Unfounded Rumor Dashed



“Rep. Heath Shuler is running for re-election, his chief of staff, Hayden Rogers, told the Times-News today.”


  1. Tom Buckner says:

    Rep. Shuler’s chief of staff is spreading a rumor that he’s running for re-election? Right under his nose and everything?

  2. Barry Summers says:


    “I’m 90 percent sure he filed today,” Rogers said.

    “Furthermore, he might still be a Democrat, sort of, but don’t hold me to that. 60 percent sure of that one… OK, 55.”

  3. randallt says:

    Heath has the whole Blue Dog gig going which I’m sure appeals to many in the district. But you can’t call him a DINO. He has been a strong voice for WNC. He has been effective. Now if he would just step up and get behind HCR, I would be very proud and would once again work my butt off for him. I probably will anyway because I can’t imagine any Republican being a better choice. (to be fair, I wouldn’t vote for Jesus if he was one of those creatures)

    But that said, the stench of Pharma and Insurance money in Heath’s coffers is truly sickening.

  4. Larry Keller says:

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” Thomas Jefferson

    For our city Council, collaborate with the chamber and the county and focus on jobs and jobs that are not in the service industry only. We need an Asheville 2.0

  5. shay donahue says:

    I will not vote for Shuler……His association with THE FAMILY (aka The Fellowship) should frighten any true Dem….The Famiy is a nefarious right-wing Religious group whose whole purpose is to bring this country to Jesus and be run according to the New Testament…..forget the Constitution and a little thing called religious freedom………….. This group has infiltrated our government with members in the State,Health and Human Services, Education, Commerce Depts. as well as the Small Business Administration and International Business Agency…It has funded the most violent of dictators. It is behind the push in Uganda to kill homosexuals……..For more info, Read THE FAMILY by Jeff Sharlet (a frequent guest on the Rachel Madow Show)…Shuler has been quoted that the biggest honor in his was leading the National Prayer Breakfast in prayer( a major project of the Family) If the N.C. Democratic Party cannot or will not offer us a candidate who will back our President and his agenda….count me out……….