Seventh Blogiversary


Seven years ago Uptown Ruler wrote,

“you can see what an opportunity we have to find a voice out there in that grand land of ideas, truths, untruths, and complete and utter crap. In the words of the immortal tupac shakur, “hollar if ya hear me.”

Happy 7th, Hooligans. I’m grateful that we’ve all come so far together.


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  1. You have seven blogs?

  2. TJ says:

    “You have seven blogs?”


    “Seven years ago”

  3. barry says:

    There are only seven of you?

  4. Seventh is not bad, but I thought you would score higher than that.

  5. barry says:

    Which one of you is ‘Sloth’?

  6. David Cohen says:

    @Barry—I believe it’s Dopey you are thinking of…

  7. barry says:

    Wrong again, Sketchy (the lesser-known 8th dwarf).

  8. TJ says:

    Okay, now there are more than seven posts, and I have seven headaches. Are we there yet?

  9. barry says:

    Seven headaches? Nice giveaway, Hydra!!!

  10. TJ says:


    Okay, I haven’t figured out that thingy to make a link on my comment, but I must say I found a much more complimentary picture, complete with fire-breathing. If that’s the image I’m destined to have, at least make it more interesting, please. Does a head grow back, if I lose one with my kids some day? This might be useful 😉

  11. Management says:

    Guilty as charged, Barry. Sloth… love… Chunk…

  12. barry says:

    Does a head grow back, if I lose one with my kids some day?

    Yes, but it grows back looking like a Nixon mask.

  13. TJ says:

    “Yes, but it grows back looking like a Nixon mask.”

    AAAHHHH! I’d rather be the bald guy on the other post.

    BTW, the esteemed Mayor spoke at my son’s graduation at school this evening.

    I found it VERY ironic (change that to hypocritical) that she would stand up in front of these soon to be high-schoolers, encouraged them to do something new, try something new, and open their minds to new experiences over the summer and as they go on into HS. Considering that at the equality resolution vote, she so blatantly demonstrated how closed her own mind is, it seems she might have a little more honor and be willing to admit they will come into an Asheville with a closed minded mayor, rather than encourage them to do what she is not willing (or, doesn’t know how) to do.

    I inquired at the school if they were aware of her blatant statement that she could never support a good number of her constituents-and that is what these new graduates have to contend with as upcoming voting citizens.


    Okay, yes, it still bothers me.

  14. “REALLY?!

    ‘Seven years ago'”

    Yes. Counting years is anniversary. It’s a yearly “returning to”, actually.

    I don’t know what a blogiversary is, unless it’s blogs returning…something?

    “early 13c., originally especially of the day of a person’s death, from M.L. anniversarium, from L. anniversarius (adj.) “returning annually,” from annus (gen. anni) “year” (see annual) + versus, pp. of vertere “to turn” (see versus). The adjective came to be used as a noun in Church Latin as anniversaria (dies) in reference to saints’ days.”

    Words have meanings. Mangling words to be cute renders meaning, well, meaningless.

  15. Andrew Dahm says:

    Here’s another one for you, Mat: Beerlanthropy, which is styled “love of beer” on the t-shirt, which it most certainly is not, etymologically. Now, “beerlycanthropy” – turning into a wolf after a few pints – might do….

  16. The mind recoils in horror.

  17. TJ says:

    “The mind recoils in horror.”

    From what? Is it the mangled word, or the turning into a wolf? 😉