Chad Nesbitt Calls For Support


Mtn. X:

“Former Buncombe County Republican Party chair Chad Nesbitt announced today on WWNC radio’s “The Matt Mittan Show” that he’s planning an Aug. 28 rally in downtown Asheville to protest the Aug. 21 GoTopless rally. He said the rally will be held at 2 p.m. in Pack Square Park and invited the public to attend.”


You are not going to believe this.

Mumpower and Nesbitt have a website for their Sunday event. The website and event are titled, “Sanity in the Public Square”. The website is adorned with an image of Uncle Sam being shot in the face by liberalism and Islam. To the left of this picture is the telling turn of phrase, “aberrant exhibitionist ideology”.


  1. New development! Through the miracle of twitter, the entire crowd from last week has agreed to come back to Pack square this Sunday to face the Anti-boobs, and city authorities have all agreed that it would be legal to fill pack square with jello for the occasion.

  2. barry says:

    Thank The Anti-Gods. The Chadster is back.

  3. David Cohen says:

    Just so long as Chad keeps his shirt on.

  4. Hazelite says:

    He better wear two shirts, just in case.

  5. RHS586 says:

    Carl Mumpower is also involved in this filing a child abuse complaint with Bucncombe County DSS.

    I wonder if Nesbitt and Mumpower would be as upset if there were kids witnesses a boxing match or some other form of spectator violence.

  6. Michael Muller says:

    Reprinted without permission for your information and amusement, Hooligans.


    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Dr. Carl Mumpower
    Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 10:35 AM
    Subject: Child Sexual Abuse Report 2 – Sunday GoTopless.Org event in Asheville

    August 23, 2011
    Ms. Alexis Wilmot, Protective Services
    Buncombe County Department of Social Services
    Post Office Box 7408
    Asheville, North Carolina 28802
    (preliminary copy forwarded to email address
    Subject ~ Complaint against GoTopless.Org, The Asheville Citizen-Times, the City of Asheville, the Asheville Police Department, and John/Jane Doe parents for conspiring to support child sexual abuse.
    Dear Ms. Wilmot:
    Thank you for your follow-up call on the child sexual abuse complaint submitted to Buncombe County DSS yesterday. In specific follow-up to yesterday’s complaint, please note the following-
    1)      Per their website ( the event was intended to “celebrate” National Go Topless Day. No apparent provisions were made to protect children from observing sexually explicit behavior or preventing underage children from direct participation in the event and thus the event organizers conspired to participate in child sexual abuse.  
    2)      The City of Asheville, in violation of their ordinances, failed to permit or deny an activity promoted as a celebration versus a protest of under 25 people and thus conspired to participate in child sexual abuse.
    3)      The Asheville Police Department failed to enforce NC General Statutes 14-190.131&6, NCGS 14-190-15(b)&(c)3, NCGS 14-190.15, and NCGS 14-190-9(b) and otherwise overlooked sexual abuse exposures to minors at the event and thus conspired to participate in child sexual abuse.
    4)      The Asheville Citizen-Times actively promoted this “celebration” prior to event versus after action reporting and thus conspired to the sexual abuse of minors in our community.
    5)      John/Jane Doe parents brought their children to the event and otherwise supported underage youth in direct participation and thus conspired in the sexual abuse of minors.
    Please note the website above and the Asheville C-T website for pictures of the event –|galleriespic|umbrella&referrer=PHOTOFEATURE) See pictures 17, 19, 25, 29, 34 for child/adolescent participation.
    There is an active U-Tube video of the event where children/pre-teens/and teens can be seen observing and participating. ( There is a another U-Tube video that begins with a striptease dance by participants standing on the city’s fountain. (  
    It is significant that the C-T website avoids frontal nudity pictures and the first U-Tube video cannot be accessed without adult credentials as it is indicated to contain material inappropriate for a minor. As an aside, yesterday I was contacted by an anonymous parent who indicated his daughter’s 15 year old friend (seen online) was one of the topless participants.
    Thank you for your consideration of this child sexual abuse complaint.
    Carl Mumpower, Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychologist

  7. Dixiegirlz says:

    Here’s a sane approach to the issue of child abuse….and an approach that would bring respect to the conservative side for doing something concrete to ameliorate abuse, not yet more ridicule.

