Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


… who’s the most anti-government of all?


  1. As a video professional and longtime content provider, I can say that Shuler’s ad is light years ahead of Miller’s. The implied negativity in Miller’s is really grating and totally unnecessary.

    Shuler, overall, resonates more with the people of this district (aside from downtown Asheville, of course). 😉

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  3. Diogenes says:

    @ Ralph

    As a former TV, film and video producer myself…

    These two spots have as much to do with quality video production as bridge overpass graffiti has to do with art.

    I would take no pride in either of them. Both candidates attempt to paint themselves with the outsider trope which probably is obligatory in mid-year elections.

    Of course Shuler fails to mention he repeatedly voted against unemployment insurance extensions AND health care reform. For that reason alone I judge his the more disingenuous of the two.

    Miller IS an outsider, he doesn’t have to pose as one. Doesn’t make me want to vote for him, but is more of an bone fide outsider that Shuler. I hope he stays that way.

    Neither candidate is a bright & shinning bulb. But while Shuler may be 60-watt, Miller strikes me as a very dull 45.

  4. jesushatesme says:

    same sh*t different day. lets both jump on the same bandwagon…. a popular negative view of the current administration. Sometimes I have to close my ears during elections and pretend these people actually give a damn. In the end I think you have to decide who you want to f*ck you, big business or the government.

  5. Big Ivy says:

    I glanced at the Weaverville Tribune today and page 6 I saw this ad placed by the Buncombe County Republican Party…

    Politics is not about
    Republicans vs. Democrats
    It’s about Good vs. Evil

    If I hadn’t been inclined to vote for Shuler, that ad would have sent me to the polls determined to cast a vote for him.

    Maybe it’s just me but I find that ad and mindset foul, disgusting, and destructive.

  6. Tom Sullivan says:

    Heard a guy on the radio this afternoon repeatedly using “Democrat Party” to refer to the Democratic Party. It’s a worn-out schoolyard taunt. Of course, the point is to strip democratic from the name and put the emphasis on “rat.” But they keep doing it because, like George McFly, Democrats let them.

    It’s not original, but to contrast with “Yes We Can,” one might reply by referring to those who use it as the Republicant Party, with the emphasis on “can’t” and then pause for the wounded cries of “incivility.”

  7. Big Ivy says:

    I don’t mind “Democrat” too much it’s the “good vs EVIL” that evokes my response.

    Like many others, I am subjected to a constant barrage of extreme right wing e-mailings and comments. When it is pointed out in the most civil way possible that George W. Bush used almost identical words for the same policy, initiative, etc. and the person was not outraged, there is never a specific response. The subject is changed to some vague statement about “freedom.” I realize I’ve talked with only a tiny number of people on the right but their responses and arguments convince me that these people are upset that Obama is in the White House and that any Democrats at all are in office.

    I’m a prosaic old baggage and I’m more concerned with competency, effectiveness, and national benefit regardless of whether there is an R or a D after the politician’s name. I don’t see that mindset in my acquaintances who follow the extreme positions of the right.

  8. Dixiegirlz says:

    “In the end I think you have to decide who you want to f*ck you, big business or the government.”

    I’m almost inclined to agree to this…but I’ve been abroad, and with all our faults, flaws, injustices…etc…we’re head and shoulders above most other countries, in opportunity and quality of life.

    That said, I think we’re in the midst of a sea change upheaval in our society and everyone feels it and is deeply unsettled by the shifts in our world. The societal changes of the past 60 years far surpass all changes in recorded time…no wonder we feel off kilter. I don’t see things settling down for a couple of centuries. Those who have chosen to be our leaders in these troubling times, need us to hold their feet to the fire and also they need our prayers.

  9. Diogenes says:

    I don’t know what prayer’s got to do with it. If it makes you feel better make other-worldly utterances to whatever delusional mystery or magical being you choose. It won’t do much good making a better real world–the one we’re all currently truly connected to.

    Reminds me of the old WWI idiom, ‘close your eyes and think of England.’

  10. Dixiegirlz says:

    Prayers can mean different things to different people….while it appears you take it as a “la la lan” other world magical thinking…I prefer to think of it as being supportive till proven un- worthy… and while supportive still holding their feet to the fire.

  11. shadmarsh says:

    I am going to go ahead do you Dems a favor and not watch any Heath Shuler campaign videos. Thereby increasing the likelihood that I will vote for him.

  12. jesushatesme says:

    I am not sure where you have been abroad. Any of those worldly travels take you to a country in which we helped overthrow a government that we thought was a threat( long list btw).Any of those worldly travels take you to a country in which we support unfair labor practices so that we are benefited. Maybe our utopia is creating hell on earth. Why don’t you pray for them too. Google Bhopal if you need a starting point, and if you think we are at a turning point and simply unsettled,I disagree. The churches( and their crazies ) in our current time are just as in power and just as scary as the fools from the past. Slavery was condoned by the church for a long time. I was watching tv last night and saw a Nightline interview with preacher who was planning on burning Korans. YUP….progress

  13. Jim Reeves says:

    In Miller’s Ash. Tribune interview he pledges to give the military (corporate/globalists’ hit men) everything they need, while Shuler is no different. If only these fools understood our (sic) monetary system they might recognize you can’t borrow and spend your way to prosperity. (or even out of debt)

  14. Big Ivy says:

    @ ShadMarsh

    As usual, you kill me. 🙂 Although, I confess I’m actually doing that myself – not watching Shuler’s ads.

    Hey! What happened to the Sunday poems, hmmm?

  15. Dixiegirlz says:

    @ Jesushatesme….you’re new here?

  16. jesushatesme says:

    Maybe one or two other posts,but been viewing for a while.

  17. Gordon Smith says:

    Yeah, Shad Marsh! What happened to the Sunday poems?

  18. Dixiegirlz says:

    “Maybe one or two other posts,but been viewing for a while.”

    Reason I ask is it appears you read some points into my previous message that were far and away from what I meant to suggest. I’ve been very critical in the past of US role’s in propping up despotic regimes, and overplaying our position of power in the world. That said…..we’re still a world leader, and we are light years ahead of many other developing democracies, and we are going through significant societal upheavals that will take centuries to resolve. Frankly it’s a big sloppy mess. Countries I have been to, that are recent converts to Democracy is what I was referring to in my previous post.

    That’s my opinion of the day and I’m sticking to it.

  19. shadmarsh says:

    Yeah, Shad Marsh! What happened to the Sunday poems?

    I’m not good at keeping track of the days…

  20. Matt says:

    The Miller ad makes me laugh…

    “self-serving” politicians Pelosi/Obama created this mess? Jeffrey we’re not that dumb. We remember that this mess started before Obama.

    “not a politician”–but he’s running for office based on the good-will earned from his HonorAir project. Sounds like a politician to me.

    “job creator”– can any one tell me what jobs he’s created (besides some low-paying laundrymat jobs)? Does he have some plan for WNC to start doing laundry for the rest of the country?

    Jeff: go back to ironing shirts and raising money for a better purpose.