It’s A Race

GOP Senator Richard Burr

GOP Senator Richard Burr

I was feeling kinda blue about the NC Senate race. I’d been thinking that the prolonged primary battle between Marshall and Cunningham would drain so much money that the eventual winner would have too big a mountain to climb against a well financed Richard Burr. That’s still a concern, but it’s a lot easier to start at a monetary deficit if you’ve got great numbers like those found in the most recent Public Policy Polling report. Excerpt:

“Elaine Marshall and Cal Cunningham have both gained ground on Richard Burr after building up their exposure during the Democratic primary campaign. Burr is now in a weaker position than Elizabeth Dole was at the same point in the election cycle two years ago.

Burr leads Marshall by just a single point, 43-42, and is up 44-39 on Cunningham. Dole led Kay Hagan 48-43 immediately after the primary in 2008.”


  1. Charles Carter says:

    After much thought about if this runoff is a good thing or not I’ve come down on the “it’s a good thing” side of the argument. Remember how well it worked for us when the Dem. Presidential primary went through NC? We were better organized for the November beat down of McCain. NC went blue for the 1st time since Carter. I’m happy with both US Senate candidates, but now we’ll be able to see which one has the best ground game. I believe it’s critical for the Dem. candidate to have an excellent ground game in order to beat Burr. That’s why I’ve backed off and am watching and waiting before I make my final decision. Regardless, we’ll have a great candidate to keep NC blue!

  2. Jim Reeves says:

    It seems Hagan and the Democrats (with some exceptions on both sides) wish the Federal Reserve to continue to keep their machiavellian manipulation of the US monetary system a secret from the unwashed.