National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS


aidsribbonToday begins The National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS. From the WNCAP website:

Every Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple and Home is invited to join in prayer, education, advocacy and service during the 2011 National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS, March 6-12. A Technical Assistance Center has been opened to assist groups with designing and planning appropriate activities; sermon development; incorporating HIV messages into study and education classes; and mobilizing and engaging members in HIV/AIDS prevention education. Multiple teleconferences are scheduled during the month of February. Call 888-225-6243 or visit To request a WNCAP Educator to make a presentation or deliver materials to your organization or group, please contact us. Faith communities can and are playing an extraordinary role in AIDS prevention, education, service and advocacy. Contact a WNCAP Educator.


  1. Ascend (of Asheville) says:

    Three out of four ain’t bad:

    I’m all for education, advocacy and service, but prayer? seriously? With all due respect to my very good friends at WNCAP, a large segment of our society has been for thirty years ready and willing to consider gay, lesbian and the other unfortunate contractors of HIV an abomination and certainly, obviously guilty of enough sin to bring this upon themselves, thus incurring God’s wrath in the form of biblical pestilence.

    Yes, there are surely religious people who have never subscribed to that point of view, but I don’t remember seeing much in the way of outrage from the religious community when Reagan condemned it as a “gay disease” unworthy of funding for research. I don’t remember a great outcry from the religious community as thousands were dying every year for decades; some of them very near and dear to my jagged little atheist heart, while the society at large thought it was a fitting end for a dirty little pervert. So now we are to join with these self-righteous sheep for a national week of prayer? Prayer for what, the last thirty years back?

    Exactly when did they wake up with a clear sense of the hypocrisy and hatred contained in such a world view and decide that it was time to go all empathetic and decide to start helping? Did I miss a memo?

    Prayer? How about a week of public floggings for every single religious nutjob enabler of hatred out there who sat back and waited for it to become socially acceptable to give a rats ass about the issue? Did enough of your straight friends die off from their completely accidental exposure to needle users, hookers and bad blood protocol at the Mission hospital weight loss clinic for you to suddenly get a clue?

    I can’t believe it.

    Just goes to show, that the people out there who are living the Christian ethos aren’t necessarily the Christians. But by all means pray, have fun, hold hands and sway back and forth and feel really good, that’s the important part, that you feel good.

    Just remember that God doesn’t heal people, people heal people. And if you are of a religious persuasion and you feel a need to help, don’t just pray, do something, even if it’s only giving a little money to WNCAP, because they need it. If doing something seems too much, then you have not learned, you have not been healed, and I command ye to Heeaallllll!

  2. TJ says:

    Okay, so I won’t pretend to share the same right to outrage as you seem to. I also don’t blame you, and even agree with most of what you said-even about prayer. Several of my close friends have died from AIDS related illnesses-friends I am not ashamed to say were gay. I have also been in a group where a “Christian” said all gay people should be put in a circle and shot because of AIDS, to which I replied I supposed we ALL should then, since in Christian teaching, “ALL have sinned…” and reap the consequences on ourselves and others.

    In my estimation, the greatest sin is the judgmental attitudes, the complacency and lack of compassion as people die within arms reach-yet, somehow they love enough to send money to other countries? If there is any sin to be judged, it is the Pharasiac attitude which allows “”good” people to stand by and do nothing” in a multitude of circumstances.

    It is THOSE people for which I will pray-that THEIR hearts be convicted for those hearts and lives they have complicitly destroyed and scarred by THEIR sin, and prayers should those to seek forgiveness from the very God they presume to judge others. As for myself, I have no spiritual authority to forgive anyone, but I can do my best to never “stand by,” no matter what anyone else may do or not.

    Sorry, rant over.

  3. Michael Muller says:

    The Prayer of Saint Francis

    Make me an instrument of your peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
    Where there is injury, pardon.
    Where there is doubt, faith.
    Where there is despair, hope.
    Where there is darkness, light.
    Where there is sadness, joy.

    Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
    to be understood, as to understand;
    to be loved, as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive.
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
    and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

  4. TJ says:

    “Where there is despair, hope.
    Where there is darkness, light.
    Where there is sadness, joy.”

    I love the St. Francis prayer! Simple, yet profound.