    Reprinted/circulated without permissions: But I don’t think the author will mind, since it was an open appeal.
    Regarding Mumpower’s and Nesbitt’s Issue with Child Abuse
    by Phillip Sanford Gibson on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 4:07pm
    To Carl Mumpower and Chad Nesbitt.

    I am very happy that the two of you have now given focus and become loud voices to the abuse of children in our community. I am doubly thankful that you both have shown your confidence in the Department of Social Services in resolving child abuse issues within our community. Knowing that you both have taken up arms to stand along side those of us who have been working to protect children from abuse is commendable. My hope is that you will stay the course and will not allow any diversions to pull you away from this topic – child abuse.

    However, your article, while I am sure was intended to help protect children, presented a challenge for me as this episodic protest event is, in my belief, a non-issue as it relates to child abuse. It is a flash pan of an issue as related to child abuse. If you were to place this complaint alongside complaints with the magnitude of day-by-day physical and emotional abuse and neglect occurring in our community, your claim cannot take priority.

    As I am sure that you presumed would happen, you have succeeded in bringing your issue to the forefront of media and the community. True “child abuse” appears to now, for how long we don’t know, be overshadowed in the public eye by an event focused on a part of the female anatomy that is essential to child development rather than the direct emotional and physical abuses and neglect that is so prevalent today.

    As a therapeutic foster parent, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of the first six years of life and the vital role of basic needs for comfort, affection and nurturing. The female breast serves a significant role in the formative years of a child. To claim that the simple act of exposure is child abuse is contrary to the very function God hath provided. Peer reviewed articles cited by the National Institutes of health provide a number of epidemiological studies that provide evidence that breast feeding is associated with a reduced incidence of gastrointestinal and pulmonary infectious diseases in infants.

    I am confident that, like Mr. Mumpower’s war on drugs, you will both stay committed to this topic of child abuse for some time. May I take a moment and share ways that you can assist in addressing this issue:
    Become a Guardian ad Litem
    Become a Big Brother
    Develop a single parent ministry in your church that addresses the financial needs of children
    Contribute funds to an organization like Children First that provides direct assistance to children and families in our community
    Work with legislators to improve and develop legislation that will provide children with the healthcare coverage necessary when they are abandoned or in foster care
    Adopt a local child, an older child – that are often harder to place than infants
    In close, there are a number of ways to get involved and there are hundreds of children that need your help. Please get more involved. Apparently your heart says to do so.

  8. Tom Buckner says:

    Saw THIS! the other night and it seems appropriate.

  9. Self-loathing moderate says:

    I say we all show up bottomless to Chad’s protest.

  10. Joe Minicozzi says:

    Why won’t you call me to talk with me? Are you playing hard to get?
    You have my cell number.

  11. Illuminator says:

    Mr. Mumpower’s tone deaf actions portray someone who might not be as learned as a PhD in Psychology would normally expect. Some research shows he got his “Doctoral” degree from a questionable institution in Ohio.

    His website gives this credential:

    Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Union Institute

    “The Union Institute’s Ph.D. program came under scrutiny by the Ohio Board of Regents in the late 1990s, early 2000s which culminated in its 2002 Reauthorization Report. The report was critical of the Union Institute’s Ph.D. program, noting in particular that ” … expectations for student scholarship at the doctoral level were not as rigorous as is common for doctoral work … ” (OBR 2002 Reauthorization Report, page 13) As a result, The Union was put on probation, the Union Graduate School was dissolved and the Ph.D. program was restructured.’

