Oh, yeah. It’s pick up the phone time again.


MoveOn is sponsoring a “virtual march on Washington” today in support of health care reform. They’re aiming for a million contacts – you can call, fax, or e-mail – and as of 9 am they were up to more than 100,000.

If you’re a public option supporter, this is probably the best time yet to call Kay Hagan and let her know that you want her to sign the Bennett letter to indicate her support for passing a public option through reconciliation. (Use MoveOn’s portal, though – they’re keeping track of the number of contacts.) When I called this morning, the staffer who answered told me that Senator Hagan is considering signing, and reminded me that she’s supported he public option before.

And as for Heath Shuler? Well, you know, talking to him about health care reform is like talking to a brick wall.

The problem is that Democrats will probably need every vote possible to pass the Senate’s reform bill in the House – even if the Senate manages to put together a decent sidecar bill through reconciliation. That being the case, if Shuler votes against health care reform and it doesn’t pass, he will be one of the House Democrats most responsible for maintaining the status quo, which is killing our state and federal budgets, killing jobs, and just plain killing people.

So you might call the Stupaking, reform-killing, deficit-duckspeaking Blue Dog and let him know that if health care reform doesn’t pass, and it fails with him voting against, then you’ll conclude – as a lot of Democrats have – that a majority with him in it isn’t much of a majority, and his losing his seat won’t be much of a loss for the party in general.

It’s best to be polite, if you can manage it. The person who answers the phone probably feels the same way you do. (202) 225-6401.

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    They’re using the same fax approach Paul C and I used to send Heath 300 faxes the day of the House HCR vote. Cool.

  2. Mister Smug says:

    Man, Heather Graham is smokin’ hot. I’ll support any cause she favors. LOL!!

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    MoveOn is reporting 1.1 million contacts.

  4. randallt says:

    I called Senator Hagan after the signage passed 12 and then again at 25. Nice aide. Calling again tomorrow. Maybe the President’s McCain reminder (he lost) will give her some perspective.

    Heath? Not so much. I’m afraid he is owned by the insurance industry. Still, I will continue to hum his praise on other issues. Gee, wish i could just sing them.