Occupy Asheville To Encamp Legally


Representatives of Occupy Asheville (OA) met with senior staff from the City of Asheville today. CoA offered three options to OA for encampment. Tonight, according to their FB page, OA reached consensus. They will soon be based on N. Lexington Avenue at the I-240 overpass where the mural is located. There is power and water available there, and it is within the Central Business District. Thanks to everyone involved for reaching a solution. I understand that Asheville is the first city in America to find a legal place for an Occupy group.

There will be a $25 permit fee that the group intends to pay in pennies.

You can find out more about the group at their website.

What do you think of it?


  1. TJ says:

    I think it’s awesome that Asheville can stand up and be counted for the defense of constitutional rights. Those in charge are showing they have leadership potential, which will hopefully follow in other areas, as well.

    I think it’s great that the “system” is considered approachable by those who would protest against it. 😉 Kind of ironic.

    And, kudos to City Council for not brushing off the request by saying they could appear at the next meeting, rather, made it possible to address it in the moment.

    A very creative moment in history, indeed.

  2. Thunder Pig says:

    I am glad you guys moved the Flea Party camp, aka Occupy Asheville, away from Pritchard Park area and out of sight. I’ll wager they don’t even realize they’ve been marginalized.

  3. Dixiegirlz says:

    They were marginalized from the git-go. Not everyone who believes differently from you is stupid, Bobby.

  4. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    Why didnt clown council relegate the crybabies over to the River Arts District or maybe Hillcrest for more diverse inclusion?

  5. Diogenes says:

    Alas, out of sight, out of mind I fear.

  6. Chad Ekre says:

    “Alas, out of sight, out of mind I fear.”

    Not necessarily so, Diogenes. The permanent encampment gives us a place to stage our occupation and ‘live’. We will still keep our presence in visible areas, like the parks, during legal hours and we will continue to protest in the city hubs.

    Saturday’s global march: http://15october.net/

  7. Josh B says:

    I’m surprised at you Bobby. Here is a group of folks who are refusing to beg the government for help, and standing up and doing for themselves what previously has been demanded of the government to do for them, and yet you call them names? This looks just like the Tea Party without the sinister right-wing corporate influence to me, so I don’t understand why you aren’t standing up and cheering for them.

  8. Tom Sullivan says:

    Cage Match! — Flea Party  and the Crybabies  vs. the Royals and the Tory Toadies.

  9. Andrew Dahm says:

    Tom Sullivan has a reality show concept, and it’s got legs. Is mud-wrestling involved?

  10. Dixiegirlz says:

    @ Josh B…. Don’t be surprised…..Thunderprig only accepts those who are in lockstep with him.

  11. Thunder Pig says:

    Josh B…just getting a little back at the Lefties who made obscene jokes about the Tea Partiers…calling them Tea Baggers, making jokes about incestual relationships and inbreeding etc.

    Protesting Lefties have forfeited any amount of respect from me on that matter.

    At any rate, I think the time between now and Nov 2012 is better spent training volunteers to man the GOTV efforts in the precincts than “Occupying Whatever Street” or having “Tea Parties” or gaming online polls.

  12. In fairness to the professional left, the Tea Party referred to themselves as Tea Baggers until they realized the faux pas.

    Like I always say, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing because of you.

    I think Flea Party and the Crybabies is a great name for a band.

  13. Paul Van Heden says:

    I kinda like calling OWS protestors the “Flea Party.”

    Fleas drive much larger animals crazy, are difficult to get rid of, and spread quickly.

    – pvh

  14. Tom Sullivan says:

    Ascend, in the future please use the politically correct language TP insists on for referring to the Tea Party.

  15. Sharon says:

    Donate to the pottie fund so we won’t be caught with our pants down!

  16. what says:

    I DONT live over there! Im so GLAD! Im a country boy so not to smart! But ive asked about 15 people so far and no one knows what this is about! Please explain in simple english or does no one know it anymore!

  17. ChadEkre says:

    I’d be happy to explain what is happening and I thank you for asking.

    OccupyWallStreet started as a protest against extremely large financial companies and other corporation’s negative influence in our Gov’t. It stems from issues involving giving “too big to fail” institutions(big banks) bailouts and those same institutions openly screwing the American public while making record profits. In other words, the greed of some has been shamelessly flashed in front of the public that saved these companies. People in NYC decided to stand up in defiance of that greed in an attempt to inspire a nation.

    OccupyAsheville is in solidarity with the other Occupy-ers that have made their own stand in cities all over the world.

    Our nation faces unprecedented economic hardships. Many feel that by not addressing these issues head on, we will only make it worse for ourselves in the long run. Our financial institutions and government at all levels have become insolvent(ie. spending exceeds income), but they continue to do “business as usual”.

    We stand on the edge of a cliff, but most of our leaders pretend that there is no danger. We have only ourselves and our lack of action to blame. Times are hard and the forecast calls for economic pain like we haven’t seen in generations.

    As for you not “living over there”, Mr./Mrs what, let me tell you, you live here. If you are on planet Earth and are connected enough to be on the internet, then you are connected to an economy that may already be in ruins.

    Incomes are in decline and corruption is rampant. We want you to educate yourself to the problems and stand up for yourself as an American. We are trying to hold on to the country that our grandparents and their grandparents built brick-by-brick. We won’t let this nation be driven into the ground because of a few greedy souls.

  18. TJ says:

    Well said, Chad. For not being a “leader,” you clarify well.

    On the other thread, I commented about the mayor. Anyone under Mayor Bellamy can see the contradiction between her words and her very loudly stated personal bias. It is that same contradiction and hypocrisy is what leads to people being able to be so openly snubbed by those in power. Smaller scale, same attitudes. As long as they don’t have to deal with “the people,” it is good, or, as long as we support their ideas.

    I’m getting that “crime scene” tape, and I think I’ll start with Wells Fargo, for losing the all-important 20.00 in my daughter’s account that disappeared when they swallowed Wachovia, and my son’s account. My daughter says “it’s probably not much to them, but it’s a lot for me!” It was truly inspiring to see two 13 year old boys get up in front of city council and express their thoughts. We may feel “too old” to see a difference (I won’t tell you MY age, although my daughter will be happy to share it with you 😉 ), but they are the up-and-coming voters, and I applaud them getting up to speak to practice what they can do later, as well….and for the families who taught them so.

    BTW,anyone catch the Occupy incident in Oakland? Fortunately, as Gordon proposed last night, there is apparently awareness enough to not have a violent police response. I AM curious why it was so unnecessary, supposedly, to set an agreement to make SURE the police are well-trained in non-violent responses to non-violent protests. It didn’t happen that way in Oakland, and I appreciate Gordon’s efforts to make it official. Somehow, the mayor found it offensive to suggest the need for it. Maybe I should wrap her in tape and declare her a crime scene (for her publicly stated bigotry and using her influence as mayor to refuse rights to ALL Asheville citizens).