How Gordon Won the Election


Click Gordon to enter the campaign galleryI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Gordon Smith ran the best damn campaign I have ever seen.

I had the pleasure of experiencing it all close-up — and what I found were some of the nicest, most enthusiastic, intelligent, well-spoken, creative, and diverse group of people I’ve ever met. And boy…did they know their stuff. Volunteers all, but everyone seemed like a pro.

Gordon told me on a cold night last January that he wanted it to be a “people-powered” campaign. Indeed it was. Folks from every walk of life helped it work: young and old, rich and poor, gay and straight, religious and not religious, Democrats…and yes, even a few Republicans. Not everyone agreed on all the issues, but everyone was included. Everyone was heard, everyone was respected. And everyone had a great time. I have the pictures to prove it.

Over the course of this last year, I showed up at a few events with my camera and drank some beer. Some of the pics have been shared on the back channels of the internet and privately in emails, but I thought it would neat to bring them all out on display for everyone to see…and back here to where it really all began.

So…in no particular order, I invite you to meet the people behind Gordon Smith’s run for City Council: just click on Gordon’s smiling face to see them all (well, most of them anyway — apologies to anyone I might have left out).

Congratulations, Gordon — and congratulations to everyone for a job well done.


  1. Note–I am limiting myself to positive commentary

    Gordon won because he campaigned.

    He surrounded himself with intelligent people who were wiling to work for a common goal…get Gordon elected.

    He planned and held events, he spoke with voters outside of forums, he raised money and he spoke about the issues in a positive and non-insulting way. He had a well-designed website and marketed himself well using social media, including video. His campaign sought voters by getting on the phone and canvassing neighborhoods.

    Gordon and his people seemed to understand that the campaign was best served by everyone pulling in the same direction and burying the hatchet on minor ideological and policy differences.

    Gordon delegated authority to competent people.

    Even though Gordon and I disagree on virtually every area of ideology and policy, I acknowledge that he ran an excellent campaign.

    You and your people did a good job.

  2. Michael Muller says:

    Once again Bobby, we agree completely. And in my experience, your comments on ScruHoo are always positive, insightful, and clever: I’ve heard nothing but respectful things from the folks around here about you. You’re a most welcome contributor — and I, for one, wish you would post more.


    P.S. You may not be aware of Gordon’s real secret weapon during the campaign, prolly because he rarely says a word. His name is Ferris Camp, and he was the official Campaign Chef. This accounts for many of the smiles you see.

    Yes, the campaign had an official campaign chef. Damn that Gordon!

  3. Well, MM, you must not have seen the comment that got Thunder Pig 86ed from here initially, wherein he threatened violence against liberals. He must save that rhetoric for other outlets now, because Mr. Coggins has been a good boy lately.

  4. Michael Muller says:

    It’s a new day, Admin. I say we let bygones be bygones: Know Hope!

  5. Aye, MM. Onward and upward!

  6. Gordon Smith says:


    Thanks for posting this album of photographs. Great people, great memories.

  7. Drew Reisinger says:

    Thanks for posting pictures Michael. It is a great display of what makes up a successful campaign: droves of good people. Your photography brings it all to life.

  8. Paul C says:

    Gordon ran an Obama field plan = Success!

  9. John says:

    When you’re right, you’re right Mike. I predicted his win months ago but even I was surprised by the level of commitment of the core organization. From a dollars standpoint, a professional field operation of Gordon’s scale would have cost well over the amount raised. Those were some serious volunteers I saw out there. And I don’t know who did the electoral math but extra pat on the back to them. That’s the most thankless job on a campaign considering the importance of the end result. Cheers!

  10. Michael Muller says:

    You’re right, John, it’s all about the math…and Gordon had some of the best number-crunching fools on his team right from the get-go (most notably the brilliant and potty-mouthed David Roat).

  11. I never threatened violence against liberals, Admin. That’s a lie.

  12. Michael Muller says:

    Boys! Enough! I’ll turn this thread around RIGHT NOW if you can’t leave one another alone!

  13. Feris Camp says:

    Thanks for the props, Michael. I usually let my food do the talking, and Gordon had a lot more to say than I did anyway. However, I had the idea that if at every campaign event there was great food, it would add to the idea that we were a serious and fully committed campaign. In the end, it was Gordon’s ability to atract sincere and dedicated people to his cause that won the day.

  14. Ferris Camp says:

    oops, misspelled my own name. that’s what you get when you try to type with a three year old using you as a jungle gym.

  15. Ferris Camp says:

    Seems that my earlier post ws lost in the ether, the one where I misspelled my own name and all. So, thanks for the props, Michael. I let my food do the talking most of the time, besides Gordon had more to say than I did anyway. However, I had the idea that if at every campaign event there was great food, it would add credence to the idea that we were a serious and committed campiagn. In the end, though, it was Gordon’s inate ability to attract high quality, sincere, and dedicated people to his campaign that won the day.

  16. barry says:

    Chatter on, Peanut Gallery. We all know Gordon won because I endorsed him.

  17. Bobby – I guess rhetoric is open to interpretation, however politically motivated. ScruHoo readers and contributors may remember a certain lengthy comment you left where you not only praised a domestic terrorist (G. Gordon Liddy) as a “great American”, but also stated that a liberal takeover of the US government must be stopped “by any means necessary”. Just as it was by many on the right when Malcom X uttered those same words in 1965, that phrase was interpreted as a threat.

    I’d rather not argue about it, but I also am a firm believer in remembering history in an effort to keep it from repeating. If calling me a liar helps you feel better about yourself, so it goes. Since the comment in question was deleted immediately upon review, you’ve been given a gift of plausible deniability. I suggest that you use it for good. You’re out of strikes.

  18. Tom Sullivan says:

    The field operation seemed to be the redheaded stepchild in campaigns until Obama. Finance was king. Obama’s field operation changed that.

    Both money and volunteers (and good food) are important for a campaign. But my takeaway from Gordon’s campaign was the power of grassrooots organizing: boots on the ground can trump money in the bank.

    Let those who have ears hear.

  19. David Roat says:

    Thanks for all the kudos for the field planning that I learned from Obama University. But I gotta say, with all my experience, I had absolutely nothing to teach Gord about political outreach. He is a natural.

    Also, without Lindsey Simerly and Drew Reisinger the field plan would have been a ship with kickass maps and no crew. Everyone who made calls and knocked on doors were the wind.

    And big respect to Bruce Mulkey of Cecil’s campaign who kicked everybody’s ass on the Letters to the Editor front.

    And just so MM believes that this is me: fuck, fuck, fuckin’ fuck fuck.