An Open Letter from Chad Nesbitt


Well, not really — the spelling and grammar are too good and the thought patterns are too deep. If you ask me, it reads like something straight from the nimble fingers of my old friend Carl Mumpower — the wording, the style and the desperate, narcissistic attempt at spin are unmistakable.

Later in the week, I’ll have complete analysis of the total failure of the Buncombe County Republican Party (and the hopeless buffoons who are in charge of it) — and tell you why the following letter is a big load of crap.

In the meantime, you can listen to a podcast of an interview I did the other day with Lesley and Blake over at Local Edge Radio (it starts about 12 minutes in).

Read Chad Mumpower’s letter after the jump…


Political pundits on both sides of the spectrum love to stir the pot and are well known for hysteria as a priority over accuracy. Local media hosts were no exception in their interpretation of our recent mid-term election.

Though it has been popular to blame Republican losses on my “antics”, a quick course in Reality 101 or Honest Journalism 101 would reveal deeper truths.

Asheville and surrounding area did not earn a reputation as “The “San Francisco of the East” because we are a bastion of conservatism. In fact, Buncombe County is consistently ranked as the most liberal county in the state, even beating out the liberal concentrations found in Chapel Hill’s home county. Buncombe Republican candidates swim in pretty lonely waters.

The recent and central goal of the BCGOP has been to energize conservatives, from both parties, to the polls and promote awareness that conservatism is alive and well in our community. With a limited pool of volunteers, we nonetheless kept our party in the public eye and took advantage of every opportunity to challenge the increasing political dominance of liberal progressives. I did my personal best to step over timidity and reach for creativity in that mission.

Our efforts contributed to the election or reelection of a NC Senator, a Republican state representative, a Republican school board member, and two conservative judges.

Arguments that our enthusiasm of pointing out the misbehaviors, leftist policies, and extremism of the opposition party impaired Republican candidates are disengenuine. The 11th District’s congressional candidate won only one of fifteen counties and many Republican candidates in Haywood, Madison, and other counties were also unsuccessful.

If our pundits are going to throw darts at the BCGOP, they might want to demonstrate some journalistic integrity by comparing apples to apples. In the second most liberal county in the state, (Orange County), Democrats won every race.

This election offers an extraordinary opportunity for the Republican Party to reestablish its dedication to good government and turn North Carolina from the corruptions and excess of the Democratic machine.

The BCGOP is delighted to have done our part to step away from “RINO” Republicans who advocate for passivity and pretense over persistency and principles. Their model was in place for well over a decade and we have watched the Republican banner drop further and further under their control.

It may come as a surprise, but the model for the new BCGOP was borrowed from the “founders” of the Henderson County GOP. These pioneers, many of whom are no longer with us, helped turn what was traditionally a Democratic stronghold into WNC’s Republican cornerstone. They did it by being creatively proactive and putting principles first.

Though our efforts to turn on the lights have understandably received the strongest media attentions, behind the scenes the BCGOP has been working hard to stand for something. We have reaffirmed our dedication to our Party’s true principles, established 5 action committees, conducted numerous fund raising events, established a strong and visible headquarters, challenged liberal shenanigans and political extremism, ran political outreach ads, manned the polls with enthusiasm, and much more.

Going forward is our intention to continue what we are doing with two important additions. We are going to start monitoring and grading the performance of Buncombe’s elected officials and generating action groups to attend local and state meetings to challenge liberal policy dominance.

It has been my honor to serve as Chairman of the BCGOP during one of the most crucial mid-term elections in our country’s history. Advocates for the continued dominance of the Democratic machine, our community, and political pundits are free to throw personal insults as they wish. They are simply mirroring the immaturity accusations they are throwing.

Democrat political power brokers do not howl because their opposition is failing – just the opposite. Media pundits, well, they simply howl to howl.

Chad Nesbitt
Buncombe County Republican Party


  1. brainshrub says:

    @Muller: Do you have any recommendations as to who should be running the BCGOP?

  2. Dixiegirlz says:

    Reading through the first half of this “letter from Mr. Nesbitt”, all I see are justifications….I won’t waste my time reading further.