  12. barry says:

    Chad Nesbitt Calls For Support

    I’ve waited almost 24 hours – do I really have to be the one to make this joke?

    “Maybe somebody should buy him a Manzier.”

  13. TJ says:

    All this and yet..why don’t they protest Disney channel and Nick for the inappropriate behavior they promote? With all the media overload, I’m SHOCKED (NOT!) they would give this a second thought.

    Reminds me of all the raised fur over the Last Temptation of Christ, etc.

  14. barry says:

    Mainly it just reminds me, “Oh yeah – I haven’t seen Chad or Carl’s name in the paper for a while.”

  15. Dixiegirlz says:

    Isn’t Union Institute the same one Marcus Bachmann got his questionable PhD from?

  16. RHS says:

    “Isn’t Union Institute the same one Marcus Bachmann got his questionable PhD from?”


  17. Tom Buckner says:

    “Isn’t Union Institute the same one Marcus Bachmann got his questionable PhD from?”



  18. RHS says:

    “Isn’t Union Institute the same one Marcus Bachmann got his questionable PhD from?”



    Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

    What it doesn’t explain is why Mumpower — ever the scourge of all things “socialistic” is using a “socialist” entity such as DSS to further his political grandstanding.

    Why ask why?

  19. Gordon Smith says:

    You are not going to believe this.

    Mumpower and Nesbitt have a website for their Sunday event. The website and event are titled, “Sanity in the Public Square”. The website is adorned with an image of Uncle Sam being shot in the face by liberalism and Islam. To the left of this picture is the telling turn of phrase, “aberrant exhibitionist ideology”.

  20. shadmarsh says:

    I really hope that someone(s) streak the event.

  21. RHS says:

    Islam promotes women going topless? Wow! Who knew?!

  22. Andrew Dahm says:

    I’m a little unclear about what Socrates, the Mona Lisa and Beethoven (or is that Brahms?) are doing. There. Together. In that badly-cropped illustration. On that web page Mr. Smith linked to above.

    Am I to understand that Western Values involves suicide before allowing others to judge (Popcorn Sutton springs to mind as another exemplar of such Decency – though those of us who knew the man rarely – if ever – use “Popcorn Sutton” and “decency” in the same sentence)?

    Or, perhaps, Western Values involves dressing up in drag in order to paint a picture of a (fully clothed) woman, which is what most scholars think Leonardo did when painting the Mona Lisa?

    Or, if that’s Ludwig van on the right there, perhaps Western Values involves that most-teabaggish attribute of all: Deafness.

    I also really, really wish Mr. Nesbitt would learn how to spell.

  23. Tom Sullivan says:

    “aberrant exhibitionist ideology”

    Something Chad would know about.

  24. TJ says:

    “Or, if that’s Ludwig van on the right there, perhaps Western Values involves that most-teabaggish attribute of all: Deafness.”

    Sounds about right…oh, yeah, they’re deaf, so they don’t hear how it sounds.

    Seems a bit adolescent-ish reactionism to me. Actually, my adolescent doesn’t even act that immature. Probably more Oedipal. I mean, really, any Psych 101 student could catch THAT glaring out at them

  25. trifecta says:

    Hearts w/ Hands and Salvation Army will be spending Sunday trucking in relief supplies to hurricane victims. Those selfish bastards. They are skipping Chad & Carl’s more important event for their own selfish behavior and ignoring Christian values.

  26. Keith says:

    Remember, he’s not a real doctor. He just plays one on teevee.

  27. Jessica B. says:

    Gordon Smith posts:
    August 26th, 2011 at 11:56 am

    “You are not going to believe this.

    Mumpower and Nesbitt have a website for their Sunday event. The website and event are titled, “Sanity in the Public Square”. The website is adorned with an image of Uncle Sam being shot in the face by liberalism and Islam. To the left of this picture is the telling turn of phrase, “aberrant exhibitionist ideology”.”

