Meanwhile, on the other side of the town…


[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukVHPeyynNk[/youtube]

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  1. trifecta says:

    I think I want to take hostages now.

  2. shadmarsh says:

    So many jokes, so little time…

  3. Gordon Smith says:

    Dose you wnt moar time?

  4. shadmarsh says:

    Also, Don Yelton is such a See You N Tee.

  5. Ashley says:

    Was this before or after he voted in favor of Cut, Cap, Balance?

  6. Michael Muller says:

    They’ve bled us white, the bastards! They’ve taken everything we had!

    And not just from us — from our fathers!

    And from our father’s fathers!

  7. That’s just the saddest thing I’ve ever not been able to watch more than 90 seconds of. And that includes Ms. South Carolina blundering her way through the geography question.

  8. Big Ivy says:

    Pitiful. Frightening.

  9. D.Dial says:

    The squeeze on the middleclass is due to deregulation. And that’s the responsibility of both parties.


  10. And that’s the responsibility of both parties.

    Shh! I think some of these people belong to one of those parties!

  11. D.Dial says:

    “Shh! I think some of these people belong to one of those parties!”
    Oh yes, the elephant in the room…and all that. Well shut my mouth.

  12. Andrew Dahm says:

    The only way to win an argument with some people is to go to the polls and vote.

    Spell-checking the titles wouldn’t have been a bad idea. A stain stick would also do wonders for Mr. Yelton’s T-shirt.

    As tempting as it is to run the “everybody does it, both parties are responsible” tape, it’s a real, true fact that the Democratic Party has nothing like the American Legislative Exchange Council. Also, Democratic Party rules make its leadership system much more porous and open to those who can organize and mobilize, as opposed to the politburo-and-legacy system that is the Republican Party.

    It’ll be fun to watch the Republican leadership smackdown of the Tea Party in the coming months and years. It’ll involve rules and slander, as Republican initiatives often do. In fact, it’s already begun: Did you know Michelle Bachmann is ON DRUGS???

  13. D.Dial says:

    “It’ll be fun to watch the Republican leadership smackdown of the Tea Party in the coming months and years. It’ll involve rules and slander, as Republican initiatives often do. In fact, it’s already begun: Did you know Michelle Bachmann is ON DRUGS???”

    Alan Simpson says the Republicans eat their young.(See below) But the Democrats were a part of financial deregulation along with Republicans. To me the disappearing middle class is THE issue. The people caterwauling in the video above, cannot see the forest for the trees.


  14. Gordon Smith says:

    I was perusing the Facebooks and caught this comment from Don Yelton regarding the Gang of Six proposal for raising the debt ceiling:

    “if this flys or the Republicans cave in then it is over period and Obama will have his total communistic nation. I am hearinf from long time republicans well the old folks will vote us out. I say heck not the young people know they will get nothing and they will unite for a sensible plan that addressed the real problems.”

  15. Andrew Dahm says:

    I’m not going to carry water for our President, who seems to have forgotten who voted for him, but feel constrained to point out that old people haven’t been eating dog food and poor people have been getting some medical care in this country, and the Republican Party has had absolutely nothing to do with Social Security or Medicaid.

    And, I want to stress that the Dems are a lot more open to exogenous ideas, as past Chair Howard Dean can tell you. You kind of have to be a “who’s getting credentials at the convention” nerd to really grasp how quickly and completely the Dems could change to represent real peoples’ interests vs. the GOP.

    I think this would be a good thought experiment: Which party is more likely to reform campaign finance laws in order to reduce the influence of organized capital in our elections? Be honest, now….

  16. Tom Sullivan says:

    This is about the point where someone usually waves the “third party” flag. So for your perusal, here’s an abbreviated list from Wikipedia:

    Largest (voter registration over 100,000)

    * Constitution Party – Paleoconservatism, paleolibertarianism, Conservative Libertarianism
    * Green Party – Green politics, eco-socialism, progressivism
    * Libertarian Party – Libertarianism, laissez-faire


    This section includes any party that is independent, populist, or any other that either rejects right-left politics or doesn’t have a party platform.

    * Citizens Party
    * Independence Party of America
    * Modern Whig Party
    * Reform Party of the United States of America
    * Unity Party of America


    This section includes any party that supports liberal, socialist, Marxist, or communist party platforms.

