … (that the progressives are in a coma) may they wake to find out WHY the early progressive movement was a colossal failure.

    if you voted for Oblunder to prove your’re not racist, would you vote for CAIN to prove you’re not stupid?

  3. shadmarsh says:

    I think you mean the “early progressive movement” was a colossal success. Also, suggesting that the reason people voted for Obama to prove they weren’t racist, is in itself, a racist statement.

  4. Diogenes says:

    Cain’s not going to attract too many cross party voters with crazy talk like this.

    Cain says that “The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country. The objective of the liberals is to make America mediocre.”

    When asked if he still believed that by David Gregory on this week’s Meet the Press, Cain decided to double down on his remarks.

    Naturally one of the reasons he gave here is that heaven forbid, liberals would like to see defense spending cut.

  5. shadmarsh says:

    Well suetwo I don’t believe I said any of those things. I’m sure there were many people who voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, just as I am sure there were many who voted against him for the same reason. My point was to say that reducing his election to, and inferring that the only reason he was elected, was because of progressive white guilt, is in itself racist.

  6. randallt says:

    I would love to read some on the ground experiences from the President’s visit.

  7. Tom Buckner says:

    Suetwo, Obama was our best *imperfect* choice for President. Our system since the 1970’s or thereabouts has proven very effective at making sure voters never got a chance to vote for a really good progressive choice. And this stuff here:

    …Assassination without trial…More warrantless wiretapping… More sending troops into other countries without congressional approval or a national conversation…

    Well, that and so much more, amounting almost to soft-edged fascism, does indeed infuriate and depress Obama voters… which is part of why they’re occupying Wall Street now. What else can they do? Vote for the hard-fascist GOP ticket instead? Obama talks a good game, but he’s part of the problem now, and has his supporters over a barrel. Most of them understand and do not like this. And if “educated” Americans seem gullible, perhaps it says more about what even educated Americans are taught. Do the elites think we’re stupid? Not exactly: they HOPE we’re stupid and do all they can to make it so.

    In short, Sue, it’s not that you’re wrong, per se, but at this moment you veer close to victim-blaming.

  8. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    If you voted for Oblunder to prove you’re not RACIST, would you vote for Herman Cain to prove you’re NOT STUPID???

  9. Tom Buckner says:

    U.V., that line does not improve with repetition.

  10. Keith Thomson says:

    UV, aka bitterexdemocrackkk, has never been known for subtlety. FC was for the war on the poor, long before it was cool.

  11. Jessica Britton says:

    How many screennames does Fisher have now? Seems like a good dozen or more on the C-T forums…

  12. Keith Thomson says:

    Bless his heart.