From Media Blackout to Circus


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First they ignore, you, etc., etc.

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    Meanwhile, the Florida Tea Party sets up camp inside the capitol building:

    TALLAHASSEE — State tea party leaders proudly announced the grand opening of their “Tallahassee headquarters” for the upcoming legislative session on Thursday.

    The location: Room 227 of the Senate Office Building.

    The Tea Party Network — a group of 70 Florida tea party and 9/12 groups — utilized the conference room to educate new volunteers about their movement’s talking points and to meet with elected officials who stopped by.

  2. Blind Faithiness says:

    Fox News had its 15th birthday today.

    Here’s the whole interview with the guy in the Union army hat(which never actually aired). Its worth watching. Not sure why Fox didn’t think so.


    Also, Anonymous says bankers are the problem.

    We’re still in DC. Lots of action at the XL pipeline hearing today.

  3. Tom Buckner says:

    I was a big P..J. O’Rourke fan back in the old National Lampoon days. Either he changed since then or I did. He can still have his moments, as in a travel piece on Sweden he did for Rolling Stone: why, he asked a local government minister, did Swedes tend to work hard when they didn’t have to? The government minister pointed out the window at the snow, saying “It’s always like that,” seemingly implying that all the Swedes who carried a lazy gene froze to death centuries ago. Miles better than Dennis Miller, anyway; the latter is a dumb guy who knows smart words.

    Do not construe this as a defense of O’Rourke. His easy cynicism is loaded with economic-royalist folly.