Another Upgrade


PurpleCat Networks, our excellent Asheville-based web host, is going to be migrating ScruHoo onto a new server this weekend, tentatively scheduled to start at midnight this coming Saturday/Sunday. This will be a good thing for readers, contributors, occasional commenters, and me. But this will result in a few hours of downtime, after which a better, faster and more secure ScruHoo will await you.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

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  1. randallt says:

    Sorry for the hijack.

    Our Congressman is an HR-3 sponsor. This could be the last straw. Simply wrong. The victim would have to prove that the rape was “forcible” before she qualifies for assistance. Mr Shuler, have you read this abomination or did you just sign on for some dough? I have never been more ashamed to live in this state. You just beat out Jesse and that’s saying something. “Forcible”? Are you going to do the interview? “How long did they hold you down while they had sex with you young lady?” Are you kidding me Congressman? That’s just evil.

    sorry again, but this is just too much. Please post a diary someone.

  2. Management says:

    And Shuler’s support of HR.3 is relevant to our upcoming server upgrade… how?

  3. randallt says:

    I wasn’t, I just couldn’t find an open thread and I was upset. I am sorry.

  4. Management says:

    It’s cool, Randalll. We still love you. We just prefer it when people stay on-topic.

    There is an open Shuler thread now, though! Rant away!

  5. TJ says:

    Can anyone tell me how (or if) I can edit a response when I access ScruHoo on my iPod? As of now, once I submit a comment, and if I see something I missed or, as when I pasted a duplicate quote, I want to correct, the screen says, “you do not have permission…” and I have to let it go. I more often use my iPod b/c I am rarely home until evening, then have other “stuff” to attend to…

    Am I missing something, or is that just not an option?

    Thanks for any info.