    I am an independent who firmly believes in a spirited debate on the issues that are important…(at this point the economy and jobs.) I could care less about voting for “good over evil”….both sides have their good and evil-doers. I could care less about a platform of saving America from “socialistic terrorists.” Frankly there are DIVISIVEextremists on both sides (at this point I’d almost include Mr. Nesbitt on the right wing extremist terrorists, if he weren’t so cartoon comically silly.)

    All Mr Nesbitt accomplished with his divisive rhetoric and bafoonish antics was run off voters like me, who NEVER vote straight ticket, and were woefully disappointed in the absurd level BCGOP sunk to. I want options, not antics. BCGOP failed to give me serious options.

  3. Tim Peck says:

    Yes, Mike. I know for a fact that Chad Nesbitt does not know what the word ‘bastion’ means.

  4. Doug Gibson says:

    Yeah, I guess it’s fun to rag on Chad. But the fact remains that Democrats got beat. In Buncombe we lost a state House seat, and while Kay Hagan won Buncombe by something like 17,000 votes in 2008, Elaine Marshall only won by about 2300. Whether or not Chad had anything to do with that (probably not) is immaterial.

  5. Erika Franzi says:

    Spot on, MM. Nesbitt doesn’t have the insights (or even grade school level communication skills) to write a letter like this. And this letter is a manipulation of the facts. Yes, Buncombe is a Dem stronghold. And YES, Nesbitt is a GOP pariah. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    Looking forward to your astute analysis.

  6. Erika Franzi says:

    Democrat political power brokers do not howl because their opposition is failing – just the opposite. Media pundits, well, they simply howl to howl.

    You’re so right. This is classic Mumpower. I love Carl, but this has to be him.

  7. David Cohen says:

    “Disengenuine”…….until I got to this word, I was thinking Mumpsy,too.
    Shoo, the little red line comes under that word and FLASHES it is so wrong!
    For the most part, I too believe that this letter is beyond any writing skills that Chad has so far exhibited, but Carl is too proud of his intellectual abilities to let that one go.
    And I know it isn’t Don.
    Any other thoughts on the author?

  8. Tim Schultz says:


  9. David Cohen says:

    Thanks, Dixiegirlz!

  10. D.Dial says:

    @ D. Cohen…yeah, who knew????? Hadda look it up.

  11. WOW Guys says:

    mmmm…lets see about Chad Nesbitt’s record….

    1) Apadaca won reelection to one of the most conservative/republican leaning seats in NC.

    2) Moffitt won a seat that was drawn specifically for a republican and until Whilden won it in 2008 has been consistently represented by a republican.

    3) Is he referring to Thornburg and Pope as example of judges? Mr. Nesbitt, they are both Democrats.

    Sorry your “record of accomplishment” doesn’t add up.

  12. Tenacious D. says:

    “…reelection of a NC Senator, a Republican state representative…”

    I would challenge Chad and Carl to prove that Tom Apodaca ever had any personal contact with the BCGOP in 2010 much less relied on them to deliver any votes. Moffitt got elected by all that corporate money (Americans for Prosperity), Raleigh money, and whatever money he raised himself. We know it wasn’t the money raised by the BCGOP…mostly because the Buncombe GOP didn’t raise any!

  13. Matt says:

    OK, so it’s unlikely that Chad wrote the letter…

    “Media pundits, well, they simply howl to howl”

    That’s really dumb. If the media exposes a problem with Republicans/Tea brewers it’s “howling”?

    Could someone explain how “Honest Journalism 101 would reveal deeper truths” or does this require seeing the Thunder Pig’s “Light”?

    I think “Honest Journalism 101 would reveal that Chad, Erika, Tim & Mumpower have spent a lot of time “howling” in/at the local media this past year.

  14. David Cohen says:

    Today, November 12th, this exact letter was reprinted in the Citizen-Times as an op-ed piece attributed to Chad. The word, “disengenuine” was changed, though, to the word that I initially thought it should be–“disengenuous” due to the efforts of a C-T proofreader, or to a change of mind by Charl himself.