    I checked out the site. As of a few minutes ago, it had one member, named Richard. (Dollars to donuts that’s Richard Bernier) The site belongs to Kathy Rhodarmer, no real surprise there. Chad must have done the spell checking, as “community” is misspelled. Twice. Don Yelton has obviously got a hand in this somewhere, based on his comments on the CT forums.

    Personally, I think they should change the name of their little “movement”. Call it “Tit for Tat”, perhaps?

  28. shadmarsh says:

    Chad Nesbitt Calls For Support

    Oh…like a bra! (funny)

    I’m slow.

  29. Choad Nesbutt says:

    Wonder what’s going on with the Carolina Stompers site? It says it’s suspended. I hope it comes back with Chad back at the helm. It hasn’t been updated in a long time, and I’ve always thought it one of the funniest websites in WNC.

  30. TJ says:

    I guess I’m slower, because I guess I don’t see someone like that as being witty or funny.

    I get it, now. Still not funny. ;-)Just an awkward attempt at irony. Well, it fits in with the adolescent nature of his focus, I suppose.

  31. Jessica B. says:

    Apparently, the former lone “follower” of Chad and Carl’s site jumped ship shortly after I made my earlier post…

  32. Dixiegirlz says:

    Seriously…what woman worth her salt wouldn’t check into the instigator /idea man behind the ridiculous original protest? And participate is such silliness. ***Rael is a West Coast version of several of our local grow spiritual “advisors.”

    For “Dr.” Mumpower and Mr. Nesbett to even acknowledge this was a significant event is beyond the pale of the original ridiculous movement.


  33. Charlie says:

    I plan on dressing as a “radical” islamist, complete with tribal robe and 2 foot long glue on beard, and carry a sign protesting women showing their perverse bodies. I suggest women wear burkas to illustrate the connections between “radical” islam and right-wing christians. I want to mix in with Mumpower/Nesbit’s group, with signs like WOMEN SHOULD BE HEARD AND NOT SEEN! DOWN WITH NAKED BODIES! SHAME! SMAME! REMEMBER EVE AND THE SNAKE!!!!!!

  34. Choad Nesbutt says:

    I was at the topless protest protest to take in some political theater and saw two pairs of the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen: Carl Mumpower, Wendell Runion, Don Yelton and Chad Nesbitt.

  35. barry says:

    From today’s massive ‘Boobs R’nt Us’ Rally.

    Gordon, if the City is responsible for chid abuse, maybe you should resign.

  36. Andrew Dahm says:

    “Chid” is the past tense of “Chide.” As in, “Messrs. Mumpower and Nesbitt chid Council for allowing a mammary moment.”

  37. TJ says:

    Wow! They’re not even embarrassed that they have apparently focused so much on staying religiously diligent that they didn’t homeschool far enough to get a grasp on basic spelling.
    Maybe THEY should “rezine and lern to spel so ther ‘chidren'” can do their spell checks for them before they display their ignorance for to see. (wow, that’s exhausting trying to spell so incorrectly just to make a point). 😉

    Oh well, they have SO many ways to demonstrate their ignorance. I can extend forgiveness for their misspells, even if they can’t extend that same forgiveness for everyone not agreeing with them.

  38. Jim Shura says:

    So, once again we take McDowell, instead of Biltmore, to work on the weekend because a few loons are loony.

    I’m all for keeping Asheville weird, but the people who’d like to keep Asheville square just moved the goal posts 30 yards into the twilight zone.

  39. Management says:

    Attention “Choad Nesbutt”, aka “ScruYoo”, aka “Aleck Smart”, aka “Mister Smug”

    What you are engaging in is called sockpuppetry. This is not cool. In fact, this is a huge problem for us. You were warned about this eight days ago here. You did not heed this warning.

    Say hello to Tim Peck, Jason Bugg and “GreenAsheville” for us.

  40. barry says:

    Yeah. Anonymous people suck.