Three You Need To See


A post from Dave Johnson at Campaign for America’s Future is making the rounds on the ‘tubes. It’s gone a little viral. It helps that the title is Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law. The rest explains itself:

Problem: Your right-wing brother-in-law is plugged into the FOX-Limbaugh lie machine, and keeps sending you emails about “Obama spending” and “Obama deficits” and how the “Stimulus” just made things worse. Solution: Here are three “reality-based” charts to send to him. These charts show what actually happened.


Bush-Obama Spending Chart

Read the rest here.


  1. Diogenes says:

    Off topic, but important story. This sort of exploitation happens at summer camps too, including reputable ones like YMCA camps–where foreign students were solicited for kickbacks termed ‘donations’.

  2. Tom Buckner says:

    Diogenes, that reminds me of the “Scumbag Steve” meme over at Reddit; there was one which read something like this:

    Scumbag University Charges 100 Thou For A Degree

    Hits Alumni Up For Donations

    As for the On Topic… man, how bad does stuff have to get before the GOP liars lose the other 25% of the public?