    * Working Families Party
    * Labor Party
    * Socialist Party USA
    * Communist Party USA
    * Socialist Labor Party of America
    * Party for Socialism and Liberation
    * Progressive Labor Party (USA)
    * Socialist Equality Party (United States)
    * Socialist Workers Party
    * World Socialist Party of the United States
    * Workers Party, USA
    * Workers World Party
    * Freedom Road Socialist Organization (freedomroad.org)(Note: both Freedom Road Socialist Organization factions are the result of a 1999 split in the original party)
    * Freedom Road Socialist Organization (frso.org)
    * Freedom Socialist Party
    * Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
    * Socialist Action
    * Socialist Alternative
    * U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization

    Line up and sign up.

  17. barry says:

    Don’t forget the Judean Popular Peoples Front.


  18. Don Yelton says:

    It started with Lincoln and his monetary policies, tax and spend (but he was giving to railroads), FDR then ran wild with socialistic trends and Obama is doing it on a double dose of steroids. You will eventually run of of other peoples money.

  19. barry says:


    All of the economic trends that have us in this mess were well in place long before Obama ever thought of running for President. He’s more or less kept the same taxation and domestic spending levels as under Bush, and maintained the same war spending, too-big-to-fail bailouts, and trade policies, as well. His healthcare law is actually a little more conservative than Bob Dole’s 1990’s proposal. He’s a moderate Republican, just-ever-so-little to the left of W.

    I know that a lot of genuine conservatives like yourself bit your tongue for eight years and tolerated Bush, because you’re good soldiers. But if you’re going to finally break your silence and go after Bush’s deficit-spending, don’t pretend that it was Obama who invented it.

  20. Andrew Dahm says:

    Mr. Yelton ignores the fact that things like the transcontinental railroad, the internet, publicly subsidized universities, publicly subsidized medical research, and, yes, the National Parks System have caused economic growth. The idea that the government cannot create wealth or jobs is one of the great fallacies of current right-wing thinking. Privatization does a better job of CONCENTRATING wealth, I’ll grant you…

  21. trifecta says:

    If Obama cuts a deal to slash medicare, medicaid, and social security benefits with the Gang of Six, that means we are bringing socialism and communism?

    Perhaps if Obama gives us universal health care, that will mean we are radical libertarianisms. Just trying to follow the logic here.

  22. Andrew Dahm says:

    The Republican Party is a policy shop for organized, monied interests: the railroads and steel companies of Lincoln’s day, the investment banks and energy firms of ours. Republican rhetoric is incitatory, often results to divisive tactics, and is generally designed to motivate people to think that their interests are aligned with those of organized capital. It’s certainly true that these same monied interests have a great deal of influence in the Democratic Party, but I do think there’s a difference.

    There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s currently accepted at face value: the government cannot create jobs, the government is inefficient, the government “picks winners,” and on and on. With all due respect to Mr. Yelton, the arguments he advances often have this kind of construction: the unquestioned predicate (“tax and spend is BAD”), the tarring (“Obama is the same as FDR”), and the buzzword-encrusted wrapup (“you’re spending other people’s money”).

    Well, the predicate is horseshit (again, with all due respect). Taxing and spending is what governments DO, for Pete’s sake. If you read the constitution (and, you’re free to mark through that “general welfare” thing near the beginning, because it’s “socialist”), it’s about electing representatives, counting people, taxing people, and appropriating money.

    Now, I know the past decade – which has involved BORROWING and SPENDING on a couple-three wars and all – may have confused some people. But the fact is that you cannot have government without revenues, and governments allocate revenues to address the things they’re constituted to address.

    I think what the Republican Party is doing just now – fighting over raising the debt ceiling, essentially bidding to repudiate debts THEY INCURRED – is fundamentally dishonest.

  23. shadmarsh says:

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  24. Aleck Smart says:

    According to his Facebook page, Don has two master’s degrees. Based on his writing above and other nonsensical drivel I’ve read by him on other sites, I find this hard to believe. If true, I feel sorry for whoever had to read his theses. Or perhaps he earned his degrees at the same university as Timothy Johnson. I wonder if Johnson still calls himself a doctor out there in Durham?

  25. Big Ivy says:

    OMG! I thought the “Don Yelton” comment was a joke – you know, not really Don and the comment was a prank. Dear Lord! It’s worse than I thought.

  26. Michael Muller says:

    You have no idea.

    Shit! Is this thing on?

  27. shadmarsh says:

    For some reason I am reminded of this quote from Annie Hall:

    I hope to become the balding virile type, you know, as opposed to, say, the distinguished gray, unless I’m neither of those two. Unless I’m one of those guys with saliva dribbling out of his mouth who wanders into a cafeteria with a shopping bag screaming about socialism.