n214256855554_2878Tomorrow at 5pm, Judge Cash will administer the oath of office to Esther Manheimer, Terry Bellamy, Cecil Bothwell, and yours truly.  Then the new Council will honor the outgoing Council members’ service, and will elect a new Vice Mayor.  After that I’m headed down to Barley’s Taproom to celebrate Day One of our new City Council with anyone who wants to help me do that. You made your choices, and away we go!

Here’s a link to the Facebook invitation.

I’m still looking for someone who’s willing to go to Barley’s a little earlier and stake out some real estate for the crowd. Volunteer?

I hope to see you there!


  1. barry says:

    I prefer the word ‘cussing’.

  2. Jim says:

    Interested in serving on a city commission? You can see openings for nine commissions at

    You can learn more at an unofficial information session Friday, Dec. 11th, 6:30 at Green Drinks, Bobo Gallery, on Lexington
    Two people who have served on city commissions and/or worked for city government with commissions- Hanna Raskin (Transportation) & Sasah Vrtunski (Sustainability & Energy) will talk about what it takes and what to expect.
    Mingling starts at 6 PM, so get there early.

  3. Alan says:

    Do you have to reside in the city to serve on a commission? I was denied all county board appointments even after recieving over 21,000 votes, so then I pretty much gave up. If they won’t seat someone with 21,000 votes then who would they seat? Brown noses of course, patronage types.

    I didn’t bother going because there was no public comment and so no point, also no known ability for the new councillors to place items on the agenda, which is when we should be there to promote action, not for stupid ceremonies for which attendance is a waste of gas.